Amara's Light



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Screaming, loud explosions, heat from various fires and rubble from homes that used to be. That's what Amara's land was now becoming. Ruins. Their land had been attacked by orcs for the past few days and it didn't seem like it was going to cease anytime soon. Luckily, Amara lived in the forest with her father, a short ways away from the main city and they hadn't fully been effected. Sure, there had been a few orcs that tried to overrun her and her father's house, but they didn't go down without a fight. They secured themselves and their home, with their bows and swords. Orcs taking over their home? They wouldn't allow it...

Amara had heard rumor that the King of their land had called for a hero. One that would be able to save them all from the immense disaster. She hoped to the Gods that the King would find one, because they definitely needed help. She had never seen her gorgeous land so beat down and tarnished. It killed her deep down... Especially when the Orcs were destroying every living creature and plant. Shaking her head at the thought, Amara slowly sat down in the grass right outside of her small cottage, leaning back against the trunk of a tree. She looked down to her sword and started sharpening it with the right tools.

She didn't know what the future was to hold for her, but she needed to find out and she needed to get out of there quick. She was definitely not going to leave her father there alone, though. That was a fact. She knew that he was strong and that he knew his way around all of Middle Earth, but she knew that he wouldn't be able to fight alone. Not with this many enemies around. This involved teamwork. Swallowing hard, she slowly raised her head to see her father practicing on his sword. She smiled a little and watched him closely, noticing how precise and fluid he was in his motions. No wonder she had been trained so well.


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Suddenly her focus on training is interrupted by the sound of an horse arriving.
It is a large black horse, allmost as big as a bear, covered in dark plate armour, with magic symbols and glyphs engraved.
O the top of the horse there is a knight with a matching armour, he carries a large sword, almost as big as a man, on his back and crimson red cloak with the kingdoms insignia.
A large closed helmet doesn't allow you do see the face of the intimidating knight.
The hard steps of the horse make the ground tremble and it stops near you.
The knight then turns his head towards your father.
"The kngdom as send me to retrieve Amara." The knight says in an intimidating tune.