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    The only Thing I ask is that you must be able to post a paragraph and don't quit on me.
    I'm open to doing both Yuri and Straight and maybe Yaoi. I'm also open to doing a platonic roleplay with no romance.

    • Hellhounds x anything
    • Pixie x anything
    • Centaur x anything
    • Elf x anything
    • Dark Elf x anything
    • Dark Angel x Anything
    • Demon x Anything
    • Angel x Anything
    • Fairy x Anything
    • Mermaid / Merman x Anything
    • Basilisk x anything
    • Griffin x anything
    • Sphinx x anything
    • Lammasu x anything
    • vampiress x anything
    • werewolf x anything
    • Muse x anything
    • dragon rider x dragon
    • dragon rider x pregnant dragon queen
    • dragon rider x injured dragon / human half breed
    • dragon rider x dragon rider
    • siren x rockband
    • experiment x militairy professional or scientist or other experiment
    • clockwork angel x scientist
    • clockwork princess x demonic prince
    • elemental x elemental
    • anthro x human
    • anthro x anthro
    • anthro x anthro (arranged marriage)
    • older vampire x fledgling
    • vampire slave x human master
    • Phoenix x hunter / huntress
    • Victorian Woman x Werewolf
    • Victorian Woman x Vampire
    • Baron x Baroness
    • Baron x Lady of The Court
    • Baroness x General
    • Geisha x Apprentice Geisha
    • Geisha x Time Traveler
    • Geisha x Samurai
    • Samurai x Forgotten Princess
    • Knight x anyone
    • princess x anyone
    • prince x anyone
    • maid x anyone
    • rogue prince x injured guard from same kingdom
    • master x slave
    • pregnant baroness x slave
    • pregnant baroness x vampire companion (dark romance)
    • Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God
    • Prince x Princess / Maid / Knight
    • Princess x Prince / Maid / Butler / Knight
    • (sickly) princess x vampire healer
    • knight x prince/princess/maid/butler/knight
    • Samurai x General's Daughter
    • Samurai x Female Samurai
    • Samurai x Female General
    • Solider x Captain
    • Solider x Wounded Enemy Captain
    • Solider x Wounded Solider
    • Recruiting Solider x War Hero
    • Princess x Prisoner
    • Pirate x Governor's Daughter
    • Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
    • Mail order bride x husband
    • mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)
    Modern Day
    • Celebrity x Celebrity
    • Celebrity x Manager
    • Well known Celebrity x Unknown Manager
    • bandmembers
    • guitarist x singer
    • guitarist x new lead singer
    • guitarist x siren
    • rival gang member x rival gang member x woman pregnant with
    • member's child (plot triangle)
    • pregnant woman x gang member coming to her rescue
    • pregnant woman from a rival gang x rival gang member's boss
    • gang member x pregnant girlfriend
    • mail order bride x new husband
    • principal's daughter x rebel boy
    • principal's daughter x gang member
    • circus performer x circus performer
    • worn down musician x aspiring musican
    • photographer x model
    • bride x soon to be husband
    • pregnant bride x soon to be husband
    • pregnant bridesmaid x ex boyfriend
    • doctor x anything
    • pregnant woman x anything
    • nurse x anything
    • adoption
    • teacher x student
    • arranged marriage
    • time traveler x lost wife.
    • unplanned pregnancy or unplanned illness
    • hard working dancer x strict teacher
    • Actress x Actress
    • Actress x Retired Actor
    • Therapist x Client
    • Therapist x Therapist
    • Soldier x His/Her Husband/Wife
    • Idol x Rockstar
    • Rockstar x Female Rockstar
    • Female Rockstar x Choreographer
    • Female Rockstar x Long time Friend
    • Rockstar x Band Member
    • Arranged Marriage
    • Boss x Intern
    • Employee x Employee
    • Blind Girl x Blind Date
    • Model x Photographer
    • Ice Skater x Ice Skater
    • Ice Skater x Model
    • Ice Skater x Manager
    • Fashion Designer x Model.
    • Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
    • Malifa Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
    • Bride to be x Pregnant Maid of Honor
    • Pregnant Bride x Soon to be Husband.
    • Cosplayer x Magical Anime Girl come to life
    • Loan shark/Victim
    • Rival Mafia's kids
    • Photographer x Bride
    • Photographer x Pregnant Model
Experiment X Scientist
    • College Student x Professor
    • Boarding School Roommates
    • Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    • Student x Teacher
    • Psychiatrist x Patient
    • Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend
    • Rock star x Old Friend/Fan/Groupie
    • Boss x Secretary
    • Master x Slave
    • possessive boyfriend x Daddy's girl
    • possesive girlfriend x step brother
    • Sick woman or boy/nurse/visitor/doctor
    • Sick boy or girl at home/best friend
    • Bartender/customer/dancer
    • Orphan x Murderer
    • Spoiled Girl x Hardworking Boy
    • Jealous Boyfriend x Engaged Girl x Best Friend
    • Princess in line to the throne x Best Friend
    • Street orphan x police officer
    • Made-Up Celeb x old friend
    • Dancer x Soldier
    • Spoiled Rich Tyrant x Debt Collector
    • Village Sacrifice x Vengeful God/Demon
    • Gypsy x Demon
    • Actor x Stuntman
    • Egypthian God x Priestess
    • Pirate x Governor's Daughter
    • Blackmailer/Victim
    • Best friend/Best friend
    • Sworn enemies
    • Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
    • Mail order bride x husband
    • mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)
    • Circus Performer x Circus attendee
    • Pirate x Captive (possibly royalty?)
    • druggie x druggie
    • alcoholic x alcoholic
    • dying x friend
    • recovering from something x friend
    • street fighter x street fighter
    • drug dealer x addict
    • doctor x nurse
    • doctor x patient
    • therapist x patient
    • physical therapist x patient
    • newly physically ill x friend
    • Husband x Wife (Marriage of Convenience, Arranged Marriage, Marriage
    • Contract)

    ✖ Hunger Games
    [Peeta/OC || OC/OC]
    ✖ Dragon Age Inquistion
    [Cullen/OC || Dorian/OC || Solas/OC]
    ✖ Dragon Age 2
    [Fenris/OC || Anders/OC || Hawke/OC]
    ✖ Dragon Age Origins
    [Alistair/OC || Morrigan/OC || Callian/OC]
    ✖ Final Fantasy VII
    [Cloud/OC || Zack/OC || Reno/OC]
    ✖ Final Fantasy X
    [Yuna/OC || Rikku/OC || [Seymour/OC || Paine/OC || Auron/OC]
    ✖Final Fantasy XIII
    [Hope/OC || Vanille/OC || [Fang/OC || Lightning//OC || Noel/OC || Caius//OC || Snow/OC]
    ✖ Kingdom Hearts
    [Leon//OC || Sora/OC || Riku/OC

    ✖ The Devil Wears Pirada
    Oc x Oc
    ✖ Doctor Who
    Tenth Doctor x Assistant / Eleventh Doctor x Assistant / Human Version of the Tardis x The Doctor / Discorded Doctor x Assistant
    ✖ Aikatsu
    Ran x OC / Yurika x OC / Mizuki x OC / Akari x OC
    ✖ AKB0048
    oc trainnee x dance instructor
    ✖Studio Ghibli flims (I've seen most of them)
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Angel Beats
    Once Upon a Time
    Black Butler

    if there is any other ideas, you only need to ask me.

    Sexual Themes are fine but please be over 18+
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  2. I'd be up to do the following fxf, if you'd be interested?

    Military x wife
    Therapist x patient
    Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning x OC
    Worn down musician x aspiring musician

    Just let me know :)!
  3. the therapist x patient or the worn down musician x aspiring musician works good with me.
  4. Gotcha. Did you have a preference for either of those two?
  5. Ideas

    worn down musician x aspiring musican

    He was a shining star able to light the dreams of his fans and spark the hearts of his onlookers into a spiral. But then he was gone and everyone had forgotten about him expect _______ a young and inspiring singer songwriter. She had finally made it big in the world and was actually going to perform at the place where she first so him perform but she has one proposal for him to come see her. Will she find him or will she let her dreams be lost?

    Circus Performer x Circus attendee

    "Welcome, Welcome!" a voice cried out as the audience broke into a fit of applause as the ringmaster stepped onto the stage. Different performers lined up to see this dream like spectral including a young woman named _____, she lived in an abusive home her entire life until she decided to come and run away from the circus. she soon meets ______ an acrobat who is famous for making dreams come true, but can the once circus attendee make it in the world of the big top?​
  6. Not really, I think we can combine them. But I'm not sure if it would work or not.
  7. I'm still searching for one x ones, a couple new ideas have been added as well
  8. I'm still searching for one x ones.
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