Alyss's Mirror

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Alyss walked slowly down the street, not paying much attention to anything but the songs playing in her ears. She lifted her hand and looked at her Zune. She pushed a button and the opening notes of "White Rabbit" started playing. A small smile appeared on Alyss's face as she put the played back in her pocket. She reached into her purse and pulled out a small bottle and popped it open. A small pill dropped out and she stuck it in her mouth and swallowed. She placed the bottle back in her purse and continued on her way back to her apartment. Once she turned the key in the lock she could feel the soothing effects of the anxiety pill overcome her. She walked in and up the stairs.


Alyss sat down in her front room, watching a little TV before bed. Her eyelids starting fluttering so, she quickly decided that she should head off the bed. She switched off the TV and walked into her bathroom to get ready. As she looked in the mirror, she noticed a door in it that wasn't there before. Alyss looked behind her and it wasn't there. She looked back at the mirror and it was still there. Curious, she touched the door. All of a sudden her finger went though and felt a pull...


Alyss woke up in the middle of a field, her head spinning. "What the..." She sat up and saw her hair fly in front of her. Her eyes widened. Her hair was blue, bright blue. And...What was she wearing? She stood up and brushed herself off. Alyss looked around. To her left, a forest, and in front of her, a cobblestone path. 'The path is probably safer...' she thought, walking toward it. 'Maybe I can find someone that knows what's going on...'


After walking for what seemed like hours, Alyss stopped in front of some kind of fortress. It seemed to be inhabited so, she headed toward it. As she was coming up toward the door, a rabbit looking thing run past her, rambling on about being late. Alyss raised an eyebrow and watched the rabbit go. She started following the rabbit, instinctively getting distracted. She ran after it, eventually catching up to it.
"Hey..." She ran next to it, kinda short of breath. It stopped suddenly, looking at her oddly, and Alyss kept running a bit before stopping. "Uh...yeah. What is this place?" she asked, doubled over and gasping for breath.
"Get down!" The rabbit jumped on her and held her down as a deck of razor cards flew over their heads. She looked up and saw that she seemed to be in the middle of a fight. Cards were flying overhead and odd, multicolored horses running around her.
"What the frak is going on around here?" She yelled, over the fighting.
"Come with me," The rabbit said, grabbing Alyss's hand and crouching under the fire. Alyss followed the rabbit, still trying to figure out what was going on. Was that an anxiety pill she took? It had to be...She was sure she didn't pack THOSE pills today. In any case, this was going to be an adventure...
Inside the fortress the hallways were quiet, except for the occasional guards running back and forth with supplies. It did not cross their minds that this small rodent they were seeing was in fact part of their enemy's brigade. The small dormouse maneuvered inch by inch around feet, armor, and small cracks in the walls. His final destination, a room with what looked to be a reactor and steam fogging the room. "This must be it." The boy said coming out of his brown furry mouse form. He was only slightly taller than the knob on the door next to him which reflected his silver hair and hat. Finding the controls in this mess was pretty easy work compared to working around the obstacles. "Just flick this switch, and operate this lever.." He instructed himself while the machine reacted. "…and now it should be critical." As soon as he flicked the final switch the door burst open and several soldiers cocked their weapons. Each of them had a number on them with a symbol similar to the hearts in a deck of cards.
"Freeze kid!" The lowest number out of the suit said. He was only number five but the child was still at the disadvantage. He was sweating bullets and it was not from the warm steam in the room.

"Back off!"

[nomedia=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

From down the hallway a young lady was walking up to the guards. As soon as they turned to fire at her she let her guns strapped to her waist go. Candy lodged itself into the wounds and started to spread its poison throughout their bodies. Several immediately fell unconscious as others simply began to cry. Her ears perked up as she turned around. Another unit was on her. She ran for the control room and met up with the boy. "You set the controls Dormouse?"
"Set and ready to blow Miss Hare." She nodded and took the boy by the hand.
"We got another unit coming after us. We need to form a quick escape." The Hare looked out the door again as a sharp card flew right past her ear. She ducked back into the room to check for damage. "Almost clipped my ear." Picking up a small vial attached to her waist The Hare told Dormouse about the plan. "Careful not to breath this stuff in. I do not want you falling asleep on me." After her partner had acknowledged the warning she tossed the fragile container against the wall. The liquid inside instantly turned to a gas that started to knock out the second group of cards. She tugged on the child running down the opposite end of the hallway. The stone on the wall flashed by them as they approached a three hallway intersection. They took the path to the right only to skid to a stop.
"There they are get them!" The lead card yelled.
"Come on this way." The Hare tugged on the kids sleeve again making a run for it down the other path. To their horror the path was a dead end. There were no other hallways and they were quickly approaching a window. "Prepare for a bumpy ride." She said, the kid transformed back into a dormouse and climbed into her pocket. She put her right elbow forward and broke through the glass falling down through a couple trees as the branches snapped slowing their descent slightly. The small rodent climbed out of her pocket and returned to normal.

"Miss Hare you alright?" He asked hoping he did not have to meet up with the others alone. She tried to get up but she fell back down. "Errrr, I think I twisted leg on one of them branches. You get back to camp, I will meet up with you there."
"But Miss Hare, I cannot leave you here."
"Still just as childish." She sighed knowing that once he set his mind to something he would not change it. As she thought they could hear the voices of the cards up top.
"Where did they go?"
"Try and find them."
"Sir, we have to evacuate this floor, we have only thirty seconds until the enhancer explodes!"
"When that thing blows, I will hide in the bushes and you go find help." Her suggestion seemed to satisfy the boy as he nodded and turned his sights on the window. There was building tension as they waited until finally, boom, the machine they had sabotaged exploded causing a massive fire ball to spurt out of the window and shot bits of brick everywhere. The Hare slid over into some bushes as Dormouse took off through the woods.
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"Oh dear me why we are late." the white rabbit said at he moved through the warzone.... "Mind your head.." he pulled on Alyss' arm as a chunk of masonry thrown by a small explosion flew through the air where her head had been. "Through here is you please..." he pulled out a gold watch and looked at it as they walked through a pair of large wooden doors. Which where closed behind them by several soldiers and barricaded.

"Mr. Rabbit Sir!" one on then said, he had a two large red diamonds on his uniform. "We have them held back and are ready......"

"No time, no time... we have a guest... please we're in I bit of a hurry."

The soldier saluted and stood aside while the rabbit moved past the make-shift fortifications..... "This way please.." he gestured for Alyss to follow... "Oh quite rude of me... I am White Rabbit... I didn't get your name... but with the state of affairs as they are outside...." he rolled his eyes... "And the hatter and everything I'm afraid we're harder pressed than usual... "

The sounds of battle faded behind them... "Now could you please tell me your name so that I may announce you."
Song of Setting: Aerodynamic (by Daft Punk)

Damned miscreants... he thought, as he raced down the hallways of the fortress in his Spade Skates, knocking people over with streams of cursing and lamentation following him as he did, for which he could care less. Shouldn't be in my way, as far as he was concerned. It didn't help that he was moving rather fast, leaving dust in his wake. All he heard was that an intruder had infiltrated and sabotaged a enhancer reactor, causing it to explode. This had made him especially irritable, having interrupted his down time from patrolling these sectors. That, and the fact he had little information, due to some sleep mishaps by the infiltrators. He growled as he checked a rather aging old woman, blocking his way, as he heard a sickening crack as he performed the brutal action, but he did not stop for a second...

Song: On The Run- The Seatbelts

He skated down one more hallway, a three way fork, as he turned down one, where the cards he commanded were looking very lazily around this one single hall, and nowhere else...
"You imbeciles!" he roared, his voice cutting like a whip through the air, making the cards gasp and yelp, getting to attention immediately. "What will looking in one corridor accomplish? If you'd have even half a brain split among you 40 or so cards, then you would see the window broken at the end of the OTHER hall!" he yelled, seeing the fear and cowering in their eyes. He left them, to go to where he mentioned, looking out the shattered window, seeing the limbs and ground disrupted, wind haven't even blown the leaves over it, meaning...
"They just went through here..." he muttered, conjuring a few spades to shatter the rest of the window, at the behest of a few nobles, complaining of the noise, as he skated down the path, landing in a clearing, the forest in one direction, and a few brushes around the area.
He calmly stepped around, looking for any signs of the enemies, keeping his senses keen. He stopped, in the middle of the clearing, not far from some bushes, and looked and turned about in place...
One way to make sure... he thought, as he pulled his body in, feeling Imagination coursing through him, as he drew his body inward towards his waist...
"HA!" he yelled, showering dozens of razor sharp spades in every direction, through trees, cutting branches, flying into bushes and embedding in a hillside. He then keep his ears wide open for any sound of edge slicing flesh...
"Uh...Alyss. Alyss Banzer," She said, still very confused. White Rabbit? What kind of name is that? And..."Er, Mr. Rabbit, sir?"
"Yes, yes! What is is? be quick about it!" He replied, scrambling to get the door open.
"Who is this 'Hatter' guy?" Alyss asked. Rabbit paused what he was doing and turned to face her.
"You don't know who The Hatter is?" He said, shocked.
"Uh...No. I don't really know much about this place..." She said, still rather confused about all of this. Was she in Oz or something? She didn't see any munchkins. Was there going to be a Wicked Witch and flying monkeys? She wouldn't be surprised at ANYTHING right now.

"TOPSY TURVEY, TURVEY TOPSY! EH-HEHEHE!" Charloooooote Charlooooote, la da di that's me me me!" The multicolored spaz of a cat was laying on her back pawing at the air. "Wait for the boom, wait for the boom! We must wait for the BOOOOOOOM!" She reached into her mind, going still, trying to remember what she was supposed to do at the 'big boom.' No luck, she was empty…save the bright pretty colors swirling about in her mind. "OOOOH PRETTY COLORS!" What can we say, Charlotte is a special one. The small patch of grass dented nicely with her rolling about was abandoned as she stood. She whipped about towards her tail to try and look at the note attached to the end of it. Of course she couldn't read it so she started walking towards her tail, ending up running about after it. "CATCH A TAIL! CATCH A TAIL!"

She was laughing madly between increased breaths when the tail was finally caught and the muffled boom echoed from inside. Charlotte hummed a spastic song as she let go of her tail at the boom, her head bobbing. She was still humming when she ate the small treat, her ears twitching as it took effect almost immediately. Never give charlotte candy, this was almost a rule with the rebellion. But then…she had been told that it was ok this time, that much she remembered!! The grinning cat was off with a shot, running towards the wall then UP IT! Charlotte spun through her recent dreams, picking a crowd of one foot high gorillas to throw into a window as she sped past it. The confused primates blinked at being thrown through a loo window but quickly went after a straining card. Poor guy was having a bad day. Charlotte just kept running along the wall, tossing dream creatures into random windows, eventually drawing a good amount of attention to herself.

"WAFFLES! JUST LIKE MAMA USED TO MAKE THEM!" The last dream piece was thrown before she hopped into the window behind them. The buttery, syrup drenched mutant waffles just blinked and fell face forward.


"MRWORRRRR!" Her hair stood on end and she looked like a giant poof ball, shaking and quivering as she stood there, with her claws dug into the floor. This was a kitty cannon in the works!
"This my dear Alyss, is …. welll this is the world.... we call it wonderland, not sure why, please excuse the mess, he seem to have unannounced quests. Its a good thing I got to you when I did."

A large muffles explosion shook the corridor and the rabbit steadied himself. "The hatter is the leader of those troublemakers.. quite mad you know, and now.." he pulled Alyss forward into another room and blew on a small golden trumpet. "Announcing Alyss Banzer your royal highness." he bows and indicated Alyss should do the same.
Tea slowly poured into a cup, the tea streaming down from the air, as a quite peculiar man poured the tea from a teapot, which was being quite skillfully poured from his feet. The man himself looked bored, rather disinterested at all the inaction around the base. He did hear of The Dourmouse and The Hare pulling off a successful sabotage a Crown controlled enhancer, but they were far, far away, too far for even the explosion to be heard, so it gave him no respite to the thick boredom in the air...
He seemed very lazy, and lethargic, just waiting for something to happen in or even close to the base to go see. He remembered the fantastic parades, the Inventor's Parade, the Grand Parade, all of these fantastic shows he used to see as a boy, under the rule of the Queen of Diamonds, Imagination rest her soul. He dropped the teapot, having not payed attention, and it shattered onto the teacup, making warm tea splash every which way, making him jump only a bit, as a smile slowly curled around his thin lips...

Theme Song: To Our Surprise- Kingdom Hearts II

Here was the same man, dancing about, throwing tea and pots all around the room, that was so lazy and sleepy before, laughing his head off, as the cacophony of crashing and splashing filled the room.
"Haha!" he exclaimed, throwing a spectacular pot through a window, the pot sailing high into the air. He loved making things interesting, of course, whenever he felt like it. He used to do this when he was a teenager, with a good friend of his, nearly as mad as he. She was fun to be with. He simply continued his onslaught of chinaware, the pots continually coming, as he hurled them about, laughing all the way.
The Rabbit and Alyss walked in to find ... the throne was empty! But they weren't alone! There was someone whispering somewhere close by. The words were almost unrecognizable except for pieces of it here and there.

"Oohh ... I wonder who it could be ... I didn't expect any guests, did you? No, no, of course not ... Maybe if I'm quiet they'll go away and leave me alone. But no, I tried that with those other guys and then they ended up dragging him out of here. Oh, what a mess. What a very bad mess."
The leaves parted quickly as Dormouse took off through the woods. Eventually he had found a clearing as well as the main entrance to the fortress. The initial raid group consisted of at least thirty five people and there were about five in the infiltration. He morphed back into his animal form and took off across the grounds. He was closing on the door that had been left open. About two meters away from victory and a shoe got in his way. He squeaked and backed off.
"Look what we got here brother." The one in front of Dormouse said.
"Put that down, we are here to see the Prince's Mother." Dormouse looked into the eyes of his oppressors. They were exactly alike, two young orange haired boys whose only difference was the name printed on their shirts. One for Tweedle Dee and one for Tweedle Dum, the infamous duo hired as mercenaries for large rebellious areas.
"But it looks so cute I want to keep him."
"Drop it before I make you lose a limb." They bantered back and forth. The only thing Dormouse could do was act like the best rodent possible. He crawled up along the arm of Tweedle Dee and rested on top of his head.
"See he likes me."
"Let's just go Dee." They entered the fortress and Dormouse decided to take his chances with them.

[nomedia=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia] (Fade Out 1:25-1:30)

There was a shift in the nearby grass, someone was looking for her. The Hare lay back quietly in the bushes as she waited and listened to what happened on the other side of the bush. 'Right there!' Her mind screamed as she took a second to duck by a few inches. The sound she heard was kind of like a crackling of lightning and because of her awareness, she was able to dodge one of the spikes shot out. Her ears parted around the tree behind her with the dagger like object still stuck in the trunk. She stayed as quiet as possible, hoping either that he would go away or Dormouse would get some help.
Dormouse was having his own troubles inside the castle as he was now stuck with two people that could probably kill him if they found out who he was. They entered the throne room of the fortress where the Queen of Hearts would normally address anyone stationed at this particular outpost. Lucky for him, the Queen was not there and there was only the White Rabbit and a girl with blue hair.
"Where is the queen? Is she here?"
"Is she far or is she near?" The brothers went on rhyming.

While they continued on with their chatter, the Dormouse took a moment to look at Alyss. He did not recognize her from any of the battles or infiltrations and he was well informed. This was yet another big break for the little mouse. Scampering off across the ground he crawled up on her hoping to take refuge from all these Crown mercenaries.
Theme Song: SAWA- Twister (The World Ends With You OST)

Blackjack instantly caught the sound of extra leaves rustling in a bush, and grinned widely, curling into a cruel smile, with ill intentions behind them. He stood upright, and behind him, he looked at the suspect bush. He slowly walked towards the said moving bush, his hand flat palmed at the bush, as he fired a handful of spades at the bush, in an intentional spade shape, the spades swishing and slicing the air, hopefully hitting the sought-after target.
The footsteps got closer. The tension built, until she heard the same crackle again. The blast of spades did not come long after that giving The Hare only a split second to dodge. None of the spades hit her, but the threat was not quite gone. She had leaped out of the bushes and straight into open sight cradling her ankle. Her face was filled with the agony of the drop and the fear of her new friend, one she easily recognized from the guards, the captain of the Spades and one of the most lethal. Not many knew, but spades symbolized death and Molly hoped to high heaven that it would not play out that way for her. She forced herself up and grabbed hold of her pistols. "If it is a fight you want, then I'll let you have it." 'And I dearly hope Dormouse gets back before it ends.' She thought to herself.
Blackjack cackled, seeing the rather stunning bunny girl spring from the bush, out to the middle of the field. And, much to his own amusement, she was injured, eyeing the hurt ankle, with a sick enjoyment. And, against his better judgment, he checked her out, her rather lithe, petite form pleasing to the eye. He snapped free of her rather entrancing body, and his eyes fell to her pistols. Rather small, but two of them, as she held them up, pointed at Blackjack.
"If it is a fight you want, then I'll let you have it." he listened to her threaten, and he barked at the prospect of such an injured and seemingly harmless girl harming him.
"If you value your life, you'll surrender, and you'll only hurt for the rest of your wonderful time alive, which will be short, hopefully for you. Unless, you wish me to prolong it, and make you beg at my feet for death." he offered, his skates beginning to spin
rapidly, preparing himself for a rather brutal and quick execution, seeing as she looked like she wouldn't back down.
Her glaringly obvious injury had built up her opponent's confidence, not to mention his delight of this fight. She was now certainly in a tight spot, she could barely dodge anything he would throw at her and with that she could not run away. It was a fight to the death and the idea of it chilled her soul. She took the first strike, intentionally trying to miss. A piece of candy shot out at a high velocity and just to prove his speed Blackjack caught it and showed it off before throwing a spade at her. She ducked putting pressure on her foot making her cringe. Instead of popping back up like she planned she fell over on the ground. She opened her eyes to see the world up side down and also some hope. There in front of her was a sharp down slope on the hill they were on. She could more than likely roll down that if she lost her balance and gain some headway. It was her only chance right now and she aimed for it. Quickly she flipped over with her stomach on the ground and took aim. With her good foot she leaped for the hill taking off down it in a tumble. She risked some more serious injuries as her limbs started to collide with trees and larger rocks that protruded from the hillside. Felt like she was rolling forever until fifteen seconds after her jump she landed. To add to the ankle she was now dizzy as ever. There was no time to wait and getting up was her primary concern. The shock was now just a numbing pain as she ran off through the woods. With things spinning she kept falling over in the leaves. There was the sound of gun fire from a few AD-52's as she rapidly approached the edge of the small patch of wood. "Comrades? Or enemies?" she asked herself out loud. It was worth taking a peak. She had no idea how far behind or how close Blackjack was but at this point it did not matter.
Blackjack fired a few spades at her face on the ground, but she sprang free at just the right time, the spades hitting ground. He snarled, the slope giving her a way to escape, as she tumbled down, hitting every branch on the escape tree. His spade skates spinned, and he rocketed down after the rolling bunny girl, dust in his wake, but she was too far ahead for now, as she stopped and began to ran through the woods. He stopped, as he was tired from getting here from the castle, and he began to fire dozens of spades endlessly after the girl. Branches and a few small trees, fell down, trying to impede her path. He chased after her, as she ran away farther, seeing a few spades embed in her shoulder and arm, crying out in pain. He grinned, stopping, and letting her escape intentionally. "We shall meet again, bunny... You can bet on it." he muttered, looking at the blood trail she left from her wounds, smiling.
The rabbit walked into the center of the throne room, "Your highness, may I present Alyss." he bowed low motioning Alyss to follow. "She has just arrived from..." he made a jabbing motion upwards, "Hurry up dear girl you don't want to keep her majesty waiting."

El Jackonine Was leaning against the wall near the throne. "You 'ighness we ave company." he pushed off and looked over at Alyss. "She iz 'uman and ze rabbit ;aze brought 'er 'ere." he checked his pistol and slipped it into his holster. "and so ze maiden 'az arived."
Demerias blinked and looked over at El Jackonine. Where had he come from? But she wasn't panicking and he looked familiar ... so he must be a friend. She bit her lip and looked unsure of herself. "But I don't want any visitors ... No, not at all. I mean um ... You're okay and the um, the Rabbit is okay, too. But I don't. I'm really bad at entertaining."

Then she had an idea! "Can you tell them to go away, please? The last time I had visitors ... It didn't end well. I think you were there? I can't really remember. But then someone came and I ... And he ... And they had to um, drag him out of here. Oh dear."
"Ground control to major…WAFFLE! WAFFLE! WAFFLE!" With each shout of the word waffle, a few claws pried themselves from the floor. "Mrrrr-haHAhaHAha-ROWRR!" Charlotte was off, tearing down the hallway..even spiraling along the walls as she went. Who needed to be quiet when they could be loud and get themselves caught! After all, we remember the note now don't we? (Even if she doesn't remember what she was here for) Only problem was that she was heading towards a dead end, not her goal. The cat couldn't slow herself in time as she rounded the corner and slapped right into the wall, bouncing a good many feet away.

Twitch, twitch….spaz. Charlotte was on her back, a goofy lopsided grin on her face as she pawed at the air. "Oh do you know..the waffle man..the waffle man…the waffle man." Charlotte hissed as she accidentally droped another mutant waffle out from a past dream, it fell right on top of her. She looked absolutely defeated when she finally muscled her way out from under the giant waffle. Now, at least, she was calmer. Though each step she took her paw stuck to the floor and made a funny 'splerch' sound as she pried it up to make the next step. She was on her way again! …slowly.
"Uh..." Alyss still was confused about where she was and where it was in relation to Illinois...or the United States for that matter. The rabbit nudged her again and she said the first thing that came to her mind.
"Chicago. I'm from Chicago," She replied.

"Miss Alyss, from the land of Chii-ca-goo!" The rabbit bowed and she bowed as well, following custom. She suddenly felt a tickling feeling, up her arm. She looked over and noticed a little mouse crawling up her arm. She was about to scream when he put his little paw up to his muzzle, as if asking her to be quiet. Alyss blinked a few times and stood up. This place just kept getting weirder and weirder.

A pair of twins stepped into the throne room, intent on finding out where the Queen was. Alyss couldn't seem to get her eyes off them. They were just so...Pretty. Did they make people like that where she was from? Maybe Fabio, but he's like...50 now. A little bite on her shoulder brought her back to reality.
"Ow!" She whispered, glaring at the tiny mammal on her shoulder. It seemed to be scowling at her. What did a mouse know? She could oggle at whomever she wanted. She stuck her tounge out at the mouse, then realized what she was doing. Was she really arguing with a MOUSE?
The knave bowed low to his queen "Az your majesty pleazes. I vil tell zem to leave." He walked up to Alyss. "'er majesty iz busst with matters of state and wishez fr you to come again when it iz next convenient." he looked at the rabbit. "I believe her highness wanted to talk to talk to you,\. I'll escort out guest to ze..." he dropped his voice to a whisper so that Alyss couldn't hear "Work camp...?"

"Yes yes... thats where we need her most." The white rabbit nodded quickly.

"This way if you please Alyzz" he motioned for her to go ahead out a side door and once they where out of the throne room the said just above a whisper. 'And if you try anyzing mister doormouz pleaze don't it you be most unfortunate if we were to get lost." He lifter a tapestry and kicked a stone near the froor and a passage slid open. "Thiz way pleaze Alyzz."

Back in the throneroom The white rabbit hopped up the queen. 'Any orbers you majesty?"