Always, Always looking for more 1x1's (open and looking)

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  3. Hey, great list.

    I happen to be a Doctor Who fan if you're interested.
  4. sure that works fine.
  5. searching for partners
  6. I'd be very interested in a criminal x guard
  7. it depends on the plot you have.
  8. searching for partners
  9. I'd be very interested in writing angel x corrupted (or fallen) angel. Perhaps there was an angel who fell from grace and a different angel was sent to retrieve them or convince them to return.
  10. sure that works good.
  11. I would be very interested in starting a Harry Potter or Ouran Host Club story with you!
  12. can you send me a message please.
  13. Hey I think I'd be interested in a neko x human type thing, I've been thinking about doing one like that recently.
  14. it depends on what plot you have, most of them I've done, have been kinda boring.
  15. I don't really have a plot put together. If you're bored with that one we could do another plot, just looking for someone to rp with
  16. some new stuff

    just some stuff I have.

    demon princess knows her arranged husband has vanished into the human world and decides to go after him, because he wants to live a normal life. (romance / fantasy / can be tied with a malfia based)

    malfia's pregnant daughter decides to summon a demon or hire a vampire to help her raise her baby away from her supernatural obsessed father.

    woman who decides to throw a huge party for all her friends, ends up sleeping with her ex's brother and ends up pregnant, who just happens to be a leader of a pack of werewolves.


    Mass effect

    Garrus / OC
    Kaidan / OC

    Dragon Age

    Alistair / OC
    Cullen / OC
    Fenris / OC

    Fallout 4

    Danse / OC
    Nick Valentine / OC


    Weapons Master X Pilot
    Wood Elf X Human
    Beastmaster X Shapeshifter
    Angel X Demon
    Vampire X Nephlim/Angel
    Vampire X Neko
    Kitsune X Human
    Elemental X Elemental
    Demon X Human
    Ghost X Human
    Dragon shifter X Soldier
    Student X Teacher
    Bully X Bullied
    Model X Rock Star
    Model x Dancer
    Model x Ice Skater

    Master or Mistress/Slave
    Kitsune or Neko/Kitsune
    Kitsune or Neko/Human
    School Boy or School Girl/Popular Schoolgirl
    Boyfriend or Girlfriend/Girlfriend
    Pregnant Girlfriend/ Girlfriend or Boyfriend
    Test Subject x Test Subject
    Vampire x Other magical being
    Werewolf x other magical being
    Human x other magical being
    Angel x Other magical being
    Fallen Angel x other magical being
    Demon x other magical being
    Prince x Spy of other country
    Prince x Prisoner
    Researcher x Test Subject
    Prince x Guard
    Arranged Marriage
    Cheerleading Captain x Rocker Boy
    Good girl x Bad boy
    Bad girl x Good boy
    Boss x Intern
    Prince x Worker
    Prince x Maid
    One Night Stand -Leads to- Pregnancy
    Samurai x Geisha
    Camp Director x counsellor
    "Groom" x Mail Order Bride
    Doctor x Paitent/Nurse/Soldier
    Therapist x Client
    Client x Psychic
    Geisha x Young Lord
    Escort x Client
    Geisha x Tourist
    Gypsy x Demon King
    Gypsy x Prince
    Fashion Designer x Model
    Samurai x Healer
    Samurai x Enemy's Daughter
    Samurai x General's Daughter
    Ice Skater x Trainer
    Ice Skater x Banned Skater
    Ice Skater x Trainer
    D.J x Vampire
    D.J x Werewolf
    Witch x Priestess
    Half Demon x Human
    Rave Girl x D. J
    Pokemon x Trainer (human form)
    Trainer x Gym Leader
    Pokemon x Pokemon
    Trainer x Trainer
    Gym Leader x Gym Leader
    Therapist x Client
    Therapist x struggling client
    therapist x therapist
    chef x baker
    chef x chef
    chef x apprentice
    princess x prince
    princess x maid of another household
    princess x peasant
    rich girl x struggling boy
    idol x fan
    fan x non fan of current show
    musician x shy girl
    band needing musician x shy musical girl
    model x understudy
    fairy princess x elf prince
    fairy princess x dark elf prince
    fairy princess x unwed fairy king
    fairy queen x elf king
    elf queen x fairy king
    spring sprite x winter sprite
    fall sprite x summer sprite
    Wolf Girl x Kitsune Boy
    Assassin x Apprentice
    Suicidal Girl x Best Friend
    Suicidal Girl x Guardian Angel
    Druggie x Best Friend
    Druggie x Drug Dealer's Son
    Druggie x Drug Dealer
    Gang Member x Scared Girlfriend
    Gang Member x Leader's Daughter
    Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Fighter x Girlfriend
    Fighter x Protective Girlfriend
    Fighter x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Village Girl x Farmhand Boy
    Village Girl x Traveling Prince
    Village Girl x Abandoned Male
    Dancer x Non Dancer
    Magical Girl x Cosplaying Boy
    Real life anime girl x Cosplaying Boy
    Cosplaying Girl x Cosplayer Judge
    Cosplaying Girl x Cosplaying Boy
    Fashion Designer x Model
    Graduating Girl x Super Senior
    Graduating Girl x Vampire Senior
    Neko Girl x Cosplaying Wolf Boy
    Disney Lover x Non Disney Lover (plot)
    Delivery Girl x Normal Boy
    Angel Deliver Girl x Dead Boy{/td}
  17. was there anything that you want to do.
  18. Hmm, with a quick glance at all the options you have

    Fallout 4
    Sibling x Sibling
    Teen Pregnancy
    Japan Based

    Granted I don't really have any plots in mind.
  19. teen pregnancy or fallout 4
  20. Whatever plot you would wanna do more I'm cool with though I'm leaning more toward Fallout 4
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