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  1. Hello to all who looks at this thread. I am so bored and in need of more rps.

    I'll go ahead and get the rules out of the way.

    1. Please atleast two good paragraphs. I give what I get and if I don't get much then don't expect much in return.
    2. I mainly play subs or females depending on whether mxf or mxm but I will do a switch or play dominant or male if you have a plot that intrigues me enough.
    3. Please post frequently. I understand life happens but if I have to wait several days for a reply I'll get bored and rather fast. I ask atleast three or four a day and if you have to be gone for a day or longer please let me know.
    4. If your getting bored please let me know. We can spice up the roleplay or drop it all together whichever you wish.

    Ok now that the boring things are out of the way let's get down to the pairings! Any wih a star beside it means I have some symbolence of a plot. And any can be either mxf or mxm.


    1. Stripper x bartender *
    2. Waiter/waitress x rich guy
    3. Werewolf x human *
    4. Succubus/incubusX human/werewolf/vampire
    5. Werewolf x vampire
    6. Doctor x patient
    7. Scientist x experiment *
    8. Prostitute x cop
    9. Prisoner x prison guard/ prison warden
    10. Prince x prince/princess
    11. Demon x business tycoon *
    12. Kidnapper x kidnapper
    13. Teacher x student
    14. Zombie apocalypse survivor x zombie apocalypse survivor
    15. Famous singer x manager/fan/famous singer
    16. Vampire x human/werewolf
    17. Vampire lord x vampire mistress/vampire lord

    I'll be adding more on as I think of them
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  2. Still looking
  3. Still looking
  4. New ideas added
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  5. I love Famous singer x manager/fan/famous singer and Teacher x outcast student but I already have enough replies to get to xD
  6. Lol so yay or nay on doing one or both?
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  7. Both would be good! Pm me?
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