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  1. OK. I need some more rps. Preferably ones where people will be on at least a couple times a day. No one liners. The italics are the ones I'm wanting to be hopefully out of the pairs. And the ones with stars are ones I really want to do

    Prostitute x cop *
    Kidnapper x kidnappee
    Uncle x nephew *
    Vampire x demon
    Werewolf x human **
    Necromancer x werewolf *
    Male prisoner x male prisoner ***
    Male wardon x male prisoner **
    Innocent criminal
    x police officer
    Bartender x depressed client
    Single father
    x boss *
    Single father x male babysitter
    Single father x ex criminal
    Single father x escaped criminal **
    Army general x new recruit
    Billionaire x poor waiter
    x king of another kingdom ***
    Prince x prince ***
    Singer x bodyguard **
    Gang leader x head chef of a upend resturant *
    King of a foreign land x tourist

    These are only some. I can't play dominant characters. I don't mind doing mxm or mxf but I'll be playing the submissive character in the mxm. And I'll be playing the female in the mxf if that's OK. Thanks let me know. :)
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  3. Hmmm some interesting choices. I will be honest as i dont usually play a dominant but i can see some interesting possibilities with a couple of them. Feel free to check out my profile and shoot me a message. Id be interested in playing a male character in the following...
    Werewolf x human **
    Necromancer x werewolf *

    Thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you.
  4. Fixing to send you a pm. :)