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  1. I posted this in OnexOne as well.

    Hello! I have just joined, but I've been rping for several years. I'm currently looking for some new people for romance rps.

    • MxM. I do MxF too, and might be persuaded to do FxF if there's a good plot.
    • Somebody who can post with proper grammar and spelling. Length isn't an issue for me, since I can only do a paragraph on a good day, but I don't mind if people give me more or less than that.
    • Somebody who is willing to rp over email or pm. This is for both convenience since I always have my email open, but because I like a bit of privacy and would prefer to not use a board anybody could read.
    • Somebody who can be mature, but this doesn't necessarily have to mean graphic. I want somebody who can approach mature themes like depression and mental illness and not turn them into jokes.
    • Any genre really except sci-fi. I like a bit of plot with my romance as well.
    • While I am willing to play out sex scenes, I will warn that I have no real world experience and my writing might suck in that department.

    Pairings I had in mind:
    • Vampire/pretty much anything
    • Angel/Demon
    • Teacher/Student
    • Bully/Bullied
    • Anything you can think of, honestly

    Feel free to pm me or post here.
  2. If you're still looking, I'd be interested in an angel/demon mxm. :)
  3. Considering I just posted today, yeah I'm still looking :) Why don't you pm me?
  4. I'm interested in the Bully/Bullied idea, if that one is still open?
  5. I'll PM you :)
  6. Vampire / I filled in the gap so Doppelganger , or shadow stepper If that alright.

  7. I could use another MxM rp. Shoot me a PM?
  8. PM's sent :)
  9. MxM I prefer being a bottom and i was thinking of doing a StudentxTeacher with a twist with Teacher bottoming and Student topping
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.