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Alyss's Mirror OOC

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PattyPixie, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Previously, a prosperous land with the Queen of Diamonds in power. The economy flowed smoothly with a steady flow of Crystal from the mines. Wonderlanders praised the throne and lived happily for several years.

    A freak imagination accident happened with the queen and her sister, the Queen of Hearts, had to take up the throne. Most wonderlanders didn't worry. How different could she be from her sister? The transition went smoothly...for a couple years.


    Sooner than later, the Queen of Hearts started exploiting the mines for as much Crystal of possible, draining the mines in a matter of months. The economy started going downhill, causing gangs and violence in the Queendom.

    Anyone that spoke out against the throne got thrown into prison. Soon, an underground movement started as a revolution against the current queen. At the head of the movement, codename: The Hatter.


    In the other world, Alyss Banzer sat in her front room, watching a little TV before bed. Her eyelids starting fluttering so, she quickly decided that she should head off the bed. She switched off the TV and walked into her bathroom to get ready. As she looked in the mirror, she noticed a door in it that wasn't there before. Alyss looked behind her and it wasn't there. She looked back at the mirror and it was still there. Curious, she touched the door. All of a sudden her finger went though and felt a pull...
  2. Hello all!!!
    Thanks for showing interest!

    I've always had a fascination with Alice in Wonderland, since I was a little girl. I was even cast as Alice in my high school's production of it. ^_^ After reading and watching several different versions of the classic story, I thought I'd put a little spin on it myself.

    In this RP, you can choose to be in support of the Crown or the Rebellion. Characters from the book are encouraged along with OCs.
    There are 2 characters, The Hatter and the Queen of Hearts, that I would like to be PCs. HOWEVER, if you wish to be either one of these characters, you will have to PM me a character sheet of YOUR VERSION of the character. If you think you can take on 2-3 characters, then you can totally have your own character AND PM me one or both of the specials. I highly suggest doing this. If you feel you cannot take on 2-3 characters, I will allow you to trash the extra. ^_^ If I choose your version, I will PM you that you will be playing them and I will post the sheet on the thread for you.

    There is a power in Wonderland called 'Imagination'. Some wonderlanders are born with it and the power is honed as they grow older. The full power of their Imagination is reached at age 13. Each wonderlander's Imagination power is different. Many wonderlanders use it to make their lives easier but the power can also be used to fight.

    Weapons in Wonderland are pretty much the same in the real world with the exception of tanks and other large vehicles. One special weapon that is favored in Wonderland is an AD-52. It's similar to an AK-47, but it shoots razor-sharp cards. The ammunition comes in decks of 52. A mini, pistol-like version is also available, called a Hand Shooter.

    I am VERY excited for this RP, and I hope the rest of you are too!!! ^_^
  3. Character Sheet

    Character based off of: (If applicable)
    Apperance: (Picture or Description. Very colorful character preferred.)
    Crown or Rebellion?:
    (You may either use weapons or Imagination. It would be preferred that you didn't use both.)
    Brief Bio:
  4. Character Sheet

    Name: Molly Harison “The Hare”

    Character based off of: The Hare

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler
    [align=center] [​IMG][/align]

    Crown or Rebellion?: Rebellion

    Weapons/Powers: Double 00’s (2) (Weapon) – Wields two pistols that shoot out what looks to be candy. The candy itself has a variable effect that subdues the opponent. The most common effects are falling asleep and mentally regressing to a child for thirty minutes.

    Aroma Bottles (Weapon) – She wears on her waist a set of vials that she dips the candy into.

    Personality: She may at first glance seem happy go lucky but she believes in the old order and protecting her rights.

    Brief Bio: She used to be an innocent girl until the Queen of Hearts had her way. Once the new regime took over she was going to be hunted down and prosecuted for being too cute. She managed to slip away from the Crown and ended up in the hands of a loving rebellion. From there she turned hostile toward the Crown and accepted her new family. Her latest habit has been enjoying tea with numerous members of the Rebellion.
  5. "Daddy would never do that to us."
  6. Name: Alyss Banzer

    Character based off of: Alice

    Gender: Female

    In the Real World:
    Show Spoiler

    In Wonderland:
    Show Spoiler

    Crown or Rebellion?: Rebellion

    Weapons/Powers: N/A

    Personality: A pretty outgoing and happy person. Kinda disappointed with her life. Is always looking for a new adventure.

    Brief Bio: Alyss currently goes to Columbia college in Chicago. She is studying to be in radio communications. She ended up doing this because she wasn't able to get the grades to be a Marine Biologist. Radio was her backup.
    Alyss works at a local New Age retail store and as a welcoming gift, the owner gave Alyss a mirror. She put it up in her bathroom and didn't think much of it. Until now....
  7. Name: Charlotte Tabitha B. Cat

    Character based off of: Cheshire cat

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: ….umm pic later

    Crown or Rebellion?: Rebellion.

    Weapons/Powers: Imagination!
    She can pull things from past dreams out into the world about her, only thing is she has to remember them! With her bad memory this is hard.

    Personality: Random! A short attention span and a even shorter memory, those who have known her the longest tend to have a great deal of patience. Chatterbox! She doesn’t care who you are or what you are…she will chat your ears off!…..Even if ‘you’ happens to be a inanimate object. Obsessive! She likes things to be in order and overall is a very sweet mannered individual. Hyperactive! God, watch out if charlotte eats sugar though. If she does she bounces off the walls…literally.

    Brief Bio: When her parents were caught spying on the Queen she had them put to death. This is probably why and when she became unhinged and extremely forgetful, retreating to her dream world when she could. Also after the death of her parents she has been stuck in her cat form, unable to switch to her human form. Unknown to Charlotte, her parents were in the rebellion from its early stages.
    Orphaned, she wandered about Wonderland till she was tracked down and taken in by the rebellion. The young one welcomed the new ‘family’, doing anything and everything she could to please them.
  8. I call the Hatter, and the Card's Guard Captain. =P Bio tommorrow, when I can actually keep my eyelids up. xD
  9. Can't CALL the Hatter, sweet thing.
    But I'll expect a bio. ^_^
  10. Yeah Red, because you are competing with me for Hatter. But I intentionally left out mention of The Hare's and Dormouse's relations to The Hatter just in case I don't get that part.
  11. "What's wrong with daddy's eating habit? Daddy makes delicious food." Melissa said innocently.

    Kunari glare at Melissa, "..."
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  13. Alyss going to fall into the loving hands of the white rabbit to start off with?
  14. Name: Fiori Rinaldo, aka the Jester
    Character based off of:
    Gender: Unsure
    Show Spoiler


    Show Spoiler


    Crown or Rebellion?: Crown
    Jester is a lethal assassin, the queen's hidden dagger. Skilled in poisons and stealth, as well as small knives. A comprehensive knowledge of anatomy in concern to Wonderland beings.
    Personality: Light-hearted and teasing, Jester is considered certifiable. Jester takes nothing seriously, not even death, and feel no remorse in the people who die at their hand.
    Brief Bio:
    Fiori is a timeless figure in the Wonderland Court. Jester has been ever-present since the parents of the Queen of Diamonds were children, not seeming to age at all. Jester was reigned in during the rule of the Queen of Diamonds, but now that the Queen of Hearts is in power, Jester is once again allowed a blood bath.

    Jester has the disconcerting habit of switching forms from male to female, so no one is positive the exact gender except perhaps the powerful figures in Wonderland and even then, who can say for sure?

    One major problem with Jester is that Jester hardly kills at will. Jester will take suggestions from the queen, but the killing is almost entirely based on Jester's whims.
  15. Okay. Everyone's characters look GREAT!
    I am really, really excited. ^_^

    Vay, That's an interesting idea...I was originally going to have her fall in the middle of a battle, but I'm going to need to ponder on yours. :3

    For one, We definitely need some more bad guys and NO ONE has applied for the Queen! I could play her if needed, but I have trouble playing two characters and the story would not be as good. (ie. Drama Camp. >_<) So, be a rebel! Be a baddie! ^_^

    Two, I will be ready to put the IC up, possibly this week! It mostly depends on applications. So, if you even had a twinkle of "hmm...Maybe I'll try for The Hatter/Queen...", DO IT! XD
  16. Name: Kesim Chapillier
    Character based off of: Caterpillar
    Gender: Male
    Show Spoiler


    Crown or Rebellion?: Rebellion
    Weapons/Powers: Kesim is a master dualist and swordsman trained in the elegant, flowing style. He walks with a cane that conceals his sword and the hilt is emblazoned with engraved butterflies and rubies accented by topaz.
    Personality: Thoughtful and sleepy seeming, Kesim isn't much of a threat at first glance. He can be analytical, but hardly charming, and tends to make people uncomfortable.
    Brief Bio:
    Kesim has spent most of his life living in the gardens of Wonderland and smoking hookah. Kesim has always dreamed of becoming a butterfly, and he gets quite angry if anyone teases him for his slight frame.
    Kesim was visited by the Queen of Diamonds during her reign and she convinced him to go into the business of selling, which made him wealthy. The Queen of Hearts almost instantly ruined his business and made him poor and unable to support himself and make a profit. Bitter, Kesim turned to the Rebellion in hopes of restoring his business.
  17. "It's suddenly so quiet."
  18. "She's quite vocal in our home."
  19. "What do you mean?"
  20. Kunari raise an eyebrow at Lucius, "He's a masochist. He lets me hurt him. It never taught him to behave."