"Am I Really That Different?"

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  1. Deanaria was a very normal girl, still in high school and happy person.She had sadly been taken to the worst part of the city, the club streets. Main streets and a few other ones had clubs everywhere from the blues to strip clubs. Her friends, mostly male, wanted to go to the strip club. This was the first time that Deanaria was ever going to lie about her age, not only that but this was the first time even sneaking out of her home to do this! Oh geez.. Her friends had dressed her in a pare of casual clothing, the two girls that is, because....in reality she was a very naive girl. She hasnt even watched porn. Today they stated that they were going to break that. At least let her see what a female looked like, since her family was rich and religious they had made her blind fold herself before actually entering the tub, letting the maids clean her up. She blushes a bit and looks around as they finally reached the strip club. They all got in and instantly her nose was assaulted with the smell of cologne, perfume and disgusting order that she had no idea what it was...but her friends told her it was the smell of sex. She shivered in total distaste...her eyes landing on a naked woman. Her eyes instantly, and slowly, widened at the sight. Oh good god! She was dragged to a nice circle of seats, her four male friends and two girl friends ending up leaving her alone so that they can admire the dances and pole dancing while she shyly stared about. She was so innocent it was actually very very hard to not miss. She was blushing an adorable shade of red and not only that but she was nervously fidgeting about. Only 16 turning 17 years of age and still she knew nothing of this. Good god, no wonder. She stared with wide eyes as a clothed female ends up climbing onto her table and smiling at the girl alluringly, dancing on it perfectly well at that. Oh why was she stripping?! She cast her eyes away, obviously the woman was enjoying harming her innocence like this.

    Deanaria was a beautiful female. She had long black raven hair which reached her ankles in a very unseen fashion, actually it was in a ponytail but the fact that it reached her ankles made people thing it was fake, but then again it was so THICK. Just so THICK that really it wasnt a lie, the adorable and alluring swirls of the silky hair was enticing. She had nicely arched eyebrows and long lashes which cast a soft yet black shadow over her high placed cheek bones. Her eyes were a very weird hue of blue- so dark it matched the clear blue sky at midday, setting sun. She had a small straight nose and plump kissable pink lips. Her skin tone was a water salivating cream color, which actually made her even more exotic looking. She was wearing a nice plain black t-shirt which hugged her figure perfectly, her big plump breasts complementing her small waist and flat straight stomach, she had wide hips and her white skinny jeans seemed to attract attention in the dark club. It hugged her fine round hips and complemented her well shaped ass and full thick thighs, her slender legs actually looking long in them though she was about what? 5'1 in height. She was wearing black and white high heels, at least seven inches.

    She was looking at her lap plainly, playing with her fingers. Why had her friends left her here?! Sitting alone with a "entertainer". Oh would they get mad if she called them prostitutes?! Because they are making very, very, disgusting noises in places. Deanaria was snapped out of her small self-pitying state when one of the hot male tenders asked her softly "Miss would you like a drink?" She stares at him intently before nodding once and stating "C-can i have a soda? Please dont open it either, i want it in the can." Yes she was un-trusting. Aw well! She has heard many un-liking storys about these kinds of places. He walks off with a nod and she easily takes out the dollar that it costs.
  2. Meanwile on the outside of the strip joint, Allen was walking by. "Damm, I'm lost in the redlight district after getting chased by some hookers. Just how I wanted to start my afternoon." He remarked sarcasticly. Allen always seemed to dress simpily and not be too flashy or anything. And such, he had on a pair of blue jeans with black shoes, a white t-shirt that was covered by a brown leather jacket. His midnight blue eyes looked around and settled on something that immediatly sent him scowling with plain disgust. A strip joint....

    Let it be known that Allen was one hell of a chilivartisc bastard. The only time that he would ever be near a strip club was if he was dragged there by a friend. None the less, he raised an eyebrow when he didn't see a bouncer outside the joint. Naturally, he would easily be kicked out unless they saw his ID which showed the age of 19 going on 20. With a sigh, he decided to walk into the place...

    Only to semi-reget it. As he walked in, he instatly heard some of the women in the club go "Oh, look what we have here." or "He's cute." However, he heard something that turned his day for the worse: "What's with the scar above his left eye?" That was a very off-limit subject for any stranger. Ignoring them, he went up to the bar. "What can I get you?" Said the bartender. "Soda - Pepsi. If not that then Sprite. If not that then skip it." The bartender nodded and went about his business.
  3. The male came over to her and told her to get it from the bartender since they ran out in the back. She almost rolled her eyes but did as told, letting herself uncross her legs and easily slide out from the table, ignoring the purring stripper before walking to the bartender, easily ending up next to the man that had just entered the strip joint. She let herself order a coca cola and watched as the male got two different drinks, placing it in front the man next to her and one in front of her. She payed her dollar and being a lazy woman, and also not wishing to be near the stripper, she let herself sit right there next to the man. She sighed gently and opened the drink, drinking a bit before placing her finger over the hole that she had made on the top of the can, not leaving it open just in case some creeper felt like drugging her tonight.

    The bartender seemed to get an interest with her though and walked right back over, leaning forward towards her while stating "Want a whiskey, on me?" This in turn made Deanaria gently raise a perfectly plucked eyebrow and answers back honestly "No thank you, i was dragged here by my friends and am to stay the sober one of the group." The male sighed before making an adorable pouting face. Not that she fell for it, she might be innocent but damn well wasnt naive. She tilts her head to the side as the male continues speaking, doing something that almost pissed her off "So...what's that cute little lilt in your voice? Doesn't sound from around here." Yes she had a very mysterious and very noticeable accent but she just didn't talk about it. Not even her friends knew where the accent came from and truthfully she hated talking about it.

    She turned into her normal self, made sure to raise her chin a notch higher which actually pissed people off because of the superior exterior she had, which somehow intimidated them, truthfully it was just cause she was rich and was very smart so it seemed like she was full of herself when in all total honesty she just disliked the person. "Its called an accent. And i was born and raised here thank you very much" Turning away from the muscled mass in front of her she turned easily to look at the males which were dancing on the dance floor while easily protecting both her two girl friends. Good thing that, she knew this place wasnt as safe as it led off. Oh how she wished she was inside her house asleep and not in any danger. Or in the library reading something before going to sleep and waking up to do the normal routine. She almost face palmed...but that would make her look like a dumb ass she knows. So she just kept still, not really noticing him at all.
  4. He had instantly chuckled at the bartender's failed 'free drink' attempt. "Wow, triying to slip her something already?" "Mind your own busines-!" Was all the guy got out before he saw who was talking to him. "Allen?" Allen himself only let out a simple 'Yo'. "Your not even 20 yet, how'd you get in here?" With a cat-like smile, he said: "Your security sucks." The bartender shook his head and reached beneath the counter to look for something. He had come here for a purpose it seemed. A purpose that was beyond what normal people would be able to uderstand. The bartender emerged and put a envelope with a photo on the front.

    Said photo only contained somehing that could be from the 'H.P. Lovecraft' series of books and such. "So they're back huh?" Allen sighed as he shoved the folder into his jacket (which has 2 hidden pockets on the inside). "That's all the info I got. If you need anymore, you know where to go." The barkeep came back with a Sprite and Pepsi for Allen and another unopened Coca Cola for the person next to him. "They're on the house." He said before going back to his usual business. Allen could only watch with a small smile and remained on his guard. With a small sigh, reached for the Pepsi. "Sore wa, futatabi tatakau koto haya sugiru.." He said in perfect japanese despite his appearence or what the other half of his racial mixture was.
  5. Deanaria let her eyes trail over to the two as they spoke, wonderingly. She tilts her head to the side, ignoring how her hair actually touches the floor, and then finally just shrugs her shoulders. Taking another sip of her drink she took the coke and pulled it towards her being. She crossed her legs while staring at the man next to her. She finally smiles a bit "Your names Allen right?...How old are you if you dont mind my asking?" She gently pulled her hair onto her lap, not wanting it to get dirty from this kind of floor full of drinks and dust and god knows what other things. It was hard enough to brush it, but to get crap out of it was even worse.

    Her eyes trailed over Allens form slowly, he was hot yes but...seemed a bit different. A bit...well as stated before different. She uncrossed her legs and recrossed them, moving her feet around in circles. She was bored and wanted to go home so keeping up a conversation with a person she didnt know would keep her preoccupied. That is until she fucks it up. She was an antisocial person, she cant keep a conversation going without making it awkward. God knows she's tried! But it always ended up in an epic fail of an attempt. If she got flustered she would end up saying something that didnt make since which in turn embarrasses her to death but makes the other person to uncomfortable to reply back. Sighing a bit she tried to calm down her nerves, she hoped she really didnt fuck this one up.
  6. "19. Gonna be 20 in about 4 months." He said while looking out of the corner of his eye to the woman next to him. No doubt about it, she was pretty good looking. But someting was....off. It seemed like she was abit younger than he was and yet was looking like she was in her early 20's. Call it an eye for detail, but those tiny things made him easily think otherwise. After running a hand through his short black hair and dismissing those thoughts form his mind, he turned his head to look at her.

    Only to let those thoughts come back in a divine fury. Pretty good looking was out of the window and replaced with kinda hot. In fact, she kind of reminded him of an old friend from afew years back. But enough of that, he smirked slightly. "Nice accent ya got there. But what about you? From appearence alone, you seem like you could pass for 19 also......." 'But what do I know? You could be younger than me....then again, this place's security sucks...' He added mentally.
  7. This made her smile slightly, he was young as well. Ok not as young as her three years apart in age...maybe 3 in a half at most. She would gently turn her gaze to face him, tilting her head to the side as she watched him before saying "Thank you. And im young." She puts her finger against her lips while whispering softly "16, but lets keep that a secret. Im turning 17 week." Which was why she had been dragged here as well. She was to "change something in her life" since she was turning 17. Basically the last year of being imprisoned by her parents, or so said her friends. She liked her life style, but she had to admit herself that she had to have one scandalous outing before she ends up being shipped and married to some man she knows nothing of.

    To her family, which was very rich, she would take own of the company's. Yes she was intelligent and yes they knew she would do everything greatly but they wanted an heir. So after her, her daughter or son, will take up the company's. She looks at her friends, seeming to not notice anything that was going on around 'cept the conversation with him and the staring at her friends. She forgot what kind of place she was at, since in truth she didnt want to know. She took a small swig of her drink before yawning behind her hand. Yes it wasnt that late but she was used to sleeping at 7 like a proper lady and waking up at 7 or if she was just that tired, 7 30 and not a minute more. It was improper to sleep at anything later than half past seven.

    She turned her gaze to him again before gently smiling and stating "My friends have told me i need to loosen up a bit. Which, by taking me here, i guess is loosening me up. I'm very antisocial and im actually quiet shocked and proud of myself for keeping this conversation going. Its harder than it seems though, since i don't have many friends and am usually just studying."
  8. He was rather susprised when she admited she was only 16. 'So only 3 year younger? Eh.' With only a smile, he held a finger up to his own mouth and winked. "Allright, just between us then." It was rather odd that he was took her up on the secret offer. Normally, he wanted to rat her out quickly due to being underage but didn't. Mabye she came from the same background he was from and sympazied with it? Or even remimded him of his sister? No, that couldn't really be it. But on the other half, he was slightly curious about her.

    Oddly, his family made a fortune in research/development but also IT. The company was against arranged marrages for infulence - Allen's involvment- due to the aformentioned guy rejecting literally 7 potential sutors because he inherated his mother's eye for detail and reading emotions like they were an open book. Sometimes, he praised it and treated it as a tiny curse. All in all, Allen never cared that gift/curse and most women had found it attractive. At the very least, his eyes didn't turn electric yellow and seemed to flow like a river...

    "It can't be helped. I was just the opposite back at my 16. Though most of my social tides was someodd forced due to my place in my family's company as a junior hacker/heir. I didn't really study much during school yet still got near perfect scores, up to a point where one teacher didn't believe me and accused me of cheating." 'But was also in a afterschool demonslaying club....and I got to stop narrating to myself.' He concluded with a tiny sigh.
  9. Deanaria ended up giggling cutely at this. She couldn't help it, he was interesting like that. She would easily reply back "I've never in my life cheated. I have photographic memory which i actually find very helpful. I read something once and that's it for me." She smiles softly, playing with her dimple slightly. She had always wanted the piercing that went there but her parents thought it dirty and plus she knew it would be looked down upon by others in her status. Truthfully the bad thing about being rich is the titles. Duke, Earl, Aristocrat, and the list goes on. She was a debutante which meant already out in the seasons, the balls and dinner party's which are meant not only for men and woman to find businessmen partners but also someone to marry.

    Rich right now are of course intelligent beings, because if not then why are they rich? But the bad part about that is that if you hang out with the wrong crowd or are scandalous then you are below them. You had to have the right connection, be a smooth talker and well the list goes on. The way you sit, eat, sneeze, cough, and even wipe your own butt are criticized by these people! And to think one would know how to do that without someone else teaching them. Which is why she was the best of the best, and the photographic memory is the cause of it.

    Taking her mind off of her daily life she would gently smile before stating "It's very hard to be an heir is it not? The stiff society, the fake friends, the people that use you...people that wish to steal your glory. The jealousy...to me i find it worthless. But also...curious. Because that is human nature, and to think back on it, in the early ages this is what men did. Married for power or so such thing." She had completely forgotten she was speaking in high class style. Truthfully she had lived her entire life with it that it was like second nature to her. "It shocks me a bit, that the smallest of things can be used as scandal. The gossips and rumors. Oh i dislike those greatly." She frowns adorably while continuing to speak "One wrong move and that's it, the ton will know all about it, though i use that to my advantage. Make a good name for oneself with the rumors." She shrugged gently.
  10. Allen had smiled and chuckled to himself. Truth be told, with what she had said, it remimded him of his junior year of high school in which he also knew the heir of another major conglomorate. "That's what an old friend of mine said one day, aside from the last part." He nodded thoughtfully. What she had said about people wanting your glory, status and the such was exactly true in every way. "Hard to believe that I only had about 15 or so true friends that understood our tribulations." He took a drink of his pepsi and looked at the ceiling.

    "If companies think that i'm bad for their health, my sister had already slapped the same ammount of sutors and they were almost more than half her age and she's only your age now that I think about it." A hint of nostagila was present in his eyes and a kind smile graced his lips. However, that slowly fadded when he shuddered silently. "Also, I've grown to develop an innate fear and mild hatred for fangirls......they're just evil..." He concluded his odd rambling with another shudder and a deep breath.
  11. She laughs softly, unable to help it. Her laughter sounded like bells about the room and actually attracted attention more than some of the stripping females. She would gently drink the last sip of her drink before sighing a bit. She let herself blush, she wasnt used to this at all but why not? She let herself slide from the stool, ah she hated being short, and let herself land nicely on her heels. Turning to face him she does that wonderful thing men do, and bowed before gently winking and holding out her hand "Would you like to dance with me, messieurs?" Ah her French was still perfect sounding as her English.

    She waited for him to do the mock curtsy or just plainly take her hand or just out right decline her. If he acted like a female and actually did a curtsy, she would break out into a fits of giggles, trying to keep a straight face as he slid his hand into her own and kissed his knuckles softly. It was appropriate and affectionate, showing the man that she liked him but no one really knew if it was in the sexual or the proper way and easily led him to the dance floor. If he just took her hand, she still stayed in her role and bent over, with a hand against the small of her back, and kissed his knuckles in the appropriate time and then stood up to take his hand into her other one and put it onto her arm, actually "escorting" him to the dance floor. If he just out right declined her, she wondered if he didn't like her, in the high class society if one declined dances in certain ways it meant that they didnt like the other person. If one stated they were ill, it was understandable. Either or she just ended up sitting right back down onto her stool and crossing her legs, a small yawn/sigh leaving her lips.

    If they had by chance ended up on the dance floor she would turn away from him, after leading him into the pile of people, and press her back against him nicely. She moved her hips to the beat of the music and enjoyed it. She swayed her hips nicely against him actually putting her hands onto her knees and working her ass into a nice grind/twist against his body, she was actually smart with her hair and since it was so long she had already wrapped it around her arm so that it didnt touch the floor.
  12. "Accutally, I would love to Mi'Lady." But as soon as he got up, Allen felt something in his right pants pocket vibrate. Curious, he reached into the pocket and flipped it open. Only to quickly have his expression go sour quickly as he looked at the screen. It was something that he couldn't subject to her. 'Do I go and quickly come back? Shit, why are they attacking? And they're near here..... Damm it!' His mind was literally heading a mile a minute. On one hand, he would get relax after a long time of fighting.....But he can't ignore the looming threat of a Shadow attack. This was just too much for one man.

    With a sigh, he took her hand into his. However, he did something unexpected to even him. Allen used his free hand to pull her in close and whisper in her ear. "Sorry about that Mi'Lady, but there's something I need to take care of. No worries, it woun't take too long." He finished with a slight wink and a small squeeze of her hand. Then, he let her go and snuck out the place. As soon as he was in the clear, he took off in a light spirnt to find the area. It only took him 5 minutes to get to it and he tensed up....not with nervous energy...but with excitement. With one hand motioning to crush something, the sound of lightning strikes was heard.
  13. She ended up softly blushing as she was pulled up and pressed against him. Licking her lips gently she listened before nodding and watching him leave. Her friends were actually around her and asked her questions but she easily ignored them with a small grin and started to dance, they joined in just to keep pedo's away from her. After a while they had a line of females actually grinding against each other. Then the song Gangnam Style came on and everyone went wild. She and a few people starting doing the funny dance that kept along with it and since they ere all in high heels the guys seemed to praise them for their work. Its harder than it seems too, which is why most of them in the video were wearing shorts. One girl almost busted her ass trying to do this in stiletto's.

    After a while she walked over and got her free Pepsi, noticing its still closed and all and she opened it, took a nice drink before sitting down and sighing. He wasnt back yet but she didn't mind, she just hoped she hadn't been ditched. Yawning under her hand again she crossed her legs and took out her phone, going through a few text messages before finally grinning at something she saw. Basically the picture of her dancing with her friends. Shrugging it off she slid the phone right back into her pocket and waited for him to show up.
  14. After the threat was taken care of, Allen was on his way back to the club and to his new lady friend. 'Come to think of it, I didn't get her name.' He thought to himself with a slight smile. He wouldn've known if she liked what he did before heading out. With a small chuckle, he increased his pace. As he moved, he noticed the sound of something approaching. "Ignore it." And with that, he started to jog to the area. After about a 5 minute commute, he arrived at the club and went in.

    He scanned the area and easily found her, but he didn't go up to her. 'Mabye I should susprise her.' When he went to execute his plan, he was stopped by the bartender from eariler. "They attacked?" He asked and Allen nodded. "Nearby?" Allen nodded again. "Took care of it?" He nodded one final time and the bartender guy left. Not before saying: "Don't show her that wound you got." Wound? Allen checked himself and noticed a cut on the tip of the finger next to his left thumb. With a shrug, Allen dismissed it as it was barely bleeding. He finally went to where she was sitting and leaned against the bar. "So, what'd I miss?"
  15. Deanaria gently jumped in surprise and turned to face him before smiling softly and relaxing, she had no idea why she thought it was someone else. She would turn to him while stating "Nothing much. I was just dancing with a few people and i guess you missed the Gangnam Style dance we girls did in heals. That take skill" She winked while giggling. She would pushed a few lose strands of hair behind her ears, ignoring the fact that it was getting close to the floor, luckily enough the stool was actually pretty high. Holding her hand out as she asks him softly "Do you have a phone?" Yea she was going to him her number, so what? He was entertaining and from high class. Even if he was her company's enemy she would have still has spoken to him.

    She looked down at her new phone and played around with the touch screen before coming up to the number screen and easily handing it to him. When he gave her his phone she slipped her number into it and added herself as "Deanaria D'Formantigua >:3". The face was added for effect she knew. Grinning a bit she handed it to him and waited for him to slip in his number into her phone before taking it back.
  16. "Is that so? Man, I wish I would've seen it." She had seemed slightly happy now that he was back. Like he had said, it didn't take too long to get it done. But still, he was going to have some fun today and noone, not even eldreich abominatins would get into his way. As much as Allen wanted to live a normal life, it never really happened. Trouble seemed to be stalking him and some of his other friends for the luls. In his own mental assestment of the situation around him, Allen was caught for a complete loop when she asked if he had a phone. 'Well, nothing wrong with getting a new contact for the phonebooks.'

    As he regained his composure and gave her his phone so she could add her number in it. All that was left was to put his name into the contacts. 'Well as long as I don't embarass myself.' With another smile forming on his face, he registered the name "Allen Seiei" into the contacts list. Despite how 'American' he essicentally looked, Allen's accutally half Japanese. But enough of his racial bounds, Allen had handed her phone back to her. "There we go."
  17. She didn't seem to ask or want to ask about his name. To be truthful she had a huge suspicion he had been half and half. She herself was half and half, though she really did look Japanese, the blue eyes coming from her father in some odd way. She would cross her legs while looking at the time and sighing. "I actually want to go home. I was sneaked out of my house and to be truthfully honest, this is the first time I've ever done it and im scared that they will find out. I dont want to be grounded, I've never been grounded before." She makes a face before giggling gently. She looks over at him with gentle eyes while stating "But i dont want to bother my friends while they are having fun."

    Two things that can happen. She could call a taxi and easily pay him to take her to her home, but then he could kidnap her since her face was all over the TV screens and stuff, or she could ask this stranger, yet now friend, to take her to her home. He was in the same high class society and was a safer option than the taxi. Two things were wrong with asking him though. First he is a total stranger, and though friend, still could be dangerous and some psycho killer or...she would be intruding on his alone time more than she needed to, it was improper to do that to a man when he had a busy schedule.
  18. He was slightly chuckling when she admited she was never grounded before. But now that he thought about it, it was getting kind of late. "I can understand that." He said while yawning slightly. The incident eariler must have zapped away alot of his energy, to cause him to yawn like this. Gladly, he didn't have much of a schedule he had to work around. Only minor meetings with the company executives and with some partners and however much he hated it, it still had to be done. Terminal Group was a rather popular company for a valid reason. "How bout we just leave? I feel like going as well."

    After he had said that, he took out his phone and launced a "Cab For Me" like app. After putting in the nessisary information, he slid the screen down and put it back into his pocket. " We got an extra 10 - 15 minutes to kill before the cab gets here."
  19. She gently blushed before sighing a bit. She couldnt help the giggle that escaped her lips before she shakes her head and picks up her phone, texting all her friends and telling them that she was going to leave earlier than them and go home by cab. She didn't tell them with a stranger because that would be down right awkward and knowing her friends they would try and make fun of her. The entire time they were both in this strip club she has seriously, not once since seeing him, noticed the strippers. Since they had actually stopped talking for a small second she let her gaze move about the club, her face turning bright red before sighing and looking at her lap.

    "Yes we do have a while then...do you wish to go outside? I don't like it here." It's not the club itself per say but it was the naked woman. She has never once seen her own body nude. Her mother was a very strong christian and makes the maids cover her eyes and bathe her and dress or undress her. To tell the truth she has never been curious until now...mm..she was lost in thought and didn't notice until he was in front of her, if he did get up.
  20. Nodding slighly, he got up and streched his legs (which were asleep). But as she probally texted her friends, he got a text message as well. 'Call me when you get a chance, it's important.' Dad? Normally, his father never texted him unless it was to see how he was doing. But what could be so important to warrant this level of concern? Hopefully, no one from the dark side of his past got wind of his location....that would be horrid. But enough of that, he looked over to his new friend and noticed that she was lost within her own thoughts.

    'And now, I feel like doing someting funny.' He got infront of her and went down on one knee while having one arm behind him and the other infront of his chest. "Yes, My Lady." After he said that, he started to laugh. Standing up, he simply smiled. "Sorry about that, a childhood friend told me that I'd make one hell of a butler if I ever became one."