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  1. I have been gone and have lost most of all my Role-plays except for one. And Now I am back to get back into my role-playing because I believe I am now finally out of my slump. I don't have particular interests in mind at the moment, but I will list some ideas to kind give YOU an idea on what I am like.

    {{Fair warning I am best at role-playing a sub. character. However I am willing to take on at least one or Dom positions, after I fill my need for the other.}}

    I do fandom role-plays, but I am particular about them. If we do a canonXoc then I expect you to be able to double.

    Fandoms I am interested in:
    Attack On Titan
    Levi x OC
    Eren x OC
    Jean x OC
    Levi x Eren

    Final Fantasy
    Kingdom Hearts
    Resident Evil
    Ouran High School Host Club

    And if you have plots you would like to test out, but have no one willing to try or maybe you just want more of, then feel free to share them with me. I am pretty much an open book when it comes to a lot of things.​
  2. Plots: {Come from Various sources.}}

    Plot A:
    This delinquent [YC} is now bored because his best friend has been spending too much time with the stud. coun. president [MC]. The delinquent was dead-bored so he started teasing the vice president... again. The vice president always woke up with the delinquent's face right infront of his WINDOW[​IMG]. The vice president really hated this, aside from the fact that they were neighbors, but the delinquent was really driving him insane. But what if the vice president didn't see the delinquent for one week? What could happen?

    Plot B:
    Your character has been king of the nation ever since his father died, and has ruthlessly followed his father's footsteps: torching villages, killing "monsters", breaking and making treaties, starting wars, and heightening taxes. However, after taxing one border town too highly, the only thing they have left to offer him are their lives. He decides to take a human pet...unfortunately, said human (my character) hates him.
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  3. Hmm... I can't seem to find very many people. Am I missing something?
  4. For that plot A, do you have an idea what happens during that week? Does something demonic or criminal go on during that mystery week?
  5. @Quiet One

    I suppose it would really be up to who ever is doing that character, I don't mind either way
  6. Well, I can't help but wonder about some sort of demonic Jennifer's Body type scenario, where the person, once they've returned, just doesn't act the same. There's something off, possibly evil, about them now, and maybe the rivalry turns into a sort of investigation.
  7. I kinda have a idea for a psychological Adult RP
  8. oh yes. Could you both message me so we can talk further.