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  1. Hello loves, it's Rin xx

    I would like some long time partners that don't mind my random babble from time to time.
    I do write from 1-4 paragraphs and can go longer.
    I have several plot ideas I like to throw around but they will not be in this post.
    This post is purely for someone to look around and see if they like my personality.
    I do have a life and at times it can be busy, I will never abandon our story though.

    (Note: As I am a female, I am more fluid and natural as portraying a female character. That being said, I only do MxF or FxF, Or doubling. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. )

    The Genres I like:

    - Horror
    - Romance
    - Smut
    - Adventure
    - Fantasy
    - and more.

    If you would like get to know me more, please send me a PM!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.