Am I the Last Person Alive?

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  1. Alrighty folks here are some simple things you need to know about this thread:

    ~ Zombies everywhere
    ~ Supplies/resources are limited
    ~ No god modding
    ~ I don't expect anyone to have a crap load of weapons..
    ~ The season is winter
    ~ Please use pictures and no one liners at least a paragraph or so..
    ~ Have fun :D
  2. Elessa Strider
    Entry #1,065
    "I don't even know the year anymore.. is that a bad thing? Well I guess that's what happens when humanity has gone down the shit hole huh.. All well.. We had it comin' to us sooner or later, right? I'm freezing my ass off.. shivering.. cold.. etc.. At least I still have max with me, so i guess not everything is so bad.. It's been 3 years since I last saw my parents, but they should be fine, My dad was in head command of the military, my mom followed him around.. but other than that i haven't seen any life really.. I'm starting to doubt anyone is still alive now, all I see are walkers everywhere. I'm getting real tired of dealing with these shit bags.. Oh yea did I mention it's my 16th birthday today? Some sweet 16 huh.. Never really wanted one of those anyway ha-ha... Well I suppose I should get some sleep, tomorrow I need to find a way outta this hell hole, North Dakota is just not for me.. I suppose Ill write something tomorrow.. Till then.."
    Once Elessa was done writing her entry for today, the brown short haired girl got up and stretched. She had been traveling alone for the past 3 years, well not exactly alone. She still had her 3 year old healthy German Shepard, Max. She found him about 2 years ago, abandoned and hungry, so she took him in and they've been partners ever since. The two of them beat down those walkers and have this unbreakable bond. Elessa trailed her cold frosted pale fingers along her companions fur, rubbing behind his ear, praising him. Today they didn't do too bad, she thought. "Let's see what we got bud!" She rummaged through her bag pulling out 2 cans of expired soup and a container of 5 dog biscuits. She shrugged and sat beside the fire she had made not too long ago. Max nestled up close, keeping his master warm. She smiled, feeding him the biscuits that were left. She pried open the can with her pocket knife and held it above the fire so it could at least get some heat to it before she ate it. "It may be expired but it's all we got bud.." She slowly ate the soup out of the can before opening the other and giving some to her pet. Elessa put the cans back in her bag for later. "We could use these again.." She explained to Max who had his ears perked up. The two were huddled in a corner of an apartment which had some holes in it, but it would keep them sheltered from the brutal weather and high up from the walkers. Elessa fixed her hat before curling up in a ball, holding max who kept guard over night. She drifted off, slowly losing consciousness, trying to get as much sleep as possible, before starting the next day. They would both need the energy...
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  3. [​IMG]
    Keith had been walking, perhaps too long for his liking. His feet were sore and his wolves paws had probably hurt too. The growling had started to happen from his wolves and he let them lead, their double clipped leashes tightly clipped onto their harnesses. He had his army clothes on, keeping him warm in this cold weather. As Keith let his three wolves run alongside him, he saw a light glowing in the distance.​
    Hello? Ma'am? Sir?
    Keith had repeated himself after that and took out his two swords that were attached to his straps. He let his wolves growl and start to make aggressive noises, not caring.​
    Keith had become attached to his wolf as they had to him. They were babies when he found them but they were not siblings. All alone they were, left to defend themselves.​
  4. [​IMG]
    After walking for miles Victor Morolov was walking down the street, hoping to find shelter in order to take a break. He had his M19 handgun in hand and his M14 EBR on his back. He kept an wye on his surroundings, making sure there weren't any walkers around. "Shevic...when am I gonna find someone alive..." He mummbled to himself in a russian accent. He had been walking for about 3 weekes now and has not found anyone alive tet so he continues, really hoping someone will appear. As he continued walking he saw a few walkers heading towards him but he decided to ignore them since he did not want to waste his time with them. Once he went around the corner he found a bug horde of walkers and his eyes widened in slight panic but he started running the other direction killing the few walkers that were on his way with his handgun. "Shevic, shevic, shevic!" He shouted as he ran for his life, looking for somewhere to take shelter but nothing seemed safe. He continued shooting and running as the bullet shots could be heard.
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  5. Elessa Strider


    Elessa had woken up by her K9 pup's licking. She rubbed her eyes and sat up, while watching Max pace back and forth, growling low. She had forgotten to put out the fire like an idiot.

    She darted up and stamped out the fire before crouching against the wall. Taking out her beretta model 1915, she glanced outside after hearing someone speak and a few other dogs growl.
    "A person?"

    She thought to herself before eyeing someone who was probably attracted to the fire she had just had burning a few moments ago. She tried making out any details about him, since it was dark she couldn't see a lot. By the way he was dressed, she thought he may have served in the military. Deciding to stand up, she pointed the gun at him,
    "Tell your dogs to shut up! They will attract attention dumbass!"
    She spoke as low as she could but loud enough for him to hear her. All this noise wasn't good, between him shouting and his ignorant dogs growling, she would definitely have to start the day early.
    "Only got what an hour of sleep because of this guy max.."
    Her dog snorted and his ears lay flat on his head. He bowed his head, understanding every single word she said. She smiled at him and pet his ears,
    "You're such a good partner.."
    She then turned her attention to the male who seemed to be getting closer, not lowering her gun at him for one moment. A girl had rights to defend herself, especially if theres still lunatics wandering the streets in search of a young girl to take advantage of..
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  6. [​IMG]
    Keith had yelled a simple commands and his obedient wolves had shut up but still gave the K9 a dirty glace with their teeth out.​
    Why, what a lady. At least I don't have a gun that makes 3 times more noise than my sword.
    Keith had slashed a zombie's head off, smiling with delight as his dogs knocked it down quietly. Most like a ninja team. He went up to the lady and looked at her with a glance of dirtiness.
    I am Keith.
    Keith told his wolves to sit down and they did, eying the canine ever so hungrily. Keith had just let them hunt down a zombie as well to eat for they were immune to some virus they carried and yet they still were ready to attack the innocent looking canine who sat next to his owners side. Keith had looked at the other male who was killing other zombies in a loud manner.
  7. 'Hope'
    The dead have no rights, their belongings are yours. Everyone is your enemy until proven otherwise, trust no one. Keep a low profile unless the situation changes. Above all else, survive.
    Hope stared off into the distance for a brief moment, taking full advantage of this short respite after the day's events up to that point. She took a moment to laugh over those final words her father left her before his idiotic charge into the walkers to protect her. What a moron. "Should have followed your own advice, you old fuck." Hope muttered, wiping blood from her kukri onto her pants. It was a nice blade, all things considered. She was rather thankful for her neighbor's untimely death, seeing as he was a collector of the things.
    The girl paused in her thoughts to listen in on the distant sounds of activity. From one side, there were gunshots and the sounds of speech. From the other, dogs barking and some fool not just popping bullets in their skulls. She liked dogs as much as the next person, but if they were going to be a liability to someone's safety...
    That aside, she made a decision on where to head and walked directly forward the... hell, she wasn't even sure what her go-to firearm was. Some sort of semi-automatic rifle, that's all she could really figure out. She made a mental note to get a sidearm she could actually identify, when she got a chance. In any case, she made her way forward, figuring she would run across one or the other of the people she heard eventually.
  8. 39.jpg
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    Alex barely had time to cross the street and duck into an alley before the sound of gunshots made him Stand motionless, scanning the open street for movement. His hand rested patiently on the sheathed blade attached to his belt as he moved to the opposite end of the alley. His long bleached white hair swaying in its ponietail as he stopped to check the street for walkers before darting across the street to the next alley to rest behind a dumpster. "Gunshots... So there ARE people left alive here."

    He slid into an alcove and slid a plastic card along the door. A brief moment of panic and he was rewarded with a soft click and the door pushed free. As Alex slipped inside his ears picked up the soft sound of shuffling feet. I'm not alone ... he thought as he crawled his way past a desk to a flight of stairs, climbing them as quietly as he could.

    He carefully surveyed the second floor, quickly spotting the door which led to the patio. Halfway across the room and suddenly there was a crash, a walker had pushed over a desk chair And was shambling towards Alex. "Shit..." He muttered as he backed away and unsheathed his knife. He lunged forward without a sound and jammed the knife into the creatures temple. A sickening sound was emitted as the blade slid free from the creatures skull and its body fell listlessly to the floor. " gotta move..."

    As Alex exited out to the roof of the building he ran to the edge and eyed the street below, his white hair swaying in the wind as he unconsciously held his breath... Praying for a sign.
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  9. Elessa Strider

    Elessa had roller her eyes. "Guns are a mans best friend in this new world." She spat with a cocky tone. Elessa had glanced at his dogs which were really wolves. "Well ain't that the first, man taming wild beasts.. I've killed quite a few of you pups.." She smiled at the wolves before gathering her things. It was no longer safe to stay here so she and Max would have to move early. When the male had spoke of his name she eyed him, "I'm really not one for introductions, I don't see any point in telling you my name.." She whistled for her boy and started walking away from Keith. It's been a while since she interacted with any human, so her social skills weren't so great. It's not like she was a complete bitch, but it was hard to trust anyone now a days. She really wasn't that bad once one got to know her. Putting her hand up she waved goodbye, "Pleasant meeting you and all, but do to the amount of noise in this area, I wont be sticking around to die.."
  10. Keith.jpg
    Keith rolled his eyes back, starting to grin at her teasingly.​
    I thought you were smart. Ain't this a surprise.​
    Keith laughed and looked down at his wolves who were ready to attack anything.​
    You wish you killed wolves, miss angry at the world. Mine...They aren't your average wolves. I've killed a few, German Shepherds as well. Some innocent.
    He said grinning, teasing her as for it was not true. He couldn't lay a finger on a delicate creature in real life. It would hurt him as much as the animal. Of course this girl needed interaction because she had been with her dog too long.
    Ma'am why don't you calm down?
    He said walking almost behind her but, looking as if he were going his own way, away from her yet he stepped closer to her and then back away from her, like he was nervous to pursue her to know one of the only humans he had seen.

  11. 'Hope'
    "This is such bullshit..." Hope sighed, staring into the group of walkers impeding her progress. She had a bit of time to work with since she hadn't been noticed yet, but she would have to be very quick and careful about her actions. There was a tall enough house nearby for her to pass over, and it appeared to be close enough to a few others for her to travel a good distance over the undead. With her decision made, Hope began to climb the house, trying her hardest not to make even the slightest sound. She made her way up and began to traverse the neighborhood via rooftops, keeping herself to a slight crouch to avoid drawing attention. She wasn't entirely sure if the things could climb, but she was not about to go and find out.

  12. Elessa Strider


    Elessa just ignored his remarks which didn't bother her one bit plus she didn't have time to deal with petty non sense. By the looks of it, she could tell he was bluffing some about the dog part. She had a bad experience with wolves in the past, they were violent and hungry for blood. In self defense she shot them down and left them there to be fed upon by the walkers. When he had still been talking while she was walking away, she looked over her shoulder at Keith, eyebrow raised. "Calm? Why, can't you see? I am quite calm.." She grinned and looked ahead. She noticed how he still followed her, it was obvious. Was he that much alone he must follow a 16 year old girl? "Your following me, Why?" Elessa stepped up her pace, talking in a low tone, being cautious and sticking to the shadows. If she could avoid trouble, the better for her and her guns. There was only a certain of ammunition left before she was have to use her bare hands and feet to fight off these bastards...
  13. 39.jpg

    There it was. The sign Alex had been looking for. Across the street he could see her, a girl with an exotic blade attached. What were those called again? "Kukiri..." He muttered to himself as he began digging through his pocket to find a small laser light. He was immediately grateful he had absolutely no reason to use this thing in months. He shined the small red light over to the rooftop the girl was on. To avoid from startling her he began making small figure eights with it. His emerald eyes locked on the girl. "Please see it.... Pleeease."
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  14. 'Hope'
    If it isn't one thing, it's another with these days. Hope stopped in her tracks to watch the little light on the rooftop for a bit, eventually deciding to follow where it looked like it was coming from. She locked her eyes onto the stranger further away and rose a hand to let him know she noticed him. She wasn't sure what to do about this chance meeting, but decided to risk taking it just a bit further. Hope gestured ahead with her kukri, trying to communicate that she was willing to meet up close if he could make it.
  15. 39.jpg

    Alex couldn't help but smile seeing the girl motion forwards. His eyes followed the rooftops to a small bridge connecting a parking garage to what looked like it used to be a high end retail store. He tried the little red dot along the rooftops and flicked it off and on a few times on the bridge. His long hair rested on his shoulder as he turned and headed to the breach between the two rooftops.
    He took a deep breath and leapt for the second story railing and lifted himself up, swinging his legs over and continuing on. He turned to see if the girl was following, but he lost sight of her as he made his way to the next building. He kept himself crouched low as he crossed the slanted rooftop to the parking garage filled with deserted, rusted vehicles. He dropped down and took shelter next to the concrete wall separating the floor from the stairwell and patiently waited for the girl with the kukiri to catch up to him.... Then it occurred to him. "What the hell am I going to say to her?"
  16. [​IMG]
    Keith had rolled his eyes and sighed, walking next to her at this moment.​
    Can you blame me? You are the first human I saw and you are the most non-social person I've ever met. No wonder your only company is a dog!
    He laughed, but he got serious quickly and looked at his wolves which were following him contently, not caring anymore for what the other dog or human was doing. He gazed at the girl's dog, quite calm he saw but his dogs seemed a little more quick to temper, since he did have them ranging form 3-5 years. They were friendly. They grew up like dogs and bonded with him like this girl had bonded with her German Shepherd so why were they treated like vampires.
    You truly have a sad heart. No respect for another human and his wolves. Yeah they're wolves but they grew up like dogs. Sweet, yeah, my wolves are sweet. Don't look at my wolves as if they are the worst things you have seen because honestly they are not.
    He had came to his senses, letting himself know that he is getting too carried away with letting this girl's opinion get to him. Of course she was non-social and the only thing still loving her was her dog but he wanted to understand what the hell was wrong with her.​

  17. 'Hope'
    Onward. The only word that came to mind for Hope was 'onward'. She had to keep moving as much as she could to meet with this person. Though her trust in people was rather low, it would be worth the risk to see if he had something of use for her, even companionship for a while. Two heads were always better than one, especially if that second head could spot safer routes than the first. She quickly made her way to the bridge near the parking garage, altering her route slightly every time she spotted even a single walker in the way. Though she had her weapons, she could not waste a single bullet or any energy. Such recklessness could only get her killed.
    Hope stopped at the bridge and glanced back briefly, just to be sure there was nothing behind her. Confirming she was in no immediate danger, she sheathed her kukri and walked on, looking for this strange man.

  18. Elessa Strider

    Elessa smirked, "Yup thats me completely non-social, might as well call me dog lady." She said in a sarcastic tone rolling her eyes. She was starting to like this guy less and less by the minute. She sighed dramatically when he started his sob story about wolves. He sounded like a complete dumbass and she couldn't tolerate dumbasses. She was beginning to develop a headache from this guy. "Nice story, now shut up will you?" She spat, her temper flaring a tad bit. She stopped in her tracks and stared at him with cold eyes. "Look I'm freezing my ass off, I have things to do places to be and certainly DON'T have time for babysitting you Keith!" Her voice was slightly raised, like a mother scolding a child. She pointed at the walkers behind them, "I'm sure they would love your company!" She smiled and continued walking, heading for the next town on the highway. She still had a lot more places to hit before fully leaving the state, she wanted to go down south, Florida specifically, so she could be somewhere warm and hopefully even have a nice vacation.
  19. 39.jpg

    Alex rested his head against the rough surface of the rusted van. His mind still running to figure out how to introduce himself to the first human he'd seen in almost a year. But now it seemed his time for planned conversation was over. The sound of approaching footsteps brought him cautiously to his feet.
    The girl was closing the gap, walking calmly across the flat concrete floor of the parking garage. He waved to her, perhaps a little awkwardly as he slowly approached her. "Uh.... Hi" he immediately hated how uneasy he felt approaching what might be the only opportunity for company. He held out a hand to show it was empty and then slowly slipped it into his cargo pocket and pulled out a chocolate bar out, something he'd been saving for weeks. He then held it out in her direction. "You like chocolate?"

  20. 'Hope'
    Awkward approach, uneasy demeanor, and an unprovoked offer of food. This guy seemed harmless enough. Hope decided it should be fine to speak with him without drawing her weapons or anything like that, though she did hate to say what she was about to after just meeting him. "Can't stand the stuff, man. Leaves my throat feeling all slimy and uncomfortable." she replied with a slight shrug of her shoulders, soon extending a hand toward the stranger. "Name's Hope."