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Introduction and Information
Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for a few roleplay partners who are into the same fandoms as I am or would like to roleplay what I do. Some of the fandoms, not many people roleplay or have gotten out of the fandom at a certain point. Now, I suppose I should introduce myself!

My name is Hope, people online usually call me ZadZap, Zad, or Zap, I'm on almost all the time, except when I'm at work or having to do other things! As for the length at which I roleplay, I do a paragraph or two, then again, I do try to match my partners if they prefer more or less.

  • - I'm not very picky on post length, hell it can be one sentence or a few paragraphs and I will do my best to do the same.
    - I'm not too picky on pairings, I mostly roleplay M X M and some M X F. I wouldn't mind some F X F if you prefer though.
    - I roleplay in the third person, I don't do that script are free to do that if you want...but don't expect the same, sorry.
    - I'm not too picky about what we do in the RP, PM's or forums.
    - I don't mind if you want to get to know me more, we can talk while we roleplay, that's cool!
    - I only roleplay 1 on 1
    - Mpreg is welcome as long as it's not a human male becoming pregnant. Examples would be an alien or a monster.
    -If you aren't into romance we can definitely rp characters as friends.

  • Invader Zim
    Undertale (And the AU's)
    Rick and Morty
    Bob's Burgers
    Ed Edd N Eddy
    Hey Arnold
    South Park
    Teen Titans
    Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 or 2012 Universe)
    Fruits Basket
    How To Train Your Dragon
    Rise of The Guardians
    Gravity Falls (I am only a few episodes in, I'll unslash it once I've watched it all)

  • Invader Zim
    Dib X Zim
    Dib X OC
    Zim X OC
    Red X Purple
    Irken OC X Irken OC
    Vortian OC X Vortian OC
    Irken OC X Vortian OC
    Irken OC X Human OC
    Zim / Dib Friendship

    Rick and Morty
    Rick X Morty (Any dimension)
    Rick X OC
    Morty X OC
    Rick X Rick
    Morty X Morty

    Bob's Burgers
    Tina X Zeke
    Tina X Jimmy Junior
    Tina X OC
    Louise X Logan
    Louise X OC
    Gene X OC
    Louise X Zeke
    Zeke X Tammy

    Ed, Edd, N' Eddy
    Edd X Kevin
    Eddy X OC

    Hey Arnold
    Arnold X Helga
    Arnold X OC
    Helga X OC

    South Park
    Stan X Kyle
    Kenny X Butters
    Craig X Tweek
    Cartman X Kyle

    Teen Titans
    Beastboy X Raven
    Beastboy X Robin
    Starfire X Robin
    Beastboy X OC

    Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
    Grim X Mandy (Of course Mandy will be older)
    Grim X OC
    Mandy X OC

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Raph X OC
    Mikey X OC
    Leo X OC
    Don X OC
    Leo X Raph
    Leo X Mikey
    Leo X Don
    Raph X Don
    Raph X Mikey
    Raph X Casey
    Don X Leatherhead

    Megatron X Starscream
    Cyclonus X Tailgate
    Rewind X Chromedome

  • Undertale
    Underfell Papyrus X Swap Papyrus
    Underfell Sans X Swap Papyrus
    Underfell Sans X Underfell Papyrus
    Papyrus X Mettaton
    Gaster X Grillby
    Gaster X Sans
    Sans X Frisk
    Sans X Underfell Papyrus
    Frisk X Chara
    Any Sans X OC (As long as I'm familiar with the AU)
    Any Papyrus X OC (As long as I'm familiar with the AU)

  • Psych
    Shawn X Lassiter

    Eddy X Venom

    Judy X Nick
    OC X OC

  • Bleach
    Ichigo X Grimmjow
    Ichigo X Aizen
    Ichigo X OC

    Fruits Basket
    Kyo X Yuki
    Kyo X Tohru
    Yuki X Tohru

  • Dib X Lilo
    Hiccup X Jack Frost

  • Furry X Furry
    Neko X Human
    Neko X Neko
    Rich X Poor
    Prince X Servent
    Alien X Human
    Alien X Alien
    Dad X Son
    Sibling X Sibling
    I am open to other ideas if these are not your wants

  • -Dib X Lilo: Membrane is tired of his son acting the way he is, so decides to transfer his job to one in Hawaii. Dib isn't thrilled about this as he's worried about the fate of the world and unable to save it from Zim's plots. Soon he meets Lilo and they become fast friends with her and her...that's not a dog! There are aliens everywhere!

    -Zim X human OC / Zim and Dib Friendship building: It's been a few years since Zim found out his mission was a lie, since then he and Dib had made a truce and are starting to become friends. Now in their third year of high school, Zim is learning so much more about the Earth...

    -Edge X Stretch: Edge and Stretch barely get along, Stretch disliking Edge because he thinks Edge mistreats his brother and Edge disliking Stretch because of how lazy he is. One day Red arrives in Underswap with his injured brother, distraught because his brother got into a fight and his HP is low. (More can be added on or changed if you have ideas of your own.)

    -Sans X Edge: After a genocide run Sans suddenly finds himself in Underfell after what he thought had been a reset. (This can either be after a genocide run in Underfell or what have you, we can add onto that.)

    -A zombie apocalypse type-setting in Edd Edd N Eddy or the South Park Universe.

    More plots to come