Always looking for new Partners (Fxf,Futa)

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  1. Hi there everyone my name is Rain and im here looking for friends and new people to rp with. Well to start off i usually get on in the evenings when everyone else seems to be asleep but i will reply back to you if we have a rp going :).

    Well now that thats out of the way im glad to say hello and welcome. For me i just love to rp and most of the time dont care how i do it. Alot of the time i try to copy my partners stlyle of posting but to that extent i will not be a multi para poster and probably never will. Also i prefer to do a rp in the forums rather then pm because then it feels more personal and fun.

    I usually only play girls or futas but am totally open to being a cross dresser in a rp if you want to do a gay rp. Other than that though i dont rp straight rps its just not my point of interest.

    Anywhos right now im not looking for anything specific im just looking to rp. As with most rps i would love there to be some romance in them not centered around it but there and well id rather it be lesbian or lesbianish :). I love everything from Fantasy to Scifi just no horror please.i also love very much to rp in other peoples ideas and imaginings so if you have something your just dying to do im all ears.

    Here are a few ideas that id love to brainstorm about if youd like.
    Random Strangers
    Met online
    Video game charies-Dishonored,Mass effect,Dragon Age,Skyrim,League of Legends,etc...(or made up in that universe)
    Book charies
    Movie charies
    Comic Charies (Total nerd) (Some of my faves Huntress, Power Girl, Scarlet Witch, spider gwen, hawk woman)
    HeroXSide kick

    Considering its pretty amazing i would love to do a Dragon Age Inquisition Rp or anything in the DA world really with OCs. Following the plot or trying to bring the world back after all the events. Either works for me i just would love to play in that universe.

    And any others that you might think up like i said im all ears.

    As for what i enjoy in the rp im open to pretty much anything except gross stuff like puke or scat and gorey stuff like death or mutilation. But yea everything else just ask and ill tell you id its ok

    Well thats all I can think of for now so i hope to see you soon just send me a message or leave one here and we can hash out a fun idea for the both of us.


    So as of late ive been craving a certain fetish and im not sure if there are many people out there who would want to. Anway the kink is weight gain. I know i know weird but i like it for some reason. What id like is for a partner who thinks mine is to skinny or something along those lines. And so she starts feeding her more and more until shes pretty big. I would like this to be a cute and romantic rp and am open to multiple settings. Also if the other person would like to have their character gain weight as well im fine with that. Anyway thats what im looking for i know its not everyones cup of tea but i would love to play with someone soon hehe.

    Also lately ive been having a craving for just a good old fashioned powered charrie versus powered charrie. Ya know super whatever vs other super whatever. We have a good old beat down that divulges into a love fest and then turns into a secret relationship. Something fun and power packed and im all for getting beat up just to have some fun later on wink wink nudge nudge hehe.

    I have also picked up a craving for some star wars esque universe fun. I wonder why hehe. Anyway with the movie drawing nearer and battle front out my need for the force is high. So i was thinking maybe sithxjedi lovers or padawans trained together something in the universe i dont care what i just would really love to have more star wars on my plate.
  2. (")(o3o) howdy, glad to see you and I have a lot of the same interests judging from your likes, so i think we could come up with some fun ideas.

    I wouldn't mind doing something with Dragon Age or League of Legends if you'd like, i know both pretty well, though i tend to enjoy playing OCs the most, if you can play cannons I'd love you to death for it but I'm flexible otherwise.

    I'm super excited thinking that you wouldn't mind playing power girl, I could definitely plot something out around her if you wanna go for comics instead. I don't know much about Spider Gwen, but from what i've seen she's right up my alley too (I'll be reading up on her for fun, glad to have new comics to check out)

    Otherwise, I'm perfectly cool with any and all OC x OC stuff, I do love girls love, and don't really do anything else. I'll be poking you in a convo to talk more details if you like, otherwise it was nice meeting you :3
  3. I would so love to RP with you. I love Dragons age, and I know every little thing about it, but I also have an Idea for skyrim that is amazing. I haven't tried it out, and would absolutely fun to try out. I can PM you the plot, if you want to know what it is. I think it would be absolutely fun to try this out. Let me know what you think, and thank you for hearing me out.
  4. I love so many of your pairings/ ideas! <3

    Princess x princess
    Random strangers
    Professor x student
    Met online
    Hero x sidekick
    All F x F and your kink sounds like fun to play with.

    Hit me up if you are interested ;)
  5. Hello, I am interested in expanding out my FemaleX Female and Female XFuta. I was interested in the superheroX Villain. If you are interested still of course.