Am I Doing Something Wrong?

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  1. I created a post in the Roleplay talk, and I haven't gotten any responses. Am I doing something to repel people?
  2. I assume this this is the thread you're referring to?

    I can't see anything wrong with it, but the roleplay section is quite a busy board, and your thread has already dropped onto the second page. Once it's off the first page, it's unlikely to be seen again, and whilst I don't know the deal bumping such threads, I know I've seen it done.

    That said, if no-one is replying to your thread... go and reply to other people's threads instead! You don't have to sit back and wait for a PM, or an invite to join a group here, so if you see someone else that's looking to do a roleplay that you like the sound of, then just send them a message and get chatting. If you're really keen to get roleplaying, you could try the "Jump In" section, too.

    There is a certain element of "popularity", too. People that have been here longer might be better known, and if someone's been in a number of roleplays then other people might have more desire to reply to their threads, because they know that person is good. You're just getting started, so don't worry too much if things begin a little slowly.
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  3. I wouldn't say you're doing something wrong, perhaps it's just something you're not doing? You could try bumping the thread or search around the forum for possible partners and reach out to them through pm or post a link to your forum. Sometimes, it's best to seek partners instead of waiting for them to come to you. : ) It might also help to post some info about your role play ideas, let people know what you're interested in right off the bat. Then if they're interested too, the rest is just formality.
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  4. Thank you guys very much. I will keep that in mind. (:

    You didn't post a prefix with your thread, that usually gives people an idea if they need to read it or not. People looking to grab a partner will view Partner Request threads. People wanting to grab a player for a group will look at Seeking Roleplay threads.

    And my OTHER tip is that you should also post a post directly in the One on One Requests forum (Or Libertine forum if that's what you're after) with your wishlist of plot ideas. Because there's tons of people seeking partners who never even check in Roleplay Talk!
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  6. Thanks! I'll do that!
  7. Maybe making a clear list of what you want to roleplay might help. It was put in there, but like this:

    What I am interested in roleplaying:

    -Demon and Angels

    Etc. Things like that, and listing what you don't want to do.
  8. By the way, bumping a thread is okay (as long as it's not an In Character roleplay thread) IF it's fallen off the first page of threads. We do prefer people to post some kind of message other than just "bump", but as long as you're not bumping more than once it's fine. We also have a donator perk that lets you bump a thread without posting in it but we understand that not everyone has money to donate. XD