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  1. I was wondering in which area I post an alternative thread for people to post there their CS of a roleplay. It's just that I don't want them t be mixed with the default RP chat. Also, I don't want to post it in the wrong area.
  2. The Group RP Info section. :3
    You'll have to manually link it to the roleplay, unfortunately, until we implement custom tabs.
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  3. Any time! :D
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  4. @Samsterious Do you also know how to get the raw version of the code of a table, so people can just copy and paste it on their posts?
  5. If you Reply or Quote a message, you can see the raw bbCode if you're viewing it in the Source editor instead of the Rich editor. :o
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  6. @Samsterious So, anyone that quote or reply the post where I have CS can see the raw version of the table, including the images?
  7. You can also use [plain.] (without the period) tags to make a copy and paste version of a table or whatever. They make it so any BB Code tags inside them doesn't activate, it just sits there it would appear with the method Samsterious suggested.
  8. @Jorick Where I place those tags?
  9. Put them around whatever you want people to be able to copy. Want them to be able to copy a table? Wrap the whole table code in plain tags so it can be copied.
  10. @Jorick Well, shit... That's more easy thatthe whole process of copy and paste that Samsterios told me (thus it worked, though). Anyways, thank you both of you for helping out this newbie in codex xD
  11. Yes, yes you can. :D Just make sure all the thread titles have the roleplay name in it. Like: Balls of Fire: The Butt Group & Balls of Fire: The Wang Group... something like that!
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  12. Yep! Even says so right on the tin. :3

    We don't really mind how you format your RP; that's up to you! :D

  13. @Diana @Samsterious
    Alright, thank you guys. Now, i know I can move on safely without been arrested for a crime. xD Okay, no...
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