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  1. The kingdom is in turmoil due to the tyranny of the current king. Taxes are at their current highest in the history of the kingdom. Because of this the people are facing famine, poverty, and disease. Because of the crimes against the people small rebellions have broken out.
  2. Victoria, a frail girl of 21, sat on the loveseat a top her two story house. The wind howled outside, and the noise from the nearest tavern carried on the breeze. From her spot she could hear the men clinking their glasses and slapping the table.
    What she wouldnt give to be out there, with the men, throwing around her sword and fighting along with them. She wasnt a master quite yet, but she wanted to be.
    Of course, she wanted to be a part of the rebellion. She loathed the way the king ruled, how the people were being treated. She wanted change, but she was stuck in here, unable to leave.
    She cursed under her breath and stood up, adjusting the corsette under her dress. Her boots clacked against the ground as she paced her room.
    Her father was one of the richest people here, and seldom allowed her to leave the house, and if so, not without an escort of some burly drunk in it for the coin. They did nothing more than drool and drink ale and trailed behind her, admiring her backside and whistling whenever he was sure nobody could hear.
    She wanted to be one othe rebels. Out in the sun, clashing swords and making changes to the world.
    And one day, she would. She just an exuse to run away.
  3. Alexander looked to the massive two story house checking the map the guild gave him just to be sure. "easy pickings hmm atlease there arnt any gaurds. Look there's even a window open on the top floor." Pulling his hood up Alexander snuck over to just under the window. His scmatars clancked against his left leg. Being customized to share a sheathe, so mobility wouldnt be Hendered.

    Once under the window alex pulled his grappling hook from his belt. He let the hook dangle a moment before swinging it around a good minute. Finally he loosened his grip enough to let the hook sore up and through the window. Once it was in a good place he pulled on it to let it hook onto the windowsill. He tugged on it to check its integrity once it felt secure he began his ascend.
  4. Vic sat down on her bed, hands folded. How much longer can she stay within the confines of her home, locked and watched, until she finally caves in?
    Her mother had died from a plague when she was little, but she stil remembered the delicate curve of her soft face, or the way her voice sounded when she sad Victoria to sleep.
    She lay back on her bed, not caring that the careful placement of her hair was going to be messed up.
    She groaned. She wanted to be free. Wanted to become the rebel she knew she was.
  5. Alexander climbed up onto the balconyand rolled into the room. He grabbed his hook and rolled it up putting it back on his belt. Once that was done he scanned his surroundings. If the girl paid any attention, she would be able to make out the outline of a young man. From his build even crouching the girl could tell he wasn't very old or experienced.

    He was making rookie like mistakes one taking the easy way in it. He did not check his surroundings so when he looked over and saw the girl he tried to roll from sight quietly trying not to ve noticed.
  6. Victoria played with the gem on her neck. The scarab beetle sapphire rested neatly at the hollow of her throat,and its smooth surface comforted her.
    She rubbed her finger across its opaque face and grinned a little bit. the beetle was given to her by her mother shortly before she died. She missed her greatly.
    The lights wre off in the room, thee lanterns oil nearly burned out.
    "You know, if you wanted to slip one past me, you should have gone through the front door."
    She didnt know who it was, nor did she care. She reached for the knife hidden in her boot.
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