Am I alone in this?

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  1. morning ^^
  2. "Yes gorgeous."
  3. Mason X Ilona = Wandering Hearts (open)
  4. "I wish I could have been here."
  5. Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? :)
  6. Woop this group is so quiet... we should make a discord chat maybe?
  7. Otto White
    Interaction: Tyler and Daisuke
    Mention: Christian and Cal

    "Two things." Otto spoke to both Tyler and Daisuke as he rode as a passenger on the daemon's back. "Daisuke save the dick measuring contest with Tyler's brother until I'm either dead or not dying because I swear to whatever god that may or may not exist if I gotta hear this bullshit from both you and him...." His words dropped off, he wasn't mad at Daisuke or Christian but bleeding out and having to hear or rather see tension between two people. " both might want to go back up and look for a medkit...I'm getting cold and everything is starting to get fuzzy and long it takes to get this bleeding to stop is going to have a direct effect if I die down here or not." He spoke to both of them, he was...being brutally honest about the situation. "Also if either of you see, run fast and far whether you have a medkit for me or not." Otto spoke as he dropped himself off of Daisuke's back as they got down the stairs. "Now go, the flames are helping slow the bleeding but my control over it is slipping." He informed them as he found a wall to lean against.
  8. Harmony glare at him, "What did you say?!"
  9. "That wasn't what you said earlier."
  10. Not I. Negative reinforcement shatters my fragile little self-esteem if applied too heavily. My best motivation is love and praise from the person I'm doing the task for.
  11. Well, personally if I'm being told positive reinforcement I just think that person's being a faggot.

    I prefer if people tell me shit like "MAN THE FUCK UP, BITCH, FIX YOUR SHIT." and I do it, but then again, that's how we do it here, we fix our shit so we don't have someone calling us out on not fixing it.
  12. I don't really respond to either because I'm off in my own little autistic world~