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    Hello You may call me what you wish to call me. I am Female so obviously I prefer female roles. I am pretty easy person I go with the flow pretty often if I say that's cool or sure then yeah I mean hell let's go with it.
    I have been rping for 13 years. I am definitely not new to rping been on this sight for almost a year and I do any where from 1 paragraph to a Novel. I normally try to match my partner. I However do not tolerate 1 liners. I can not reply and it bugs me. Also I am on my phone so mistakes will be made, my auto correct and I are in a war. Tis a loosing one for sure.

    I do work 5 days a week for 8 hours a day. Then on top of that I have a soon to be husband, we are getting Married in march, so I get busy with him alot, now he is very sick so I am always taking care of him. I do not reply every day I will do the best I can, However at work I get busy and I am a manager if you ever wonder where I am check my blog and or message me in 3 days if I have not replied may not have gotten a notification.

    I have a few pet peeves.

    Do not pm me or start a rp with me and leave me hanging I will stop following it and just drop because I think you have dropped.

    Do not be short with me

    Do not bug me as I have said above I do get busy with work and my hubby.

    Moving on from the introduction of my self...

    Okay so I get ideas daily but also have ideas that don't take off in group roleplay.
    Okay so I do have a few rules when it comes to role playing with me. Please bring ideas to the table. Looking for a more Dom Male . Can do Dom for fxf. Will double only if I do play male. I can try to play male I am however female so males are harder to play.


    Forum rules
    No GMing
    No mary sue or Gary stu
    No op you can get hurt
    No anime
    Dont control other's characters
    No one liners ( this is huge, 2 paragraph minimum.)
    Third person only
    You may have to start the thread do to my work schedule if I ask please don't whine
    I will not answer you if you say all the good ones are gone it means you have not read my full post
    Bring ideas to the table don't just rely on me

    All listed below a big fat Yes:

    I want someone who will reply and not drop the rp. So if your just going to drop please don't pm me.

    M and F. I don't play males unless asked nicely as I am female . Or I can double characters one male one female. only way I will play a male. I can be persuaded to do FxF

    Do's and don'ts
    check F-list will be in signature

    Okay so after all that I will give you a gist of Genres I like.

    Slice of Life
    Historical eras ( medieval and Salem witch trials etc.)
    Mix of each
    No anime

    Pairings don't have plots yet but we can come up with it together

    open for enrollment
    What I really am craving marked with
    What Role I will choose
    Closed Till further notice: due to already being used or over done for me
    Note: any in red Below may be convinced to do them if you can come up with a good enough plot.

    Supernatural and human parings: [
    Werewolf x human or both
    Fae x human or both

    Vampire x human or both have a plot for this
    Siren x --------
    Fallen Angel x Human
    Supernatural Hunter/Partner
    Supernatural Hunter/Client
    Anything else you can think of

    Slice of Life:
    Dancer x Dance partner

    Soldier/ soldiers wife a return home from tour
    Detective x Victim
    Serial killer x Helper
    College student × exchange student

    Naval seal x Naval Seal
    Ghost team Leader x Ghost Team First Mate

    Bad Boy x New Girl (can be realistic or not college age obviously )
    Anything with pregnancy

    Country Singer/Pop Singer
    Stranded Crash Survivors
    Club Owner/Dancer
    FBI Agent/Protect Witness
    Singer/Band Manager
    Band Member/Band Member
    Lingerie Model/Photographer
    Adult Film Star/Producer
    Female Crime Boss/Undercover Agent
    Casino Owner/Cocktail Waitress
    Movie Star/Bodyguard
    Movie Star/Director
    Car Mechanic/Rich Woman
    Crime Boss/Lawyer
    Crime Boss/Police
    Police Officer/Police Officer

    Lonely Housewife/Neighbor's Son
    Outlaw Biker/Police Officer
    Female Gang Leader/Male Runaway
    Country Girl/Country Boy/girl
    Country Girl /City Boy/girl
    City Girl /Country Boy/ girl
    Normal Girl /Gang Member
    Dancer /Normal Guy
    Dancer /Jock of Any Sport
    Dancer /star Player of Any Sport
    Police Chiefs Daughter/Male Gang Member
    Police Chiefs Daughter/ Male Gang Leader
    Rancher's Daughter /Ranch Hand
    Rancher's Daughter/ Ranch Foreman

    Assassin x Assassin
    Knight in shinning armor x wanted Thief/ lost princess
    Bounty hunter x Bounty
    Witch and her Familiar

    Salem witch x witch Hunter
    Carvan Gypsy x Detective or Hunter
    Gypsy x Gypsy other clan

    Witch Gypsy/Knight
    Witch Gypsy/Prince

    Werewolf King/Baroness(Victorian Era)
    Werewolf King/ Vampire Queen(Victorian Era)

    Executioner/Evil Queen
    Ice Queen/Fire King
    Ice Queen/Ice Warrior
    Dragon King/Human Queen
    Dragon Rider/Dragon
    Dragon Queen/Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Queen/Dragon Guard

    Morgan Le Fey/ Arthur Or something like this
    Enchantress/ King or human
    Royalty x Non-Royalty

    Arranged Marriage have a plot
    Assassin x Target
    Princess x Prisoner

    Skeleton King/Mistress
    Skeleton King/Evil Queen

    Mage Knight/Queen
    Mage Knight/Princess
    Demon Queen/Human Hero Bodyguard
    Demon King's Daughter/Human Hero Bodyguard
    Demon King/Female Human Bodyguard

    Spider Queen/Knight
    Scorpio Queen/ Knight or human or Spider king
    Dark Elf Queen/Human Knight
    Dark Elf king / human female

    Alchemist/Countess Daughter
    Male Gladiator/Female slave ( kinda like Spartacus)

    Pirate x daughter of a ex pirate captain
    Goblin king x Dark Fae ( goblin king from the tenth kingdom)


    Greek Warrior/Greek Goddess
    Egyptian Priestess/God

    High Priest/Pharaoh's Daughter
    Female Demon/Priest
    Female Demon/Demon Hunter
    Pirate/Sea Goddess

    Test Subject x Test Subject

    Cirque Performer x Cirque Performer have a plot kinda
    Zombie or nuclear Apocalypse

    Elf Princess /Elf Prince
    Elf Princess /Elf Knight
    Elf Princess / Elf Ranger
    Elf Princess /Human Prince
    Elf Princess /Human Knight
    Elf Princess / Human Ranger
    Female Werewolf Pack Leader /Male Werewolf Pack Leader
    Female Vampire Clan Leader /Male Werewolf Pack Leader
    Female Werewolf with Child /Male Werewolf Pack Leader
    Female Vampire with Child/ Male Vampire Clan Leader

    Any animal you can think of.

    Something Futuristic
    Time traveler x Back in time Character
    Futuristic Apocalypse


    Anything Horror- mostly serial killers or ghosts
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Demon Hunter/Doll
    Angel/Devil's Mistress
    Female Angel/Devil's Son

    Fandom: all Original Characters:

    Warrior cats
    Tuck Everlasting
    MorganVille Vampires
    Phantom tollbooth

    Disney/ Disney Related:
    Hunch back of notre Dame
    Beauty and the beast
    once upon a time
    The road to Eldorado
    Anastasia ( Plot kinda)
    Lion King
    Alice in Wonderland ( Kinda plot to this )
    Musket Treasure Island

    Video Games:
    Call of Duty:Ghost
    Red dead redemption

    Tv shows:
    Skins U.K. version
    Law and Order Svu
    The 100
    The Following
    Harper's Island
    Sons of anarchy

    The Tenth Kingdom

    Les Miserables
    Phantom of the opera
    Sweeney Todd

    Much more


    Last Tsar has a modern day Anastasia plot to it.
    (Fantasy/ futuristic)******

    You all know the story of Anastasia. Well this is a different time and place. All the tsar are gone and dead. The palace hasn't been used in years. All was quite. Though rumors in st. Petersburg have been spreading about that there is one tsar that still lives. Where was she, what she look like? Everyone was looking for her including a dark man named Rafe. He had sold his sole to the devil in exchange the tsar were killed and disbanded. This last Tsar had no family left she was an orphan, but if she was alive she had the rightful claim to the palace and the imperial Russian army.

    (Fantasy/modern day/future)
    So I have a Vladimir rp kinda mix of Dracula untold and something I made up I would play his wife but we start before they met how they came together.
    Please pm me for more details. This is just a plot over view it will be a long term rp please like medieval vampires, longer posts.

    Well this one seems to be cursed every time I try to do it my partner leaves
    (historical / advanced )

    I really really want to do a story where the king of Scotland's decree for a Laird to Marry a low lander woman. She isn't what he excepted though when he goes to pick her up. She is witty fiery smart and knows medicine how to ride and shoot a bow and arrow un like most low lander woman so it is action andromance filled she falls for him later on but at first she dislikes him and his men. She tries to run but he catches her.

    Talk soon.

    Ps. I am so willing to accept ideas.

    To make sure you have read it all please pm me with Suffering In Silence some where in your pm please and thank you.
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  2. I'd love an rolepaly with you revolving The Originals or the Game of Thrones. Maybe mix the two, I'm a killer for vampires.
  3. If your willing to rp with me again I can tell you one that I would like to do.
  4. sure
  5. Alrighty so if your willing to do it I would like to try and do a futuristic apocalypse with you
  6. okay got an idea in mind
  7. Alright shall we take it over to pm?
  8. sure
  9. always looking
  10. What kind of plots did you have in mind related to Gotham?
  11. pm me
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