Alternate Universe WWI Cinderella?

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  1. I need to get this down so that I can go back to work on my finals... I won't actually be able to start playing until this Thursday however.

    The alternate universe portion of this is simply so that we can change things to be convenient for the game... For example, if we needed to make the US a monarchy or have Germany win the war, we could do that but I want to keep whatever we don't need to change fairly close to the actual history.

    Normally, I like my plots to be fairly open ended in order to promote growth and plot twists but, as this one is following (to a degree) the fairy tale of Cinderella, it's got a more complete storyline. I'm looking for someone who can make their character grow within the confines which I will lay out and bring colour to the story...

    Here's the plot:

    Once upon a time, in a country of your choosing as long as it is one of the major players in WWI (either side works because I can make my character fit any of the main countries in WWI), there was a nobleman whose wife died young leaving him to take care of their only daughter. Believing that she needed a mother figure, he remarried and his new wife had two daughters whom he envisioned as sisters to his little girl. He was a high ranking member of the army and so he was forced to travel a lot, leaving his daughter with her stepmother. When her husband was not around, the stepmother treated the little girl like a servant and the little girl endured it (why is up to you because it will shape her personality).

    Years pass and a war breaks out like none ever seen before. A young and charismatic prince took great pride in helping his country's army, going to the front to provide moral support whenever he could. Once, he wore the uniform of an enlisted man to symbolise his closeness with the troops. It was on that day that the enemy made a surprise attack and captured many men, including the prince and his aid. The aid tried to convince their captors that the prince was really royalty to have him ransomed back home but they wouldn't believe it and sent them instead to a POW camp in their homeland.

    The town outside of which the camp lay, was the home to the girl (our Cinderella) and, as the prisoners were sometimes sent out as laborers, she was sent by her stepmother to ask the commander of the camp for some to do work around their home. Among the men chosen was a handsome, quiet prisoner who was not particularly good at the work and who Cinderella felt sympathy for because the guard who had been sent to watch the prisoners treated him particularly harshly and mocked him. When she and some other servants brought the prisoners food, she slipped him some extra food and sat with him. Talking was difficult because he knew little of her language and she knew none of his but with sign language, they managed a little before he had to return to work. Frequently, when the stepmother needed work, this prisoner was sent with the group to work though he was not very good at it which Cinderella discovered was because the commander of the camp didn't like him. Empathising with his position, she was nice to this prisoner, bringing him extra food and teaching him some of her language. The more time they spent together, the fonder Cinderella grew.

    In order to spend more time with her prisoner friend, Cinderella began offering to bring gifts to the camp commander, who was friends with her stepmother. On her way out, she would stop and talk with her friend. Their fondness for each other grew until it blossomed into love. Once, when the prisoner had been sent to Cinderella's house to work, they found themselves alone together and the prisoner kissed her. Cinderella's reaction to this can be motivated by whatever you like (fear of being discovered, mixed feelings about loving the enemy, etc) but she decides that it would be better not to cultivate the relationship further and avoids him from then on.

    Then the Armistice comes and Cinderella makes the decision to tell the prisoner of her true feelings before they are separated forever but by the time she reaches the camp, it has been emptied, the prisoners sent closer to the border before being sent home.

    Months pass. The soldiers all return home and the prince's country celebrates his return with celebrations. Cinderella tries to forget the prisoner but she can't. Word arrives of her father's death at the hands of radicals who blamed him for the loss of the war. Life under her stepmother becomes even more unbearable.

    Then the prince arrives. He's been travelling the country which had been his enemy in a gesture of good will but he made a special stop in this little town. The stepmother pulls out all of the stops to welcome the prince because hers is the only house grand enough to support him. Because of Cinderella's embarrassing position as neither servant nor family, she is confined to her room for the duration of the prince's stay. From her window, however, she recognizes the prince's aid as the good friend of her prisoner in the camp and becomes determined to ask him what happened to him after he returned home.

    The three nights of masquerade balls become the perfect cover and, along with her servant friends, they alter three of her mother's best gowns, which had been hidden in storage for many years, so that she may go to the ball. She is so transformed from her usual servant-like self that no one recognizes her. The entire night, she tries to get close to the prince's aid but is not successful. Instead, the prince asks her to dance several times, taken with her beauty. The night is cut short when the servants warn her that her stepmother is going to check her room. She makes it back in time and hides her dress.

    The next night she is able to reach the prince's aid but he mistakenly believes that she is asking for an introduction to the prince which he gladly gives her. The prince accompanies her for the rest of the night. Though she tries again to speak with the prince's aid, she does not get the chance before the servants once more warn her that her stepmother is going to check on her. She leaves the party and is once more safe.

    The third night, she is immediately found by the prince who tells her that he is in love with her and would like to marry her and take her back to his country with him. She turns him down, saying that her heart already belongs to someone else. Shocked, Cinderella leaves for the garden for some fresh air. On her way out, she meets the prince's aid and tells him to give a message to her prisoner apologising for avoiding him and wishing him a happy life. She wanders in the garden so long that the servants are late in giving her the message and she rushes to go back to her room. On her way she runs into someone and loses her shoe. Glancing over her shoulder, she sees her prisoner picking the shoe up but she is so panicked that she thinks she imagined it and doesn't stop.

    The next morning, the prince declares that he is leaving but that he would like to return a lost shoe to one of the ladies from the night before. The stepmother offers to do it for him but he insists on finding the woman himself. Seeing that this woman must be special to the prince and that her daughters might benefit from such a relationship, she tries to pass them off as the woman from the ball but the shoe fits neither. Nor does it fit any of the other women from the ball. Just as the prince is about to give up, the one of the servants says that she knows of one more lady who was at the ball and fetches Cinderella. The shoe fits her perfectly.

    What happens after that, I don't know exactly. We can make it up when we get there.

    If you're interested, let me know!

  2. Yes! I'd love to do this with you! <3
  3. I am once more looking for a partner for this plot.

  4. Hi I'm interested!
  5. I would LOVE to do this.
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