Am I the only one that likes the update?

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  1. I mean like the resume being below our avatar, because it's more easier than go to their resume and it doesn't waste time.

    I also love the colors of the background. I love how the roleplays are more neat.

    I can't wait until we get something, that's based on RPG's 'free, casual, and advanced' subforums.
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  2. I overall like it too.

    It's just a few UI issues.
    Mainly what I pointed out in the Revolution thread.
    That and I miss my post count being displayed.
  3. Thread about the update number.. Which one is this?
  4. People who like things never say a word. People who don't make it known loud and clear. XD That is the way of things.

    You will never get a "Free, Casual, Advanced" forum structure, though because that system is against Iwaku's roleplay beliefs. O__O We don't think roleplays should be categorized by subjective skill levels. There is no way to fairly judge those kinds of things because opinions differ. (But we at least added the content tags so people could still request writing levels when it's important to them!)
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  5. I don't mind the update.

    It's more of the mobile I don't like, but it's tolerable. I only use mobile when at school anyways so I can still deal.
  6. This is unlikely to happen; Iwaku tries really hard to avoid a classist society, so we're not gonna segregate the site into skill levels, especially when we already have content tags for that.

    I like the update too!

    EDIT: Diana posted while I was typing lol
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  7. I like most of it. I only had a few small complaints. I think that's how a lot of us feel, really. Most people "complaining" are really just offering suggestions/criticisms. It's not like there's some huge public outcry about it (not in earnest, anyway).

    I, too, like the roleplay resumes being there -- I just really wish they didn't leave a huge black space under people's posts. Hence why I would prefer a spoili or something.
  8. I act the same way after every style change on iwaku o_o First I dislike it for a few hours, then I go into indifference, then after a few weeks I love it and think it is the best style we have had, then the next update comes and I'm like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" until I become indifferent and eventually starts loving it. :9

    I just learn to love whatever we have xD
  9. Yeah, I don't think anyone "complaining" is doing it just to tear into the mods for funzies. Far as I've seen it's been meant as constructive criticism. But whatever - I like it, as long as I keep it on 90% zoom. At 100% zoom things feel a little too large and clunky, imo, but 90% is luurrrvveellyy. It'll take a while to get used to, true, but it's nice. Good job, guys. :D

    (Well, apart from the roleplay resume thing. That's objectively clunky, but subjectivity likes to ignore objectivity so to each their own.)
    EDIT: Oh my lobes. I've never had a Roleplay Resume before and just tried to set mine up. I CAN'T DEAL WITH HAVING THE SCROLL BAR. It destroys my design senses. So I've just spent 10 minutes trying to make it fit perfectly in the grey box. Mmm.
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  10. I will never, ever endorse a skill-based sub-division of RP's along the lines of "Basic, Intermediate, Advanced" or whatever. I'll bitch, complain, and straight-up leave if we ever do that. As much as a few (or as many) of our members may get elitest with their writing, Iwaku has never pushed forward even the slightest bit of segregation when it comes to writing level. It may get addressed, just for the RP'er's benefit, but no one should be looking noses down on anyone. We were all "there" once.

    Also, I really like the update. Reminds me of Iwaku Past, but in a good way. It has a look of familiarity.
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  11. I think the mobile site looks a lot cleaner now, still have to see what it looks like on desktop though.
  12. I like the update. There. Done. Proved you wrong. Give me cookies.
  13. I like it to ^^ it is better. Just on my iPhone for example everything looks a bit zoomed . Other than that it's fine :)

    Good job Iwaku-ains!<3
  14. I like it. (Mainly because I can change the color style into colors I like :P) The resume is good too, and now that it's under a spoili it's no longer the strange scroll-down thing it looked last night.
  15. I'm indifferent, my feelings are unchanged.

    Although I will throw in my two cents on the RP categories, I'm kind of thinking there may be a bit too many. I find it a lot harder getting a game going on this site than the other one because there's so many subforums and people kind of stick to a few of them without venturing around and might miss something that may interest them in one of the subcategories they don't regularly look at. So far the invite everyone you know strategy seems to be the only effective strategy I have until a game establishes itself, and that kinda takes the fun out of meeting new people.

    Maybe I'm the only one who has this problem, but a few of my friends in particular can't seem to get any bites for their games.
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  16. It is what it is.
  17. I like it alright. I'll get used to it.
  18. I absolutely love it. Post count isn't an issue for me. I love the Violet Queen style so much, I changed my username to make extra use of its awesomeness. Though there are a few minor things with conflicting colors in places and the like, it isn't a big deal. It's wonderful. Everything is neat and organized also. Now all we need to make it better for now is free cookies for everyone!
  19. This is something the basic/casual/adv set-up worked a lot of issues out with, better than tags because there was a little more coherency and only three 'levels.' The perceived elitism was greater than it truly was. Ironically, in my experience the middle level, casual, had way more elitist douchebags than advanced just by the merit of 'high-casual' alone. Advanced actually sort of gave the finger to the stigma.

    I have no idea how it is now, though.

    It's a convention, though. Both have their pro's and con's. On the guild I was half the way through an interest check before realising something was a Harry Potter RP (and then instantly backspacing) whereas here I enter way too many topics that I instantly backspace because it may fit my preferred themes but it has 2 lines of intro and a CS in the OP.
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  20. I like it~

    I have no idea about all these issues people are talking about like unwatched threads and stuff. I don't use them because I'm too much of a n00b.

    The basic 90s blue of the logo bothers me a bit but that's probably just because it doesn't match any layout. I'LL GET OVER IT THO.

    Overall, this place still looks sleek and snazzy and I like having the resumes beneath because it took me 40 years to learn where they were in the profiles. >:(

    edit: oh I also really like the new green triangle on the avatars that indicates when a person is online... the triangle looks ggggoooood
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