[ALWAYS OPEN] Seeking MXM partners

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  1. Craving RPs so check these out!

    Really interested in medieval/Game of Thrones style MxM pairings open to pretty much anything here so if none of my premade plots appeal to you, pm me your thoughts

    Secrets in Court (I'm so interested in this one okay ... plz)
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    YC is an influential person in the royal court and later weds the Queen's sister (the Queen becomes YC's sister-in-law through marriage). When YC and MC enter a secret forbidden relationship EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING is at stake for them both, but a love as strong as theirs cannot be ignored and so they must keep their affairs a secret in court. When YC is finally married he gets the perfect cover for his secret relations, but having a wife introduces a whole other complication into their lives especially when she is so close to the Queen (and by extension, the King). Will they be able to maintain their relationship or will YC's loveless marriage tear them apart and/or get one or both of them killed.

    Sworn to Serve (prince x knight):
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    MC is a royal squire whom has been appointed to guard the Lord/Prince (YC) When an assassination attempt on the Prince's life is thwarted by the squire he is granted knighthood as a reward and swears to serve YC. They end up in a relationship which will put both their lives at risk since homosexuality is regarded as a dire sin.

    Picture Perfect (photog/director x model/actor):
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    An experienced photographer/artist/videographer/director (YC) is working on a new project and wants the perfect model/actor for his piece. He hires MC, a model and budding actor, for the project because he has the perfect look. Business turns to pleasure but they have to keep the relationship a secret on set. This won't be easy since MC is a bit of a thrill-seeking exhibitionist.

    Destroy and Conquer (knight x prostitute)
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    YC is a war-lord/commander/foot soldier or some kind of militaristic individual who is involved in a charge on a settlement that lies on the border of an enemy kingdom. During the raid he meets MC, a prostitute with plenty of wiles and street smarts who doesn't care much for politics and just wants to survive. Needless to say, YC is seduced/enthralled/enraptured/otherwords and decides to spare MC. What happens next we'll plan out via pm, Im thinking something along the lines of the pair returning to YC's home-land victorious and seeing where it goes from there, as opposed to pressing forward into enemy territory with a prostitute with no fighting skills whatsoever.

    The Affair (older married man x younger man):
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    YC is an older man, married, maybe he even has kids. He falls for MC who is a student in his college class/his employee/colleague/maybe hes just a totally random stranger. Anyway, he just can't help himself and ends up in a complicated affair with MC.

    A Royal Disaster (prince brother x brother): (temporarily closed)
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    Royal family with a number of sons. Older brother (YC) is attracted to the younger bro (MC) and complicated incesty stuff occurs.

    Sins and Secrets (cleric x assassin/prostitute):
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    YC is part of one of the lands religious orders or is a devout pious person in general, when he crosses paths with MC who is ... not so pure and pious (He's a double agent type character, skilled assassin/thief/spy who currently works for a brothel owner, and is a very convincing prostitute indeed), things happen between the two chars. How will YC cope dealing with his forbidden feelings and guilt especially as he learns just how dark MC is?

    Kidnapped in Space:
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    YC is involved in criminal activities and when a deal goes south he is gravely injured..his crew make an emergency landing in the next space port and kidnap a doctor (mc)... One thing leads to another.

    • No one liners/one paras.
    • CS's are optional (no anime tho ... dear god no anime pictures).
    • I like switching, so don't expect to be all sub/dom all the time, your character might sub one time, then have to be more dominant the next. Unless it suits the rp/character to always sub or always dom, please be open to switch.
    • Please post regularly, daily/multiple times a day would be absolutely stupendous, I don't like waiting days/weeks for a post but I understand life is hectic so I'm willing to wait.
    • If you read this and are interested in RP-ing include "Because I'm Sassy" as part of your title so I know you read these rules (e.g. "I want to rp x plot because im sassy"). If you don't so this ill know you didnt read the rules and I'll reply "read the rules", I won't rp until you know what I expect and we're all sorted ^__^"
    • Please pay close attention to spelling/grammar, it drives me mental if you post something incomprehensible, I understand type-os and stuff, but just try be wary, it doesn't take much to reread before you post.
    • Finally, please post in third person past tense, first person/present tense sort of irks me.
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  2. I would be interested in doing Picture Perfect with you. If you are still searching please PM me
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  5. *explodes into happiness* ANOTHER CITIZEN KF WESTEROS!!! <3

    So...:3 Sins and Secrets? Hope you're not working for Littlefinger, id loose so fast... xD

    So shall we give it a go? We'll use westerosi locations so!! (I've been caught,now the world knows I'm unoriginal as fuck D: ) I'm shit at making up locations and now you've caught me so to hell with it!!!
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  7. I'm interested in The Affair plot!
  8. Pm me please ☺
  9. Gonna regret bumping this later but hey, anyone else wanna rp?

    I already have a tonne on the go but sure why not add another one!
  11. Bump added new plots and updated rules. Still looking. Everything oooooopen
  12. BAMPU!!!

    Added new plot SECRETS IN COURT

    Super interested in RPing it so do message me yo!
  13. Hey I'm wondering if your royal incest one is open. :)
  14. all still open (except the scratched out ones/orange ones)!!! drop a PM and we can sort something out about royal brocest!
  15. Would you mind messaging me my phone doesn't allow me to start messages!