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  1. A little bit about me
    Hello my name is Hannah I have been roleplaying for about 12 years and I was away for a while but I'm back with the urge to roleplay I enjoy stories that have many layers and that characters change not just there feelings but there hole ideal's and thoughts I enjoy watching them transform. In a story I also enjoy them being lengthy and detailed also being put on edge. I will only roleplay females I'm sorry if that's a problem but I just feel more comfortable doing that.

    Things I will roleplay


    knight x princess
    king x queen
    wizard x princess
    dragon x princess
    dragon x knight
    werewolf x werewolf
    werewolf x vampire
    vampire x demon
    human x devil
    devil x angel
    devil x demon
    angel x human
    shapeshifter x human
    shapeshifter x hunter
    mermaid x merman
    mermaid x human
    elemental x elemental
    and anything ells you think of

    cowboy x cowgirl
    cowboy x city girl
    cowgirl x city boy
    mental patient x doctor
    hospital patient X hospital patient
    nerd girl x jock
    jock x jock
    nerd x nerd
    pianist x deaf person


    Kakashi X Cs
    Itachi X Cs
    Saskuke X Cs
    Cs X Cs
    Orochimaru x Cs
    Kakashi x Sakura

    Ouran High School Host Club
    Tamaki x Haruhi

    Tamaki X Cs
    Hikaru X Cs
    Hikaru x Haruhi
    Kaour x cs
    Kaour x Haruhi
    Mori x hauhi
    Mori x cs
    Ritsu x Haruhi
    RItsu x cs
    Cs x Cs

    Death note
    L x cs
    Light x cs
    cs x cs
    Shimigami x Cs
    shimigami x shimigami

    Say I love you
    Mei x Yamato
    Cs x Yamato
    Kenji x cs
    Kai x cs
    Kai x Mei

    One Piece
    Cs X Cs
    Cs x Zoro

    Video games

    Cs x Cs
    Cs x Master Chief
    Master Chef X Courtana
    Elite x Cs
    Elite x Master Chief
    Elite x Elite

    The last of us
    Joel x ellie
    Joel x cs
    Cs x cs
    Ellie x cs

    Bioshock infinite
    booker t x Elizabeth

    Dragon age inquisition
    Cs X cs
    The Iron bull x Cs
    Varric x Cs
    Blackwall x Cs
    Cullen X Cs
    Dorian X Cs

    Buck x doe
    Wolf x wolf

    if you are interested in any of these or something ells then please pm or message me on here I'm susualy on and will respond to you as soon as you can have a nice day :)
  2. forgot to add books

    skulduggery pleasant
    Valkyrie X skulduggery
    Valkyrie X fletcher
    Valkyrie X Sanguine
    Cs X Sanguine
    Tanith X Sanguine
    Cs X Skulduggery
    Tanith X Ghastly
    Ghastly X cs

    Clockwork Angels
    Cs X Jem
    Cs X Mortimer
    Cs X Magnus
  3. Knight x princess, wizard x princess, and shapeshifter x human sound interesting
  4. cool just pm me :)
  5. maybe we could rp with something involving shifters or wolves?
  6. That sounds interesting but not werewolf a right ?
  7. well maybe if its a human to complete wolf transition. not like an inbetween wolf-man type thing
  8. yea but i would tent to want to stay away from the werewolf scene its kinda over rated
  9. that's cool with me
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