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  1. Looking for some male x male rps. I prefer playing submissive characters so I'm looking for dominant a please. Though I will make an exception if someone has a really good plot and talk it over with me. For mxf I prefer to play the female. No one liners.

    Plot mixes:
    • Werewolf/werewolf
    • Werewolf/vampire
    • Demon/demon slayer
    • Uncle/nephew
    • Prisoner/prison guard
    • Prisoner/prisoner
    • Prisoner/warden
    • Best friend/best friend
    • Single father/babysitter
    • Single father/ boss
    • Single father/escaped inmate
    • Neko/werewolf
    • Neko/vampire
    • Scientist/neko
    • Demon/angel
    • Satan/angel
    • Police officer/suspected murderer
    • Boss/worker
    • Succubus/vampire
    • Ballerina/fan
    • Rock star/model
    • Prince/prince
    • King/prince
    • King/king
    • mermaid/stranded pirate
    • Grim reaper/human
    • Grim reaper/angel of life
    • Insane woman/psychologist
    • stripper/customer
    • stripper/bartender
    • stripper/club owner
    • elf/vampire
    • elf/werewolf
    • elf/human
    • lab experiment/scientist
    • Elsa/fire prince

    If anyone has any other pairing that isn't on the list feel free to message me.

    my limitations: no tentacles, no god modding, potty play is a big nono
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  2. So no one wants to rp with me? Now I'm sad
  3. I'll gladly RP with you again =3
    We did a succubus x human RP looong ago.

    MxM isn't really my thing, but I could take you up on a MxF pairing.