Am I becoming to much of an asshole when it comes to roleplaying

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  1. I should have something a bit more polite but oh well. I've been roleplaying since I was nine years old and in the beginning I was a rather a relaxed and calm individual. I roleplayed with people who posted one liners or even posted a short undetailed paragraph I would respond to it. But now when I'm doing roleplay searches as some of you have probably noticed, I ask for samples and will almost automatically quit if someone doesn't post enough. Is it because I'm getting more mature or am I getting more immature. I'm a respersentive for a site called Projectsmileing for this site and I feel like I'm doing a bad job.
  2. Asking for a sample actually is pretty reasonable for most one on one players. Though quitting when someone doesn't post enough is a bit harsh since not everyone is going to meet that requirement due to real life circumstances. For example, I haven't been active the past few weeks because I've been really busy with school and I got sick this week. Though it is perfectly reasonable for you to drop a partner if they do not keep you updated. I think the only thing you need to work on is your patience. Maybe instead of dropping right away you ask why they are taking so long and if there is anything you can do that might help them with their next post.

    The fact that you are actually self reflecting on this though shows me you are growing more mature in a way, but it won't really be profound unless you actually learn from it and make the necessary changes.

    Honestly, stressing over everything like posting speed isn't worth it. Rp is supposed to be fun girl, not stressful. <3
  3. Thank you.
  4. Anytime! Oh and nice new name by the way!
  5. Thank you, it's a nice change. I need to stop thinking about what I'm representing and more about who I am.
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  6. You roleplay for fun. If something isn't fun to you, there's no sense in roleplaying it. There is no shame in communicating your preferences.

    Rather than just dropping outta nowhere though, you might wanna send a PM asking what's up. If you do drop, I personally feel it's the right thing to send a message informing your partner of this. I have heard a lot of drama horror stories from it, but that shouldn't mean you don't extend this courtesy to others.
  7. Yea. Someone just came into my search thread and left a message about that. Now I won't get partners.
  8. - Walks in - Don't sweat yourself about that. Just because one person publicly expresses their dislike for the way you play doesn't mean that those people we all know and love will stop rolling in ^-^ Most people don't make decisions based off of what one person thinks unless it is someone of significant credibility, so you have nothing to worry about :)
  9. tl;dr do whatever the fuck you want

    I mean, be mindful of being a cock to people, or else you'll get a reputation (hahaha). But honestly, this is your time. This is your creativity. And, in an interesting extension, a certain amount of your love. You don't have to give it to just any ol' RP partner or RP group. If you don't want to RP with them, for whatever your reasons, it's your prerogative to say "Aite, I'm bouncin'."

    If you haven't already clued in, it's like being in a relationship. You're allowed to be (in this case, RP) with who you want for whatever your reasons. If they can't measure up, why be stuck?
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