Amalgam Hero Universe (Fused characters of DC and Marvel)

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    Sorry lol, wanted to do that. So this is an interest check for a unique Amalgam superpowered universe where Marval characters and DC Comics characters are fused together to form one, ultra powerful meta-human hero or villain. (Ex. Batman + Wolverine = Dark Claw) I have a Sign Up page where you can view the list of characters for claim and then the group rp page where you will be added to join if you're interested.

    THIS IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE TO HAVE WHO YOU WANT. You are allowed to be a villain or Anti-Hero as well.

    With that being said, respond if fancied :]
  2. Holy crap did they combine Superman And Captain America?
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  3. Sure did, Super-Soldier my good sir ;) (psst he's unclaimed)
  4. I must see him lol lemme guess Steven Kent?
  5. Nope, Clark Kent with Cap's background lol
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