Am I doing this right? Not sure if I'm doing this right...

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Good day ladies and gentlemen. I am Sir Binkleton the 3rd, but you may just call me Binkleton, just your well mannered bear and sometimes other animals but that's not important. Ever since I was a wee thing, I was and still am very found of animal rps. (Not that I only do animal rps mind you!) Hopefully I'll meet some splendid rpers and rps. Thank you for stopping by this little thread of mine.

Sincerely, Sir Binkleton

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Sci-fi, Fandom(ESPECIALLY love crossovers, Marvel stuff, and many others), superhumans, Magical, Romance, Fantasy, etc.
A warm welcome to Iwaku, Sir Binkleton! If you ever need a helping hand around, just holler~ ^_^
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