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  1. Hello! My name is IceQueen and I am, for one, an avid roleplayer. I love playing Female characters mostly, but I can play a few males. I am open to new ideas and types of roleplays, but I have a few set rules.

    1. I always fade to black. Just a personal preference.
    2. I always Rp in third person. Again, a preference.
    3. I NEVER text talk in an rp. Drives me nuts.
    4. I want my partners to give me close to the same as what I write. That means, if I take the time to make a large intro post, you can give me a larger response than one sentence.

    Now then, things I look for in partners.
    • People who don't just sit and let me do everything.
    • People who have depth to their characters. Maybe a bit more detail.
    • They instigate new conflicts so that everything isn't perfect.
    These things are high on my list and I find them really admirable in a partner. Now then, for the actual roleplaying bit. I am going to divide it into sections, and keep looking out because I change everything from time to time.\

    * means I want to play this person
    Different Color means I want to do this one really badly

    Utopian societies
    Modern Society
    Apocalyptic Future
    Anything Really

    Elsa*xJack Frost

    More Later​
  2. I have a semi-original plot I'd like to try but if you're not interested I'd do the princessXknight rp
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  4. I don't get your reference
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  5. WHERE?!?!?!?!? :P :heartbeat:
  6. They're my avatar lol
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  7. I see
  8. ~~Right here~~
    Rocking out to their frozen medley right now.
  9. Although I don't think I know what they are (sorry I don't get to do much in a hospital)
  10. I've got their first holiday album on repeat. I'm in love with Carol of the Bells
  11. They are a Accapella group
  12. Oh sorry my nurse Cynthia doesn't like A Capella music so I only heard like one A Capella song.
  13. They da best. But let's get back to the rp's. PM me~
  14. really its just a nerdy way to play cool music

    ay ay captian!
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