am i doing this right?

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  1. kessie- hi! i'm kessie, i hope its ok, but me and *looks down, kicks pebble* me and my sister are sharing this account, so, i really hope its

    ok, i had so many ideas for roleplays, i'm not a beginner, i'm really into first-person instead of third-person because i get alittle bored in the

    middle of it, anyways. (no offense intended, its not my favorite jellybean, but il eat it anyways :) ) so anyways!my sister, is the twinkle

    part, we will be talking like so,kessie- deebu!twinkle- i am arkeyan!:Dthats how we do it, the kinds of roleplaying i like are anime/human/syfy/adventure/(not over board but) romance/\ i like animal roleplays too, but not excessivley,my favorite color is pink,

    black, red, blue, and white.i love snow, icicles, anything that hasto do with winter. ^^) my favorite holiday is thanksgiving, halloween' and christmas.i seriously am a video-game-zila xD my most favorite is minecraft, and ssbb (supersmash bros brawl) just dance 1,2,3,wolfquest

    twinkle downloaded it)i love music! i dunno how to play any instruments but i love music! ^^D rock, pop, hiphop, retro rock, a teeny bit of metal, i love it all. ^^'D *blowkisses to music*i am a fish hooks, shake it up, gravity falls and mythbusters fan.(i watch TV alot,

    my list for others i'm fans of is very long.)i like R.F.T.S.O.Y.O. randomosity from the soul of your octopus!

    Twinkle, she likes alot of the

    things i
    like, we do everything together and are inseperable. she likes purple though. :D and is a better roleplayer then me, but i am so catching up! ^^D
  2. Wow. Okay, uh. Welcome welcome xD. Y'all should separate what each other are saying with like, new paragraphs xD lmao. Honestly though, welcome. You're into some pretty rad stuff. If you ever want an RP, just lemme know. Either/both of you.
  3. kessie yeah, my 3DS is very wonky with this site, i didn't know i'dd do that, nice to meet you Powder :D
  4. Actually, we don't allow people to share accounts! That gets really confusing for other members when they want to speak or roleplay with just one of you, or find your posts. You are also denying yourselves the chance to have your own private storage spaces and roleplay resume!

    So one of you needs to register yourself a new account. It'll be just fine!

    Also, welcome to the site ladies! <3
  5. kessie- oh, wow, oh dear, okay, well theres a problem with this, is weve' only got the one computer, ok, twinkle's ok with it. it'l only be me now :) i'm not changing my username though. "> nice to meet you too ^^
  6. i think so:P