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  1. Hello! I am looking for a generally experienced partner who can be online a few times a day and post responses with at least two to three paragraphs. There will probably be lots of LGBT themes, so if you are against that then f*** off, please and thank you. If you are all for gay things, hi. :3 I like you.

    Also, the theme will be dark and some parts are twisted and such and torture is expected. The character used can be male or female and you can(should) use more than one. The character(s) can be one of the following species: werewolf(or any were-creature basically), vampire, elf, sorcerer/sorceress, centaur, satyr, or maybe another if you talk to me about it. I'd prefer a fXf relationship for the main characters, but mXm and mXf may work out...

    The plot is to be worked out a bit, but I know the basics of it. I plan on having the setting in one of the worlds I created, and I will describe it if anyone is interested. My plan is for the characters to be captured in some way from their home territories and sent to a market where they are sold to slave owners. The owners place them in homes to work or arenas to fight and they are subjected to various hellish tortures and undergo tragedies and triumphs. Yep, that's basically a general summary.

    I'll check back here often to await anyone that is interested. If a few people are(and i hope at least one is), I will choose someone based on writing experience and their preferences that may be similar to mine. I may even start an rp with a different plot if anyone feels left out.
    Thanks for reading!

    The Rainbow Cat Bandit
  2. I have found someone potentially interested in participating in the role play, so I am generally closing the ability to enlist for the time being.

    If you are very interested in this plot/idea or would like to write another plot with me, feel free to contact me via private messaging and I'll see if I can set up another thread for alternative role playing. I am pretty much always open if anyone is up for a good partner role play. :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.