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  1. I'm back after being pulled away from the internet due to school... ;; And extremely deprived of roleplaying.

    What I'm looking for:
    ● MxM
    ● RoooOomanceeeeee with plot and development
    ● At least one paragraph. It's not that hard, just describe random things that's going on. (The more the merrier tbh)
    ● OOC chats !!
    ● Spelling & grammar. At least know the basics, that's all I'm asking for since I'm not really good in grammar myself.
    ● Original rp, please.
    ● Preferably dominant characters. But I won't mind either.

    ● Slice of life
    ● School, work, etc.
    ● Fantasy !
    ● Drama (??)
    ● Romance
    ● Something light and fluffy-- uqu

    What I won't do:
    ● Incest, giants/giantess, humiliation play, hardcore BDSM, gore (slight is okay)
    ● Drug related.
    ● Furry and pirates because I'm all ??? about them.
    ● Canon character or play against one.

    Things I want to try: (Will keep updating lolol - Last update: 25/12)
    Show Spoiler

    ● Hackshield: Being a professional hacker in the era filled with hi-tech systems wasn't an easy job. Especially when a virus has invaded your system. Taking a form of a cocky, arrogant silver-haired male, the virus appeared on your screen. Despite doing all you could, he just wouldn't go away. Moreover, this guy has the ability to slip into every gadget you own, as long as it has a screen. Though when you were out one day, with the usual pestering in your phone, you noticed a familiar silver hair on the street. You took a second look and it was him indeed. Would you chase after him ?

    ● Captivated : He's an half-elf who grew up in the slump, his family was poor and looked down upon, but he was happy. Until the day when the guards took them away, he watched as his parents were turned into slaves for the royals. He managed to escape and went to the rebels for help. Years later, he was one of the most outstanding soldiers among the rebels. One day, the rebels had captured a royal / spy and he was ordered to guard the cell.

    ● Peach-coloured spring - You were just going on with your daily routine and such, everyone was going on pretty normally... Until a boy fell from the building nearby, landed in a stack of mattresses by the trash dump, and got up without any injuries. His peach-coloured hair made it easy to recognise him as the only son of the shrine owner. It was rumoured that he would bring good luck to those who're close with him and even better if they were to get into an intimate relationship. It sounded pretty dumb and such, but seeing how he just fell off the building and walked away without a scratch on him, it might be legit after all.
    (Setting will be in Japan for this. ;q; )

    ● Heart Beats - He's the young master of a wealthy family. Though not all stuck up and snobbish, he sure seemed hard to get close to. He never really had any friends, except his Pomeranian puppy, which he would bring with him around most of the times. One day, he decided to sneak out of his house to the local park with Pom...

    Please comment if you're interested in any of the ideas above !! ^q^ Feel free to share your ideas too !!
    Thanks for reading all these crap too.
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  2. Hey there, if you want smut you may want to try in the Mature section instead, as it's separating minors from those of age and keep things nice and clean :).
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  3. I'm certainly interested in possibly the drifted type of plot that you have. You will have to forgive me though because I am far too new to this site. I have also come back from a long time involuntary hiatus, but I am dieing for a role-play.
  4. Hihi, I'm glad that you're interested. And it's alright ! I've just been back from a hiatus too. ;v; If you'd like, we can discuss more in pm ?
  5. Oh Certainly, Would you like me to pm you or would you mind pming me.
  6. I'll pm you, I guess. c: Gimme about five minutes or so !
  7. Certainly!
  8. Hi! I am looking for some MxM right now! I have some ideas if you don't have any I also have some questions?
  9. Hello, I do have some plots up there. We can discuss about some other plots if you want, though ! c:
  10. uh okay, I am new to this site so do we do that in PM?
  11. Yep, I'll send you a PM in awhile.
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