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  1. Discuss amazing concert experiances you have had and/or would like to have.

    I'm musically dependant, I'm a synesthetic, I live/eat/breathe my music, but I will confess I have been to very few concerts in my life. I think I went to see some irish folk singer with my mom when I was a child, and a Meatloaf Concert that was kind of ...sad... when I was a teenager. Not that he wasn't awesome, just the whole experiance... could have been better.

    Then my husband took me to see IAMX at Bottom of the Hill in San Fransisco for our first anniversary (belated... the tickets were for our anniversary but the concert wasn't til October...) and... wow. The only way I can even THINK to describe it is... imagine loosing your virginity at an orgy. In the best kind of way. Seriously, I was shaking so hard after that I couldn't eat or sleep for almost a week. We dragged along a friend of ours the next time we went and he was bugeyed the whole time, just jaw on the floor blown away. Poor kid had never been to any kind of concert before, if we were nicer people we would have started with something less emotionally traumatic... but we're not...

    But then I got to see Radiohead last year and it was a whole different experiance. I mean borderline spiritual- I didn't even like them til then, i'd heard a couple songs, maybe... I've never burst into tears listening to music before then. It wasn't even like that kind of music that tries to elicit an emotional response, it was just the sound was overwhelming. Then, suddenly, after dark, with just the stage lit up all crazy and the park an ocean of peoples lighters, the sound cut out- and like... fifteen thousand people picked up singing it tune perfectly the band actually paused. Like Thom York visibly stopped on his way offstage to harass the sound crew and just stared at the crowd for maybe two seconds.

    My wishlist: I want to see Mew live, and The Veils, Cure, TV on the Radio, Interpol, Clann Zu (getbacktogetherdammit!), aaaand that's all I can think of right now... Devotchka! And Cake, just for fun. :P
  2. I have been to a lot of old school metal concerts. The best ones were Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

    I went to Ozfest two years in a row, I think it was like 2004 and 2005. There is was huge lineup of awesome bands. Some of My favorites were Black Label Society, Mastodon, Rob Zombie, Death Angel and MAIDEN who headlined with Ozzy.
  3. Shinedown put on an amazing show! I can't remember if it was last year or earlier this year... Adelitas Way, Cavo and Sick Puppies opened for them! I absolutely love Sick Puppies, so I was going gaga over Shimon the entire time, especially when he held my hand and hugged me. xD; Shinedown was just epic... So many flashy lights and soooo much moshing!

    This August, I went to the 2010 Pain in the Grass. Godsmack was the headliner and OMFG I PRETTY MUCH GASM'D. I <3 SULLLLYYYY~ ..*cough*..... Puddle of Mudd was there too. I luff them; they even did a cover of TNT by AC/DC. xD Drowning Pool was just phenomenal. Especially when they sang LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR LET THE BODIES HIT THE.....FLOOOORRRR~

    I'm done now, lolz. I been to a lot of shows. @w@ Those are just two that crossed my mind. Don't even get me started on when I saw Apocalyptica. No opening band, just like..5 straight hours of epic cello metal. XD
  4. Here in Toronto, we've got this great local trad/black metal band, Demontage, who are only three guys and usually play in small venues, but man, they rock the hell out of most bigger name acts that come here. It's great because even if I end up missing bigger bands, I can always rely on Demontage. Even then, a lot of the bigger names that come here are pretty passable and bland if you ask me.

    When Pagan's Mind came with Stratovarius, I was honestly expecting the former to rule the night, but the latter just had so much more energy and they were adding bass parts to their songs that weren't really there. They even had a guitarist vs bassist battle, which really cemented my faith in the abilities of the band.

    The Suffocation/Immolation/Skinless show was pretty great. Skinless were the least interesting of the three, playing generic and unremarkable late-90's brutal death, but they sure had a great sense of humour. Somebody threw a pair of sunglasses that nailed the singer on the head and he wore them for the rest of the show. They also played Europe's "The Final Countdown" and made us zombie mosh too. Immolation weren't moving too much, except for the second guitarist who headbanged like crazy and Rob Vigna, who acts like a psychotic robot on stage. That alone got everyone interested and I became a fan of them that night. Suffocation though practically stole the show with a very energetic performance and Frank Mullen's weird hand twitching, along with his jokes about scaring neighbours with chainsaws and talking about the early 90's New York death metal community. They even did a really cool medley of lots of their older songs. He stared at me right in the eyes too.
  5. Only concert I've ever been to was Warped Tour back in '06 at the Gorge (That's in Washington, flufferz will know where it is) The headliners were UnderOath, Joan Jett And the Black Hearts, Amber Pacific, Less Than Jake and Motion City Soundtrack.

    MCS was fucking awesome!!!

  6. Jealous. so fuckin' jealous.

    then again, last wednesday i saw METALLICA!

    other crown jewels were nearly getting trampled in my first true moshpit experience when i went to see Machine Head.
    everyone around me was so tall my head was at chest/shoulderblade hight, and ther ewas a definite lack of fresh air down there.

    still, i almost got to the front and shit was cash.

    I also saw The Angels with my parents, but i was standing so close to the speakers that my nose started bleeding.
    that was also fuckin awesome.

    but, as has been said, all pales in comparison to METALLICA!
  7. Machinehead? So jealous. I'd like to see Devil Driver or Mastodon or, well there's an entire list of metal bands I'd love to see.
  8. The following song and band are ridiculously great live.