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    Greetings and welcome to my one x one search, . I'm a twenty-year-old college student from California and am studying both music and writing, in my spare time I like going on computer, singing, drawing, roleplaying (of course) and talking to my friends. I am known for my quiet and angelic personality but sometimes if I'm really passionate about something I can bit of fire inside of me.

    some small facts about me.

    fact number one : I have been roleplaying since I was sixteen-year-old and started when I began high school, I used to roleplay on sites such as DeviantArt and sometimes tumblr (until my account got deleted which was very very unfortunate). I am currently roleplaying on both iwaku and on a 13+ roleplay site known as gaiaonline.
    fact number two: I tend to mirror my partners posting when it comes to roleplaying, but normally I can post around two to four and half paragraphs depending on my interests.
    fact number three: i love playing the male role but that does not mean that I will not play the female role if my partner requests for me to do so, I am also up for doubling or even adding extra non player characters or npcs.
    fact number four: please tell me when you are going to be gone or if there is something wrong with what I'm posting or what I'm doing, it hurts my feelings when someone just gets up and leaves the roleplay without saying anything.


    Dragon Age Origins

    [zevran , Alistair, Morrigan, Lelianna]

    Dragon Age II

    [fenris, Anders, Merrill, isabella]

    Dragon Age Inquisition

    [cullen, Josephine, solas, iron bull, sera, Blackwall, krem]

    Fallout 4

    [paladin danse, Macready, Travis miles, elder maxon, scribe haylen, nick valentine, piper wright]

    Mass Effect

    [garrus , liara, tali, jack, ashley, miranda, kadian, james]

    Ouran High School Host Club

    [tamaki, haruhi, the twins, kyoya, honey, mori]

    Macross Frontier

    [alto, ranka lee, sheryl, michelle]

    Black Butler

    [sebastian, ciel, elizabeth, joker]

    Final Fantasy

    Harry Potter
    [remus lupin, luna, draco, harry, hermione, ron, ginny]


    Hunger Games



    :cake: is what I really want to try and do
    :birthday: is what I'm craving
    * is what I have a plot for

    Vampire x other mythical being / human*
    Werewolf x other mythical being / human :cake:
    Witch x other mythical being / human
    Demon x other mythical being / human
    Angel x other mythical being / human
    Fairy x other mythical being / human
    elf x other mythical being / human
    Phoenix x other mythical being / human :cake: :birthday:
    Siren x other mythical being/human :cake:
    Devil x Angel
    Devil x God/Goddess
    Elemental x Elemental :cake:
    werewolf chief's son x his longtime childhood friend* :birthday:
    Vampire Princess x Human Prince :cake:
    Elf Prince x Fairy Princess :cake:
    Elf Prince x Human Princess :cake:
    corpse bride x spirit husband
    spirit x human*
    Mononoke/ Human
    Dark Angel/Human
    Egypthian God x Priestess
    Time Traveler x Lost Love * :cake:
    Siren x Rockstar* :birthday:
    Siren x Siren
    Siren x Idol
    Siren x Rockband :cake:
    greek god x egyptian goddess
    siren x dragon :birthday:
    siren x inspiring magician :birthday:
    Ancient God x Mortal
    Demon x Cursed Person/Contractor
    Demon x Mortal
    Pirate x Mermaid

    greek god x egyptian goddess
    Egypthian God x Priestess
    Ancient God x Mortal
    Pirate x Captive (possibly royalty?)
    Pirate x Governor's Daughter
    Princess in line to the throne x Best Friend :cake:
    Princess x Prisoner
    Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God :cake:
    Prince x Princess / Maid / Knight :birthday:
    Princess x Prince / Maid / Butler / Knight
    (sickly) princess x vampire healer :cake: :birthday:
    knight x prince/princess/maid/butler/knight
    geisha x apprentice geisha :cake:
    geisha x client / samurai /lord
    Samurai x General's Daughter
    Samurai x Female Samurai
    Samurai x Female General :cake:
    Solider x Captain
    Solider x Wounded Enemy Captain
    Solider x Wounded Solider :cake:
    Recruiting Solider x War Hero

    Celebrity x Manager :cake:
    Celebrity x Rival Celebrity:birthday:
    Actress x Actor
    Actress x Actress
    Actress x Retired Actor
    Therapist x Client
    Therapist x Therapist
    Soldier x His/Her Husband/Wife::birthday:
    Idol x Rockstar
    Rockstar x Female Rockstar :cake:
    Female Rockstar x Choreographer
    Female Rockstar x Long time Friend
    Rockstar x Band Member:birthday:
    Arranged Marriage :birthday:
    Boss x Intern
    Employee x Employee
    Blind Girl x Blind Date
    Model x Photographer :birthday:
    Ice Skater x Ice Skater
    Ice Skater x Model
    Ice Skater x Manager:birthday:
    Fashion Designer x Model.:birthday:
    Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend :birthday:
    Malifa Member x Pregnant Girlfriend :birthday:
    Bride to be x Pregnant Maid of Honor:birthday:
    Pregnant Bride x Soon to be Husband.
    Cosplayer x Magical Anime Girl come to life :birthday:
    Loan shark/Victim
    Rival Mafia's kids
    Photographer x Bride:birthday:
    Photographer x Pregnant Model :birthday:
Experiment X Scientist
    College Student x Professor
    Boarding School Roommates
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Student x Teacher:birthday:
    Psychiatrist x Patient
    Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend
    Rock star x Old Friend/Fan/Groupie
    Boss x Secretary
    Master x Slave
    possessive boyfriend x Daddy's girl
    possesive girlfriend x step brother
    Sick woman or boy/nurse/visitor/doctor
    Sick boy or girl at home/best friend
    Orphan x Murderer
    Spoiled Girl x Hardworking Boy
    Jealous Boyfriend x Engaged Girl x Best Friend
    Princess in line to the throne x Best Friend
    Street orphan x police officer
    Made-Up Celeb x old friend
    Dancer x Soldier
    Spoiled Rich Tyrant x Debt Collector
    Village Sacrifice x Vengeful God/Demon
    Gypsy x Demon
    Best friend/Best friend
    Sworn enemies
    Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
    Mail order bride x husband
    mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)
    Circus Performer x Circus attendee
    dying x friend
    recovering from something x friend
    street fighter x street fighter
    Accidental Pregnancy
    Single Dad x Single Mom
    Boyfriend X girlfriend
    Ex boyfriend x Ex girlfriend
    Bodyguard x Celebrity
    Singer x Band member
    Teen parents
    Reunited first loves
    Sailor x Wife
    Married man x Single neighbor
    woman from another world x god
    extra stuff.
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  2. Fandom/Fallout 4 / Paladin Danse.
    Things weren't looking good and he knew that for a fact, from the moment they had arrived at the location of the Cambridge police station things had been going from bad to worse and that was already pressing hard on the back of Paladin Danse's mind, he glanced around scouting the area and wondering if he should have just stayed in spot and waited for backup. "How many damn feral ghouls do we have roaming the area, Knight!" he shouted knowing that the turrets that Scribe Haylen had placed around the area were not hooked up properly and he didn't even shake his head as heard the explosion of one of the turrets behind him and turned his head.

    "Would you be careful back there, Scribe." he shouted and could almost the muffled "Yes sir" of his scribe. and turned back towards Knight Rhys who came running over to him panting and out of breath, Rhys had a lot of energy and he was glad that he was one of the knights who had decided to come along for the mission, not that he would want someone better, but he wondered if there was anyone out here in the blasted commonwealth that he could scout out

    Fandom/Dragon Age Inquisition/Cullen
    How long had it been since the attack on the ferelden circle...two and a half years around the time of the fifth blight, no that was during the fifth blight. Ok that was less thing that he needed to try and remember, Cullen thought, shaking his head a couple, one of the inquisition advisor's Commander Cullen was standing near his desk outside the walls of Haven watching the soldiers they had gathered together practice in the snowy field and trying to fight the chill that ran down his back from the heavy that snow that had decided to rustle up. Had ferelden always been this cold, he couldn't remember at this point and turned his head watching one of the soldiers barely miss being hit with one of the swords, staggering sideways. "There's a sword in your hand block with it, if that man was your enemy, you would be dead!" he shouted and stepped over to watch the men again, he reached his hand up resting his hand on the hilt of his sword for a moment, a common habit he collected, one of many new ones.

    Ever since Cassandra had recruited him in Kirkwall things had been going pretty good he supposed, the company was easy to work with the soldiers did want to learn from him. But the disputes between the mages and templars was the one thing that was bothering him the most, he knew that with the number of templars that were around the mages wouldn't be out of too much trouble, but..he sighed as he leaned his head back seeing the ever growing breach that loomed above his head. "Maker's Breath going to need a lot of luck with that one" he muttered under his breath, one thing after another.

    original/fairy romance rp / king sarabas
    Sarabas was looking forward to the garden party as well, not just a time where he could see the land that his ex wife had adored and loved so much, but to also to see what it was like. However a couple weeks before the ceremony and the festival, a couple of the garden fairies particularly a couple who had been at the party had come to speak to him and they were not happy.

    The first one was one of the dukes of the fairy kingdom he had seen him at the party, a willowly man with short brown hair and purple eyes, his wings were sharpened at the ends and he had this terrible habits of snickering under his breath as if something was always funny. "I'm surprised the king of the flower kingdom even invited you, your nothing more then a weed from the underbelly of the dark kingdom, we are trying to get our son to marry the princess, so you better keep your distance." he had said to him, snickering and sneering at him.

    The other was a rather thin and stumpy young woman with golden hair and bright blue eyes, at one point during his ecounter with the two, he could almost swore that they were related. She was very delicate though and when he invited her inside, he had treated backwards her hand over her mouth as if she was about to vomit. "Oh I couldn't darling, I just wanted to see who the riffraff that the king had invited in looked like" she had said, barely removing her hand from her mouth

    Sarabas had wanted to contact the king and the queen about this but had decided to pay it no mind, and had soon arrived at the festival dressed in his best appearance and trying to keep away from the couple or what he assumed to be a couple away from him
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  3. Hey! I'm MarilynFae! I am very much interested in many of these! I can tell you anything you'd like to know, but really I try to get on as often as I can. I just started a new job but I will post at least once every two days though I try to post more. If we do more than one role play together though I tend to do one of them ever couple days instead of both at the same time. I post quite a bit. I don't work well with one liners so I try to post 3+ paragraphs. I prefer female roles but I can double or play male if needed. :)

    Anyway, I'll go ahead and list the ones that caught my eye and if you are still looking you can shoot me a PM! :)

    Vampire x human
    Werewolf x human
    Devil x angel
    Soldier x his or her wife or husband
    Arraigned marriage
    Gang member x pregnant girlfriend
    Pregnant bride x soon to be husband
    Rock star x old friend
    Teen parents
    Boyfriend x girlfriend
    Reunited first loves
    Accidental pregnancy
    Single dad x single mom
    Best friend x best friend
    Plots 7 and 12
    Plot 16 in slide four
    Plots 6, 8, and 9 in slide five

    Ones that were not listen but may interest you:
    Knight/Prince/King x Wanted/Lost Princess/Thief
    Prince of France x Queen of Scotland
    King of Frances bastered son x Queen of Scotland (mini plot)
    (With the two above I was thinking the prince of France was in an arraigned marriage to the queen of Scotland but she falls for the bastered brother instead?)
    Headmaster x Maid (I have a mini plot)
  4. the accident pregnancy mixed with the headmaster x maid sounds good.
  5. Aha, I knew I saw you on Gaia. I was thinking this thread looked familiar.
  6. yes, that is me. Had to move accounts though, some crazy stalker started harassing me. you were on gaia huh?
  7. Am* (unfortunately). I come here because it's less atrocious, and it's actually dedicated to roleplay. lol
  8. Anyway! I wouldn't mind doing Ouran with you, or, tentatively, Black Butler.
    edit: or Psycho-Pass or Cowboy Bebop, if you know them!
    I can look at the list of originals as well and tell you what I'd be interested in.
  9. lol that is the truth, but gaia was my first home.
    ouran sounds good.
  10. Would you like me to PM you?
  11. if you wouldn't mind.
  12. gonna pm you now
  13. Hi! Are you still searching?
    If you are, I'm very much interested with the Phoenix x other mythical being / human
    I have been longing to incorporate a roleplay with a phoenix
    because it's a really awesome mythical being
    if not, it's okay for you to ignore this. I would understand :)
  14. thank you.
    yes, go right ahead and pm me.
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