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  1. LOST

    In a small mountain town, where it rains, snows and the suns glow is cool and warm in summer. When she was little she would visit her grandparents here, and this was were she had a friend, (that would be you) who had nightmares in his sleep, (I have a reason for the nightmares, but you can make up one). The only time he slept peacefully was when she snick him in her bed at night (they were kids so don't read into that wrong). She spend every day she visit her grandparents with him, and always came back for summer. He would always be waiting for her and they talked, laughed and played in the woods surrounding the town. He was an orphaned at a young age and there were only a few orphans when he was younger, then he was the last of two, but she were the only one he seems to like being around.

    After an accident back at home, with her parents, she spent time in the hospital. After a while, she was well enough to go home, but couldn't really go anywhere. Her grandparents died and her memory of the boy grow faint. Through time, she didn't really thing about him, until her parents passed away one by one. Now she only has her older brother and she can't help but recall some things that she used to do with a boy she doesn't really remember.

    After 13 years, she has returned and the moment he saw her, he knew who she was. But she has no idea who he is. She moved into her grandparents old how, and wants to find this boy, but doesn't know where to look. She wants to get back clear memories of being in this town with him without being forced to recall it.

    (so that is what I got, it would start when she first gets back and from there it can be whatever. I wasn't really thinking of teh new friendship/relationship, that they could build but I thought it would be interesting.)







    (you can add personality if you want but I find it interesting to find out as you go along.)

    Name: Freya Zoe Wallace

    Age: 26

    Family: Older brother

    Background: Freya was born with a normal life, parents, grandparents and an older brother. At a young age, she meet a boy and every summer they were always together. But when she was 12 before her 13th birthday there was a car accident that put her in the hospital in a small coma. The doctors had managed to save her life, but her memories were hazy to say the least. Through the next two years, her family helped her back on her feet, and with her memory, but her grandparents passed away before she cold visit them again. Now, after a few years and clear memories, for the most part, she wants to regain memories she lost about her summers with her grandparents. She faintly recalls a boy that she used to play with, but his face, voice and name are still so unclear. So she decided to move back into her grandparents home, working at a hardware store for now, so she could get her barrings and decided whether she wants to stay. In this small town, people seem to know her, but she wants to find him.


    Fix a Heart
    So, you meet my character at work, you just started. I don't have an idea where the work can be. But you notice that one of the females, that would be me, is faking her smile all the time. At first, you don't care but as time goes by you start to wonder if it is effecting her work and decided to talk to her about it. She gives you a piece of her mind and you just don't want to deal with her. It's her job at risk not yours.

    On a rainy day you happen to notice her in the rain, just standing out in the rain like nothing. You think of just leaving her there, but decided to be a nice guy and offer her an umbrella. She bursts out in tears and spills all about her break up that happened the night before you started work. Feeling bad, you decided to offer to hang out, and that night you guys have dinner. You try to avoid the break up topic and try to get to know her.

    P.S. can be romantic or just friendship, either way.

    Name: Vanessa "Ness" Moore

    Age: 25

    Family: Mother, Father, little sister

    Background: Ness has always been a strong child and she grow up in a strong family. As a woman, she has been stubborn and independent until she let a guy into her heart. Her support system is good, if she bothered to use it. She keeps everything in, putting on a brave face.


    Starbucks and Sarcasm
    This one, you are a college student that frequency the Starbucks on campus. One day, you just get your drink of choice and as you go to drink it, a guy, that would be me, bumps into you in his rush. Not cool, and you get annoyed by how cold his apology sounds. He gets annoyed by your reaction and rolls his eye, grabbing a water and leaving.

    Later you go to your teacher's office at his request, about your application to be a TA. You have been accepted, which is the good news. A knock on the door and walks in the rude guy, he is the bad news. You have to help me with his work, or he will fail and he is a bright man, so says the teacher. In your attempt to set up a meet, he just brushes you off, expecting to see you in the Library the next day just after noon, where you two will talk. But he doesn't tell you were in the Library or an exact time.

    When you show up, he is already there and he is just as cold as he was before. Through time you get to know him and he is passive, logical and cold at nearly everything. It's just the way he is, but there is just something about him, that you want to get know more about, that you like being around.

    P.S. this one is more towards romantic, but it's whatever, I would like to do this a few different ways, if there is more then one interest.

    Name: Dylan Ethan Michaels

    Age: 23

    Family: Parents are died, Father's side: Uncle and cousin(doctors) Aunt (Stay at homemom)
    Mother's side: Second cousin(lawyer), Grandparents

    Background: Dylan was raised by his parents until he was 4, when they died in an accident. He stayed with his mother's cousin until he turned 7, when he moved in with his father's brother, who was a doctor. At 14, he moved from his uncle's house to live with his grandfather on his father's side. He started working at age 17 and saving up for college, helping his grandfather out with bills. He stayed with his grandfather, since his grandmother passed away, until he was in his junior year in college at 20. After completing his RN, Dylan started working at the hospital with his cousin, while she was doing he Residency in the hospital. Now, he is studying for his BSN and taking foreign languages to help understand his patients in their language and better serve as a Nurse.

    Personality: Logical, cold, straight forward and focused


    You are a very tolerant man, you have been married for the last four years to a woman that you both love and want to keep safe, that is your first priority. But now someone wants to expose her for being different, claiming she is not human. Your partner at work Joel is cool with her abilities and his wife Sandy loves having her over, but this person even threatens to expose their knowledge of her. Your wife isn't normal, you know that much, she had powers that you don't completely understand but other then her Guardian, you don't want her to be around her own kind, in case something happens.

    After you decided you want to find out who this person is and why they are so passionate about it you give your wife some wrong ideas. You want to keep her safe, keep her in the dark of the danger but keeping her close and in the dark is not easy. But you want to stop this person from exposing her, no mater what it takes.

    P.S. I would play the wife, we can go back and forth with the "enemy". I still need some details on this so if you want we can work on this together.

    Name: Olivia "Liv" Kalvin

    Age: 28

    Family: Guardian and Husband

    Background: Liv was born to a section of humanity that no long is popular on earth. Normal humans are Guardians to keep them safe and secret. Samuel is an important friend, but when she went to college he warned her her powers would become unstable and she would need help to control them. After an accident at school, she was crying in her car, when a boy just happen to come and check on her. From that day on they had been friends, he was always there for her and one day, his girlfriend broke up with him. She wanted to be there for him, but he didn't seem to care, instead he kissed her and they have been together since. Her husband is very protective of her and she doesn't mind, but she wants to be more useful, with anything.


    Cocky Straightenedd
    She was ok, for a while, but after a while thinks started to get hard and she lost everything, mostly. She turned to her parents for help but they had their own problems. But with luck, her father's Military buddy was always been welling to help, if you just ask him. So, she does. He lets her stay in one of his houses. Being well off he has a few, but this one is the only free one at the moment. He is wealthy but he likes helping out a lot. He has always been a cool family friend so she is ok with the move and grateful for the help.

    But at this time, his playboy son happens to be in the same house that he has sent you to. But his hands are tied, it is the only house that he has guest rooms open. So she has to be roommates with a guy that is used to getting any girl he wants. Now, she is being targeted and he is annoyed by how little his charm works on her.

    After a while though, she starts to get to know to not playboy side and she can't help but like it. Come to find out she likes more then that side, and things better between them. Much better, she thinks she might actually like him that way. After things between them starts off, he spends a lot of his time with her. But she finds out that the whole things was a set up. Her father and his father planned for her to straighten him out and get her out of her shell. And putting them together seems to be their idea of a solution, but they don't know that she and he are more then just roommates. What will happen next?

    P.S. I don't care who is in which spot, I can play the guy or girl which ever.

    Johnathan has always lived a normal life, until one day his family starts to die. And if that isn't bad enough, he bumps into a girl that is nothing but trouble. She is a rough around the edges girl, all around bad girl with that seems to just make herself at home with his family. Little did he know she was just like his family and was sent to help him get into the groove of being a hunter of the supernatural. Together they explore his family legacy and how he is going to cope with finding what is after his family, her and him.

    Name: Johnathan "John" Marks

    Age: 27

    Bio: John was born to a semi-normal family of fighters. With two older brothers, always willing to challenge his skills and a little sister, who he feels responsible for, Johnathan trains as a fighter, himself. Although training is hard and unusual in every way, he keeps up and is well built, as well as flexible. If his body can fit he can move it to get through an space. Outside of home, Johnathan is a normal guy, he works, has friends and dates like any other person. His fighting isn't a big secret but he does keep it away from his day to day life. So going out is not something he really focuses on, but he is not afraid to go out for a good time. He doesn't have a temper, so to get into a fight means something just pushed for it.


    Semper fidelis

    July has always raised to be responsible and loyal to her family. Working in their restaurant she could always count on their support through anything. But when she falls in love with someone that is known only by the small towns people as a bad egg. She starts to question if there is something wrong with him or her. He has secrets she is just starting to understand, but her family wants her to remember who she is. Although things come up a lot, from his past, she can't help but recall the motto of her brothers and family, but who should be the focus of the motto.

    Name: July Kameron Mason

    Age: 24

    Bio: July was born to a family of three brothers and many family visits. With her family's restaurant employing every member of her family that needs a job, July has been raised with strong family values. She works at the restaurant with school and looking for her own path.

    Master Thief

    Arthur has done well as a thief for years and keeping it from his family has always been easy. But when someone steals from him, Arthur is quick to locate them, a pity thief at first thought, but he takes interest in how easy this person has been able to move around. Although still a young thief, obviously, Arthur likes the idea that this person was able to take from him. Blind or not, he is not an easy mark and he takes them into his world, only to find that they both really could use the company more then they thought they could.

    Name: Arthur Dylan Hughes Arnold

    Age: 34

    Family: Richard Arnold (father), Silvia Hughes Arnold (mother), Dylan Hughes (grandfather)

    Specialty: Technology, programming, and nervous system studies

    Skills: Martial arts, staff fighting, shooting, archery, language, calligraphy and enhance senses

    Strength: Confidence, enhance senses, and strategic planning

    Weakness: Emotions, family, close friends and trusting others

    Background: He is a charming looking man, with handsome facial features. Since he is blind, his seen as a handicap man, with the disadvantage of sight, born to a wealthy family. But he is a natural and skilled thief, smart and cleaver he likes being underestimated and proving people wrong, but he uses his handicap in his work, in order to take off suspicious on him. He is trustable, as long as you don’t cross him, otherwise, he can be as dangerous as a shark. Going by many names, one being Eagle, since he swoops in, grabs and vanishes. He has dirty blond hair, that isn’t a stranger to hair dye, short and well managed. His eyes are a blank Sky Blue, with contacts his eyes look a deep blue and his metal black thin glasses are specially designed for his face, giving it added charm.

    He is a master thief, but usually works alone, he has worked with a famous thief band, recently disbanded, but still the boss and his assistant still contact him for jobs, when they think it will interest him. But he works alone, partnering with other thieves for more challenging jobs.



    Emmett never knew his past and he was fine with that. But when he tries to leave the kingdom he calls home, he is faced with nothing but trouble and taxes that he is not willing to pay. After a short meeting with the princess he convinces her to help him through secret tunnels that she is more or less familiar with. But once they find their way through the tunnels, she relies on his protection to make it in the outside world. Her father, a corrupt king refuses to allow his first born, the princess, to rule and instead tries to control her every move. But with Emmett she finds out about a whole knew world, a whole knew being that have been kidnapped and lost to the world. In a secret Compound that she was never privileged to know, are problems and secrets that she should never know. Now, with her help, Emmett learns his past, where he is from and who he was meant to be. More importantly he learns why he has always felt that he had something he had to do.

    Name: Emmett (Original: Amiet Durgur)

    Age: 18

    Origin:the Compound (Elemaniti)


    Amiet- a master of the five elements, fire, water, earth, air and mind, he draws all his moves from these five without combining them before use. He doesn't like to use mix elements and is fond of air as a combat element, using is in nearly every attack even if he is attacking with just weapons.

    Emmett- has shown signs of being able to use the elements, but he is a newbie, compared to his younger self. He is learning to reach the level he had, but slowly small tricks he made up are coming back to him. Emmett reads his journals, and learns to create the elements and how he used them, but the practice is not so easy. Still he can manage to exhort rare and raw energy that is the most purest, dangerous and most frightening form of an elemental ability, combining abilities, elements and level of power as an era that can kill just by getting too close.

    Family: Kerf (father), Amure(mother) and Kir (older brother)

    Best Friends:the Scholars son(H¬uut),the Merchant's son (Fitu), the People’s son, (Gugi), the Crafter’s son (Litz), the Lord's son (Dugu), Princess Liana

    Born in the Compound to be the Head of Arms, Emmett's birth name is Amiet. The successor to his father Kerf and born the same year as Fitu, Gugi, Litz, Dugu and H¬uut. 11 years ago, his friends were kidnapped while he was getting equipment to train them to defend themselves. When he returned he saw his friends in potato sacks and followed the kidnappers, hoping to help get them free. But upon entering the nearby kingdom for rest. He managed to help release them, he ordered them to ran out, but it was so dark, as he was leading the kidnappers from chasing them and planning the lose them so he could meet them at the gate, and show them the way home. While he was distracting those men from following my friends, he hit my head or someone hit his head, and he fall. When he woke up, he remember a name, but it never sounded right. Madam Patricia translated it into Emmett, giving him the name Emmett. After 11 years of being an orphan, he runs into Sir Alister who recognizes him as the boy of the Compound, and is sent before the king. The king happen to be away and so he meet the princess, the princess, together they snick away from the kingdom and unknowingly returned to the Compound, only to find out who he really is and what happened. Now, Emmett wants to find his lost friends, with the princess's help and try and see if he can be this Amiet that they all feel to strongly about.


    College Life

    Elle has always been a hard worker and now she is trying to look for a job. When she finally finds one, she meets a lot of people, none so interesting as (your character). Not only does she enjoy her job more with (your character) around, but she also is starting to think that working as a detective isn't really as bad as everyone makes it out to be. With a new case, ptting them together, Elle is worried that her interest might grown to be more then just friendship.

    Name: Elizabeth "Elle" Marie Acosta

    Age: 24

    Origin: San Antonio, Texas

    Personality: Elizabeth is stubborn and strong welled, with a strong belief in hard work and dedication. She is friendly, with a strong focus on reaching her goals on life.

    Education: Master's in Psychology, Bachelor's in Drama,and Associate's in Music.

    Talent: Elizabeth can sing, is often mistaken for a music major. She was forced to take self defense, piano and acting classes before finishing high school. She sees the good as much as the bad in people and can usually identify which rules over a person.

    Appearance: 5'6; red hair, brown eyes, usually wearing jeans and a t-shirt

    History: Elizabeth was born second of two, her family has worked hard their entire lives, to the point that her brother pretty much raised her. He taught her she had to work hard to get anything in life. She started self defense, in middle school and piano shortly after, in order to stay busy, while they live in the westside of San Antonio, and continued while in high school on the south side of San Antonio where she started drama. From elementary to high school Elizabeth has win several talent shows and compositions, as well as lead roles in her high school plays. She started community college at San Antonio College, before heading to an university.

    Young Geniuses

    Mono has always been anti-social and that has never been a problem for him. Until now, he has been placed on a dig with a equally intelligent teenager and they are not anti-social at all. Although he has his mother to help him, usually. Without her he has to figure out how to talk to this coworker that just happens to be openly sociable and free spirited, unlike anyone he has ever dealt with before.

    Name: Monroe “Mono” Suki
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Child Protégé; Archaeologist
    Country of Origin: New York City, New York
    Appearance: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Personality: Intelligent, Relaxed, and Sidetrack
    Weaknesses: Music, Clumsy, and anti-social at times
    Strengths: Smart, Laughs a lot and focused
    Alignment: The Good or The Bad --- An Angel or a Demon. Alignment will be left unfilled and will be written out later when the thread has entered deep into the woods.
    Biography: Mono is the youngest of five, and a child genius, graduating NYU at the age of 12 with a master’s in Anthropology and Archaeology, he has an associated in psychology and is already on his way to his Ph. D. Mono has always be an unsocial person, not able to relate to kids his own age, but he likes nearly the same things. Mono lives with his mother, coming from a divorce family, he has always been more connected with his mother, and since she understands the distance he places between himself and others. Mono is rarely without his headset, he keeps it at his neck usually, but mostly on his head to listen to music.
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