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  1. ● You can call me Gilgamesh or Tyler (my real name), Ty, doesn't really matter to me. I'm a nineteen year old male. I enjoy reading and playing video games. I currently don't have any limits.

    ● I'm cool with role-playing both males and females, and I am definitely willing to double, triple and quadruple and role-play many other characters, especially for the role-play I'm about to pitch to you. And I'd expect the same out of my partner.

    ● I want to better my writing and push myself to new heights, so if you find anything at all wrong with it or somewhere I can improve, don't hesitate to say something. I'll welcome your criticism with open arms.

    ● I have no limits regarding gore, sex, violence, drugs and swearing.

    ● I really enjoy romance in role-plays and would like this role-play to feature some. I'd prefer this to be MxF, with myself playing the male character.

    ● I really enjoy OOC talk.

    ● I prefer role-playing through PMs, so go ahead and contact through PM if you're interested.

    ● My posting speed can be pretty slow, but on the bright side, I'm a patient guy, so feel free to also take your own time responding. I can pretty much guarantee you won't hear a peep out of me regarding posting time.

    ● I prefer to skip character sheets and get right to it, but if you'd prefer to have them, I have two of the main characters for the role-play I'll be using written up right here (though I suggest you read the history of the world down below):
    Adrian Sumner and Dillon Hunt Character Sheet (open)
    Name: Adrian Sumner
    Code-name: Abaddon
    Gender: Male
    Age: Eighteen

    Appearance: Adrian stands at 5'9 with an athletic build, dark skin, almond-shaped eyes, cupid's bow lips, thick eyebrows and chiseled chin. His bright green eyes seem to almost give off a magical glow. His hair is very short and jet black, and usually keeps a permanent stubble on his chin. His usual attire is all black, usually a leather jacket, shirt, jeans and boots.

    Rank (Upon starting role-play): Ranked three senior villain

    Powers: Magic - Adrian's powers are particularly hard to nail down and causes a stir within the Super community because some of his faculties aren't even a product of his birth. One of his most commonly used powers is the ability to summon swords, particularly broadswords. The most we've seen is six at a time and that number at one time is rarely used, and such a number of swords summoned seemingly puts a great strain on him mentally, such as causing migraines, internal bleeding and dizziness. Otherwise Adrian is seen using two or three swords in a single fight.

    Telekinesis - Adrian's equally most used power, alongside summoning swords, is telekinesis, a product of his super heritage. He's capable of lifting objects such as chairs, desks and, most commonly, swords. He's proficient enough to even write using pencils and pens with his telekinesis, however he isn't strong like many other Supes who possess telekinesis who are capable of lifting cars. Such strength isn't necessary, however, considering in battle the only thing he actually needs to be powerful enough to life is swords and himself. Himself because he often uses his telekinesis to also fly.

    Telepathy - Possibly Adrian's least used ability and another product of his super heritage. He has the ability to speak with anyone with his mind simply by looking at them, however, he can't communicate with them if they aren't within his eyesight. The person he speaks to even acquires the ability to speak back to him for a limited amount of time, if they know to simply look back at him and think the thoughts they wish to speak to him.

    Skills: Master swordsman - It speaks for itself. Foolish is the man who challenges Adrian to a sword fight.

    Weaknesses: While Adrian is very keen on abilities of the mind, his physical prowess is very lacking. To the point of being as weak as the average male human.
    Biography: Adrian, son of Anora Sumner of graduating class 2026, describes the world he's from as "a fantasy novel." Not much other information is known.

    Name: Dillon Hunt
    Code-name: Metallica
    Gender: Female
    Age: Eighteen
    Appearance: Dillon stands at 5'6 with an athletic build. She has bright red hair, pale skin, freckled face and bright blue, rounded eyes. Her face is round with thin, dark eyebrows.

    Rank (Upon starting role-play): Ranked One Senior Minion

    Powers: Dillon, upon her attempt to enroll at Supers' Academy: New York, has been a subject of great controversy. Dillon's "powers" consist of a perfect photographic memory, perfect recall of nearly all scientific and medical information, speaker of ten languages and capable of completing extremely complex mathematical equations at incredible speeds. She is a genius. However, being a genius isn't necessarily strictly prohibited to Supers. Humans, while very few, are capable of the same thing. After all, it's not unusual for Super offspring to be human. The controversy begins with whether or not her intelligence makes her a Super, and whether or those who possess such qualities should also be enrolled to a Super Academy.

    Ultimately it was decided that Dillon should be enrolled because her father had sent her. Hinting that he also believes she is a super.

    Skills: Robot and power armor engineering - What Dillon lacks in super strength and speed she makes up for in her exceptional ability to make things to fight for her, such as robots or even wearable power armor. However, her options to create robots and power armor is severely limited, unfortunately, due to the Academies' poor funding. The Academy has only been able to help her attain parts by limited means, and she has only been seen wearing high tech gauntlets, which look to be mostly unfinished.

    Medicine and Medical knowledge - Dillon is, accounting only her knowledge, already a doctor of a number of medical fields. Having all the medical knowledge many doctors, possibly more so, have. The only thing lacking to make her official is the medical training.

    Weaknesses: While exceptionally intelligent, Dillon is a normal girl. She has no super strength, speed, regenerative abilities or other physical prowess. Making her a fragile super in an ever increasing malicious and brutal world.

    Biography: Not much is known about Dillon's origin, but her extensive knowledge of the human body and technology hints at one heavily involved in advanced technology.

    ● I will frequently contribute ideas to a plot and help progress the story.

    ● I can write quite a bit depending on how inspired I am at the time, which can range from two paragraphs to ten, if you'd like a sample of my writing and a taste of what this role-play entails, here's a taste (though I suggest you read the history summary below this to fully understand why these events are happening):
    Opening of the 2253 Villain Ranked Matches (open)
    The heels of Adrian's black boots clacked against the white tile flooring of Supers' Academy, which had been littered with confetti. Balloons hovered below the ceiling as he walked through the white and gold hallways. "Apparently I've missed most of the opening excitement," thought Adrian. The white walls were covered in posters that read "Fight of the Decade! Lilith versus Titan!" It had pictures of both Titan, an extraordinarily handsome blonde who seemed to leave the ladies drooling in his wake, and Lilith, a dark eyed and haired woman known for having a foul temper, staring the other down from opposing sides of the poster. Lilith was ranked number two of the senior villains and Titan was ranked number one of the senior villains, a title he held for a long time. Adrian planned on correcting that.

    The ranked battles at Supes Academy were well loved by its students and even a few teachers. It was a time of excitement like the Superbowl or professional wrestling where competition and rivalry was idolized. Where people's favorite Supes would fight it out in order to determine who was the best. Supes and humans alike loved to debate who would win based on the Super's powers and tactics. Place bets on who would win. Who would fight? What twists would occur? The results of the ranked battles would be published in the morning newspaper, and excitedly discussed on morning television shows dedicated to everything Super.

    However, this was nothing in comparison to the graduation battle. The graduation battle was publicly made available on television and millions of Americans tuned in to watch. The Graduation Battle of 2039 Supers' Academy: California was the single most watched television program in United States history and the single most watched international television program ever. And while graduation battles that followed never truly reached the peak numbers in 2039, they hadn't fallen far. The world apparently couldn't get enough of Supers fighting one another.

    But for now, Adrian had to focus on defeating two Supers in a single day. It wouldn't be easy. It'd be hell. But it had to be done. If he didn't defeat Lilith and Titan now, he'd lose his chance at participating in the Fall Graduation Battle, which means one less chance to graduate with his powers intact.

    Adrian walked through the white and gold hallway, his black jeans, shirt and leather jacket a dark contrast to the bright and vibrant colors. He continued walking until he reached one of three cafeterias within the Academy. Here the concession stands served nachos, hot dogs, pretzels, cotton candy, soda and tons of other snacks. It wasn't surprising the Academy decided to capitalize on the battle's popularity with concession stands. The Academy was low on funding, and one way or another they had to make money.

    Adrian pushed past the massive crowd of Supers gathered in the cafeteria. Shoulder to shoulder with his peers, he dodged some Supes loitering outside the arena doors, others ordering food and discussing how badly Lilith was going to trash Titan. Usually the "Big Three" of every class and category had celebrity like status within the school. But Adrian had been overshadowed by Lilith and Titan, not just today, but ever since he made rank three of the junior villains last year. It was a source of constant annoyance for Adrian. To be in someone else's shadow.

    It pissed him the fuck off considering all the work he put in to get here.

    If he had been Lilith or Titan the crowd would've parted like the Red Sea as he attempted to reach the arena doors. But instead it was as if he wasn't there. Just another Super among the crowd.

    Adrian made it to the arena doors and followed behind a group of Supers filing through it. Passing through the doors, that's when Adrian saw it. The Super Villain and Minion Arena. It was a massive underground oval stadium. Bright stadium lights beamed brightly overhead as the four huge video boards on the four sides of the stadium showed the stats for Lilith and Titan. The stadium could hold up to forty thousand people, and though it rarely reached capacity, it would often come close despite Supers' Academy only housing five thousands students. That's because most of the people who came to see the battles were humans, and thus had the largest seating arrangements separate from the Super seating, which was the smallest.

    And while Supers' Academy lacked funding in many areas, their underground stadium wasn't one of them. Probably because it was their primary source of income. And because it was a source of constant media attention.

    Adrian took to the sky, flying over thousands of people within the stands. In the middle of the sand covered arena stood three pedestals that were held high in the air. Each one was numbered three, two and one where the respective Super holding each position should stand when they were ready. Adrian landed on the pedestal that stood the lowest among the three numbered '3' and upon his feet touching it it lit up a bright green. To his left and upon the middle platform numbered '1' settled Titan at 6'1 with short blond hair. He was shirtless, as he usually fought, with his six pack of abs and huge pectoral muscles being displayed proudly. His chiseled chin and clean face smirked as the crowd erupted in cheers. To Titan's left stood Lilith on the pedestal numbered '2' at 5'8 with long, dark hair and dark brown eyes. She wore a tank-top and jeans and appeared as any normal girl would.

    The crowd cheered as Adrian stood on his pedestal, but their cheers weren't for him. They knew, at any minute now, the game was about to begin.

    Adrian, Titan and Lilith waited no more than five minutes after Adrian arrived before humans and Supes alike began to quickly come into their seats.

    The stadium lights dimmed and suddenly the entire stadium of excited humans and supers went silent. It started off small, in the very center of the arena, that a slight wind nudged the three Supers. Gradually the wind grew stronger until it swirled about the entire stadium, carrying a massive flock of rose petals with it. The stadium spotlights, red, blue and yellow danced around the stadium until they honed into a single space in the center of the arena where they transitioned the light's colors to pink. In a flash the wind stopped and in the center, where the spotlights shone, stood two figures who seemingly appeared out of thin air. Pink rose petals fluttered all around the stadium, elegantly falling to the ground around the man and woman beneath the spotlights' glow.

    The young man and woman, who appeared to be in their late twenties, wore a pink suit and elegant dress respectively. The man had short, dark brown hair, a lean build and a square face. The woman's dirty blond hair hung long past her back, and had a round face and lean build like the man behind her. They both threw their hands in the air. Huge, white smiles practically plastered on their faces, and simultaneously spoke into the microphones they both held in their other hand, "Welcome to the 2253 second fall villain ranked battles!"

    Always Enemies ~ History

    In the year 1939, the atomic bomb was only one of thousands of weapons of mass destruction developed by the United States of America. American scientists subjected thousands of willing American civilians and soldiers, in the name of protecting their country and values against communism and the encroaching war, to genetic mutation. The result was thousands of super powered humans possessing wildly varying abilities. Named "supers" or "supes" for their incredible abilities, supes helped bring a swift end to the Axis Powers, crippling them on all fronts and ending the war in 1943.

    However, upon returning home, supes faced extreme discrimination and prejudice. Civil strife was born from American fear of those who could potentially abuse their faculties, and thus government regulations were swiftly set to protect the powered from the non-powered. However, the human and supe divide grew deeper and deeper as the years progressed. Supe crimes were not ordinary. They could control minds to rob banks, destroy a skull with a flick of the wrist, or wipe memories. They were, potentially, the ultimate criminals. This terrified humans. Unknowingly to humans at the time, supes could pass on their abilities to their children with fellow supes and humans alike. Their genetic code interacting with their partners to produce Supes with even more unique abilities. Couple this with a supes' incredibly long lifespan, and humans around the world felt insecure about their place in the world.

    In 2101, supes numbered in the millions and discrimination grew with it. Supers were turned away from jobs, forced to live in segregated neighborhoods and forced to dine in separate establishments. Tension between supes and humans grew to an all-time high when a massive brawl, leveling multiple skyscrapers and thousands of lost lives, erupted between two supes in Chicago, Illinois. Showing the world that an otherwise common street brawl between two supers could result in thousands dead. Humans decided supers had to go. One way or another.

    A cure was developed and the U.S. government ordered all supes to go to hospitals and clinics for their cure. While thousands of supers were ready to become human again, to stop having to constantly watch their backs and experience prejudice. However, most supes were not so ready to destroy who they were for anyone. Supes protested the law enacted that they were required to report to clinics and hospitals for the cure. It wasn't until a peaceful protest ended in a slaughter of the human police perpetrated by Supes that the second American Civil War began.

    Many humans sided with supes, but many more sided with the government. As expected, many supes joined the U.S. army, but many more joined the opposing forces.

    The war was one sided, with supes leading in victories, but an inner strife of ideologies caused the super army to break apart. One side joining the U.S. army, and the other staying within the Supe army. With the end of the war and thousands of supes dead, the U.S. government offered a solution. With the remaining supes and any to be born, they were to be sent to one of four high schools specially designed to train supers in their use of their powers. However, the graduation consists of a series of nonfatal hunger game-esque battles to determine who is the most fit and in control of their abilities to graduate.

    The games, however, are violent and the government has capitalized on this by making it a public spectacle, and divide the freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior students into the hero, villain, minion or sidekick categories, each student deciding where they belong. The students are also ranked, the number one senior minion being presumably stronger than the number two senior minion, and all fight for higher rank. And while the heroes and sidekicks are rivals to the villains and minions, they must set their differences aside for the graduation battle to keep their abilities.

    Finally, in 2253, supes face extinction because of who they are. They still number the millions, but with each passing school year, thousands have lost their powers. The four principals of the four Super Academies, under the cover of darkness, agree to seek a new universe for supers to dwell. So they send the graduating students, powers intact, into new universes, new worlds to be free from the horrors of the Earth as they know it. However, what happens after that, is entirely up to them.

    Sorry for the lengthy read, but I wanted to give you everything you needed. Our characters start off in supers' Academy: New York where they are seniors, one villain (my character unless you want the villain spot), the other a hero. We'll also have to create and control our minion/sidekick, so we'll be doubling in this role-play. I'll be controlling a number of other Supes who are also fighting for the top spot. Also, for the pairing, I was thinking MxF, my character the male.

    Some stuff that you may have questions about:

    1. I'm thinking about starting off a little into the beginning of our characters' senior year, but before the first graduating battle (which there are two of) and before the second ranked battle.

    2. There are two ranked battles before the two graduation battles (each one held at the end of the fall and spring terms respectively), so that the supes can have opportunities move up and defeat the Super that out ranks them. So a total of four ranked battles, two before each graduation battle. Our characters will be participating in the second one.

    3. There's much strife between the heroes/sidekicks and villains/minions, even inner strife between the villains and minions themselves. But they're strictly prohibited from fighting each other when not in the ring (not as though they always follow this rule, however).

    4. The villain and minion ranked battles are individual, which means one on one with the person they're challenging. In the last role-play I did similar to this, however, the hero and sidekick matches were free-for-alls. So if you'd like to do that for the heroes and sidekicks, you're free to do so. But I plan on having the villain and minion ranked battles as one on ones. The hero and sidekick matches were separated, like the minion and villain matches.

    5. Also, each class has their own ranked supers. Meaning there is a ranked one freshman villain, ranked one sophomore villain, ranked one junior villain and ranked one senior villain, etc. This applies to each of the four categories (hero,villain, minion, sidekick). Meaning all the ranked one villains, heroes, sidekicks and minions of each respective class participate in the graduation battle. Allowing even the freshmen to graduate in their first year and attain their universe very early.
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