Always looking for RP Partner >w<

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  1. :cookie: Still Looking For RP Partners [UPDATED]:cookie:

    Preferably for these fandoms:
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Kuroko no Basuke
    Kyoukai no Kanata
    OC x OC is good too though ^u^


    Gamer x Gamer: (TAKEN)

    So we'll be having Gamer boy x Gamer girl, they meet online in an rpg game and hit it off so well that they ended up harboring romantic feelings for the other. They have never met each other offline and has only heard each other's voice through a game function. Set in High school, if you're interested comment below or PM me so we can work out a better plot.

    Fake marriage: (TAKEN)

    The couple has to pretend to be engaged for a span of three months. Nobody, not even their parents, can know that everything is a simple arrangement made by the fake couple. But as time passes they begin to find it harder and harder to leave the other's side. As of now this is as much as I have prepared lol. If you can help make the plot more detailed and will be willing to RP with me please send me a PM or a comment >w<

    Master x Familiar [No plot yet]*

    Spirit x Human [No plot yet]*

    Demon x Angel [No plot yet]*

    Human x Immortal [No plot yet]* (TAKEN)

    *This means that if you are interested send me a PM so we can make a plot bruhs. Crossovers are good too

    Canon ships that I would die for:
    Ayato x Kaneki [Tokyo Ghoul]
    Akashi x Kuroko [Kuroko no Basuke]
    Kenma x Kuroo [Haikyuu]
    Wolfram x Yuuri [Kyo Kara Maoh]

    ***I am still quite new to this website so forgive me if I somehow did something wrong QwQ***

    Find me on Deviantart:
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  2. Still looking!
  3. I am interested in your fake wedding idea!!!!
  4. Yay ^u^

    Send me a PM and let's work on the details!
  5. I would love to do the gamer girl and gamer boy idea!!
    Want to pm to talk about it more
  6. Sure ^u^
  7. I am very interested in rping with you if your still looking for people
  8. Sure, send me a PM? >w<
  9. Are you still looking for partners? i'm interested in the fake marriage if you're willing to do another, i also like the pairings you have so we could come up with something together for those :)

  10. Hi! Send me a PM and let's talk about it? Which pairings did you like?
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