Am I alone in this?

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I have found I respond better ti negative than positive reinforcement. Hell, I get a kick when someone yells at me to do something or tell me they're dissapointed I havn't done stuff I should have.

Could it possibly be Positive people respond to positive reinforcement and negative to negative?

Just a random though.
That IS an interesting thought. Some people do handle one better over the other... >>

It depends for me on the situation. When it's "life problems" I need positive reinforcement and encouragement cause I'll get emo and bitter and angry. e.e; But like, when I need to get chores done, or work done, scaring me a bit works better... c____c;
Actually, I'm quite the opposite. Give me negative reinforcement, and I tend to react negatively, up to and including telling you to go screw yourself in much stronger terms. Positive reinforcement makes me want to do it again, do it better, ect. I do respond well to criticism, but only when not presented in a "hurr durr this sucks" manner.

Of course, if I really fucked up, then I totally deserve it, but that's another story.
An appropriate amount of positive reinforcement usually works for me. Like if the amount of money rewarded is believable then I'd be all over doing an activity.

Also the nice comments I get every month plus a chance to work with my crew keeps me going for the Newsletter. So yeah positive reinforcement is mine.
Yep. I like positive reinforcement. Compliments are always nice, but my main motivation is just knowing I managed to help someone out. Negative comments tend to make me sad or a bit annoyed, and I spend more time arguing against them than working.
I don't really know on this one. I'm not really in favor of either one. For some reason, possitive reinforcement makes me think of the person praising me as an idiot. I have a kind of low self esteem and am often my own worst critic. It seems only when I'm criticized that I really push myself.

On the other hand, when someone gives me negative critism I usually regard that person as just being a jackass, until theypoint out something that I realize is wrong, too. I usually strive to prove someone wrong when they insult my work.

I think it really depends on the situation with me.
Depends on the sitch.

Kinda like how Diana said.
Negative criticism works on me because it gets stuck in mt craw and makes me want to prove the critic wrong. Praise makes me think.. "Ok they're happy I can stop now."
That kind of thinking only works when you think their opinion is more important than yours. I'm just lucky that the worst critism I get is from myself. It kind of strives me to prove that I can do better. You know, when I'm not feeling lethargic and lazy.
Not I. Negative reinforcement shatters my fragile little self-esteem if applied too heavily. My best motivation is love and praise from the person I'm doing the task for.
Well, personally if I'm being told positive reinforcement I just think that person's being a faggot.

I prefer if people tell me shit like "MAN THE FUCK UP, BITCH, FIX YOUR SHIT." and I do it, but then again, that's how we do it here, we fix our shit so we don't have someone calling us out on not fixing it.
I don't really respond to either because I'm off in my own little autistic world~