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At this moment I'm craving these rps:

*Reunited: MxM.
Plot: Both work in the same building (corporate). My character gets drunk one night and sleeps with yours. He has been resisting falling for your character again (they have a past history. Something like they went out in high school and now they are working in the same building. Of course, my character doesn't know it's you he's working with until you tell him). Your character is still in love with him despite the years that have gone passed. So when they do it the act is consensual, but now my character doesn't know what to do since he had been in love with him since high school.

Note: I want this to be comical but serious, where business is often mixed with pleasure, and where your character often corners mine physically and emotionally in order to get him to admit that he still loves you.
Sidebar: For this rp I want there to be a lot of plot-based sex

High School RP: I just want something subtle and laidback. For this one, MxF where I am the female. The kind of male character I'm looking for is a comical, cocky, flirty, but sweet deep down. My desire is for them to argue and clash a lot, until finally they realize that they have feelings for each other.

What I really want to do: It would be cool if we could each play two different characters in the rp with two different stories. Like, maybe they all work together or attend the same school, are friends, but their stories are different. I actually really want to do that seeing as I haven't done an rp like that in a while.

My requirements:

-At least one paragraph but no more than three
Note: Any more than that and I feel that it will take away from the rp. Of course, it's okay if you get passionate every once in a while. We all do ^^
-No one liners! No three liners either! Please. If there are one liners or three liners I'll get bored quick, and will probably want to end the rp. Embellish a bit. Give me something to reply to. There's a reason why this post is marked intermediate-adept
Something picky about me: I like a lot of content in my rps. I want to know what your character is thinking and why he or she is doing this action. For example, if you write:

He kicked off his shoes and laid down. He stared at the wall. He smiled and fell asleep. He had to be up early in the morning.

See how bland it sounds? I want to know why he is staring at the wall. What is he thinking about? What caused him to smile? Did he see something on the wall that made him smile? Why did he have to be up in the morning?

He kicked off his shoes and laid down on his bed. His eyes landed on the wall as he replayed today's events. He couldn't believe what happened. She accepted his confession! He never thought that would happen in a million years. He smiled; his eyes closed. As much as he wanted to stay up and continue to replay today's events, he needed to get up early tomorrow. He still had to go to school tomorrow after all.

As long as you put an action, and why your character is doing this action, we'll be okay.
-Be able to play at least two+ characters just in case
-Romance is a must. It doesn't have to be the story, but it helps me write.
Note: If you're in my age group: plot based sex. If not: fade to black
-I'm searching for someone who can post at least once every other day
-I don't mind explicit language
- ~>Grammar! <~ No text language
-No slave, chains, abuse (we can talk about), or anything relating to bondage

(Check my resume. I always update it)

Other Stuff:

~~~I like to keep CS short and sweet: Name, Age, Appearance, Species (if fantasy plot) is enough. I really prefer not to do CS. I love to find out information about the character at the same time my character finds out.~~~
~`~ I prefer PM. It's easier for me to manage. However, if you rather use a thread just let me know.
~~Feel free to share any ideas you may have
PM me if serious ^^
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Hey, hey.
I'd be interested in doing the random plotline! It sounds like it could be built around pretty easily and taken in a few different directions. :3
Aaaand I have been wanting to play a suave demon for quite some time now, actually.
Sounds cool :V I can't smut though. Just a warning.
If you haven't found a partner for your first idea I would love to RP it with you. Though I am quite new to this site, I have quite the experience in roleplaying so I hope the number of posts doesn't repel you. :)
If you haven't found a partner for your first idea I would love to RP it with you. Though I am quite new to this site, I have quite the experience in roleplaying so I hope the number of posts doesn't repel you. :)
Sure! PM me
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