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  1. The year is 1947, 30 years after the human race was brought to it's knees by the Great war a conflict against the supernatural forces of darkness that nearly brought the whole of mankind to the edge of oblivion. What started or even caused the Great war is unknown and still debated by many to this day, though few save some academics worry themselves with that, most are busy trying the live in the world left in it's wake.
    During the war, the old empires were shattered beyond repair by the forces of evil and in the modern day are less than pale shadows of their former strength, with most of their lands in the hands of inhuman creatures straight out of the nightmares possessed by those who lived a thousand years ago.

    Monsters long thought to be myths are now a usual problem, your neighbor being a secret conduit for a demon is a very real possibility, and terrible mutations and curses are disturbingly common.These are the things the people of this world must now live with on an almost daily basis, most of the time they are only able to skirt a meager living from the world in which they now live....

    In former eastern United States, this is the reality and it can be easily assumed the rest of the world did not fare any better. For the only places people can live in peace are the few remaining cities that have been fortified beyond reason by the remnants of the U.S government who have all but turned their back on those residents in the lands outside the fortress cities.

    No in these rugged out lands there is only one true true law, the law of survival and all of those who dare to defy it are destined to meet a most unfortunate end. For the world bred by the humanities darkest hour is one of endless struggle that allows only the strong to survive....

    With the former U.S split in 2 by an impassable wasteland, most inhabit the eastern half of the North American continent with little to no contact to be hand with whoever or whatever survived on the west coast, and the trip across the Atlantic has yet to be undertaken by any daring or stupid enough to voyage such a long way into parts unknown.

    In the wake of the Great war, various inhuman races have appeared on this earth. To the majority of normal humans they are an abomination and are to be considered "servants of evil hell bent on destroying humanity". As such most all of them are hated by humanity and most are executed as soon as they are found while others such as Mutants and Ungruns are constantly harassed and forced to live in downtrodden areas. As such many also live in isolated communities far away from civilization in places that have been forsaken by man.


    Mutant- unlucky humans irrevocably altered by the darkness that has consumed the earth and must wear their disfiguring mutations on their sleeves as they do not have the luxury of hiding it like other inhuman races. While the name mutant is often used as a blanket term to describe all those heavily afflicted by the darkness it most often directly refers to those who are the most obviously changed and sport new appendages, disease like growths, or even hardened skin or claws.

    Half beast- Half-beasts are cursed beings who may alter their forms at will into a more bestial appearance. They are able to shift individual parts of their body such as their hands or eyes with little effort however if they wish to fully transform into their cursed form that takes a fair amount of energy and if they stay in that form for too long they lose themselves completely and lose the ability to turn back into a human.

    Speaking of which, in their human form they possess greater senses then the average man but can often be given away by certain unique facial features such as slightly pointed ears, sharper teeth, or a strangely colored iris. Half-beasts beasts can come in many forms and can resemble most any animal though they all seem to be predatory in nature. Animals such as sharks, wolves, lions, bears, or even crocodiles are represented among Half-beasts...

    In most societies they are killed as soon as they are found and are feared greatly by many due to their ability to blend in. Therefor witch-hunts for them occur regularly even though they are rarely successful and often only breed paranoia.

    Vampire- Vampires are uniquely cursed in that they must feed on the blood of living creatures to survive. Most of the time they are able to satiate this need with drinking the blood of animals though it is thought to get worse over time.

    This is especially true if they drink the blood of corrupted beings such as other vampires or mutants which if consumed copiously can turn a vampires habits darker and more savage until they fully turn into uncontrollable feral monsters that seek nothing in life save to devour.

    Some Vampires however tread the line between bestial madness and human clarity for a fully satiated Vampire lacks the strength and keener senses of one that is closer to their monstrous half.
    This also means that a well fed vampire is completely human in virtually every way which keeps them safer from persecution even if they are lacking in their full potential...

    Chimera- A Chimera is a rare cursed being that is thought to be the child of 2 half-beasts. A Chimera shares some of their parents bestial traits but is unable to shift into a fully human form and must always bear their mark of corruption in the form of features found on animals that can take the form of practically anything from beaks and claws to even gills and carapaces on their skin.

    A Chimera is a feared creature that possess immense strength and speed depending on which animals they are hybrids of. Therefor they are almost completely ostracized from human society and more often than not are killed on sight. A Chimera also is theorized to mutate throughout their lives until they are nothing but a completely inhuman aberration of nature with little to no humanity left....

    Ungrun- Large humanoid mutants of below average intelligence, tall stature, and profound strength. Ungruns are somewhat common among humanity but are still subject to roughly the same treatment as all other inhuman races which entails that they are commonly discriminated against and most of the time are used as cheap labor though to an Ungrun food is often sufficient enough payment for tasks grueling to humans.

    There are some Ungruns however who are possessed of more human intelligence and tend to avoid human contact due to the stigma against their race. Some of these Ungruns though can become respectable members of society especially when they put their great strength to the benefit of a community.

    United states remnants-
    The last remaining elements of the U.S government who despite their crippled state still maintain arguable the greatest amount of power in the wasted shell of a land the country has become. Though most of the time they stick to defending the fortified cities that they have built up in the 30 years since the war.

    They still maintain their capital of Washington D.C though the current president is more of a dictator instead of an elected official. The new administration cares little for those outside of it's sphere of control and though they send missions of airships across the East-lands quite often they hardly pay any mind to the unfortunate few whose paths they cross.

    Like many others they also maintain a strict policy of discrimination and even extermination when it comes to the various inhuman races that now walk the devastated earth though it is rumored they have been capturing and ferrying off any inhumans they can get their hands on to places unknown...
    Despite the remnants isolationist policy they maintain the highest level of technology and the largest military force in the wasteland though most of the time they can't be bothered enough to use it....

    The Puritans-
    The Puritans are a militant religious group originating from the former state of Massachusetts that is famous for it's self appointed mission to eradicate those intelligent creatures who they deem unfit to live. To the Puritans all those mutants, half beasts, vampires, ect are the greatest threat to plague mankind since the Great war ended and only see them as weapons engineered to rip apart humanity from the inside.

    As such the Puritan Inquisitors pull triple duty as both hunters, soldiers, and seekers of those who wear a human face to hide the monster beneath. The Puritans often capture and interrogate many who may be under suspicion of being an inhuman race and if they believe a town or community to be infested with such creatures they will lead purges against them which rarely leave survivors.
    Despite this, many denizens of the world support them and their cause due to their charitable nature towards the unfortunate, often giving medical service to those they can, providing a permanent garrison to vulnerable settlements, administering rights to the dead, ect...

    In fact to many they are saviors and agents of the Puritans are sometimes showered with praise when they enter a particularly pious town. In fact, the only people who have anything to fear from the Puritans, are those who aren't even people at all....

    The Watchmen is the term coined for the loose citizens army that has a scattered presence throughout the former U.S and Canada. The Watchmen were formed shortly after the Great war in order to provide protection to the common people in place of the government from the myriad of terrors the war had produced. Since then the Watchmen have fluctuated in presence, power, and purpose though their driving ideology has always remained the same, to be there and defend the people whenever they were needed.

    They have a primary base of operations from a city they call Ironwall from which they dispatch armed missions to isolated communities throughout the eastern half of the continent.
    The Watchmen also like to post bounties for wanted individuals or other horrors unnamed for which they often pay large lump sums of cash or other resources.

    They also have a policy of non-discrimination that allows any non-humans to serve in the Watchmens ranks. This has proved to be a large point of contention between them and other factions, most notably the Puritans who view the central Watchmen as heretics though they will not take armed action against them for fear of retaliation.

    New world express-
    Though technically not a formal power and more of a mailing service, the New world express has proved a greatly useful ally to have in times of need and perhaps more impressively is the only major business that has stayed open for business in the wake of the Great war. The express was formed out of a simple need for transportation of important objects between settlements and cities still managed by the government, and since then has only grown to encompass the whole of the eastern United states, for there is nowhere the New world express will not deliver, though they charge extra based on danger.

    The New world express has vast resource connection with suppliers and manufacturers that allows them a large amount of political leverage with most all factions of the world they inhabit. Even the remnants of the U.S government pay them plenty of heed when they ask for special permissions.
    Whether one supports the growth of large business or not, it cannot be argued that the New world express is certainly the most peaceful organization to inhabit the old United states....

    Free settlements-
    assorted towns and minor cities scattered throughout the old U.S that vary in importance and population depending on a variety of factors. They often are ruled by unstable local governments and most of the time are at the mercy of more powerful factions such as the Puritans and the Remnants. Though it can be said they have the greatest amount of potential when it comes to the future as they are in a unique position of having evolved for everyday life in this new world...
    Many free settlements have a mixed population of those altered by the darkness and humans though there are plenty of exceptions to this rule....


    While the devastated U.S and world at large has been shattered by the Great war and unable to advance much in the last 30 years the world wrought by the destruction has presented some potentially grand possibilities, Specifically with the discovery of Vitae.
    Vitae is a term most often used to describe the extremely potent energy source which is siphoned from the blood of demons and possessed humans. There are 2 kinds of Vitae, that which is gathered from humans held in a demons grasp and that which comes from true demons. The one collected from the possessed is far more common but less potent in it's potential as a power source. The other is much rarer and is harvested from true demons whose blood glows bright red under natural light where as possessed blood only carries a dim glow in the light of the moon.

    Origins aside, it truly has been a bright spot for mankind in this dark age. For even though it has been discovered fairly recently it has produced some wondrous devices. Weapons such as the Holofractor which is capable of firing searing beams of red light at it's targets, engines that could potentially run for decades off a single vial, and some have even claimed to have created flying machines quicker and more advanced than any airship.

    This great source of power does come with a cost however, as prolonged or over exposure to the substance can render apart ones brain and with time can cause them to be further prone to demonic possession themselves. And unfortunately due to it's rarity possessed humans are often captured and farmed of Vitae for as long as possible before they inevitably perish...

    Other than those few devices powered by the Vitae most technology and weapons are common for the time before the war though more advanced weapons have made their way into the Out-lands with time. Weapons such as machine guns, bolt-action rifles, lever action weapons, shotguns, sub machine guns, revolvers, and even the odd assault rifle have made an appearance in the Out-lands....
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  2. This sounds very intriguing. Looks like you have the world fleshed out nicely as well. Count me in!
  3. Thanks!
    I'm probably going to make a CS soon for people who are interested.....
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  4. you're welcome!
    alright. I'll keep in the lookout for it. :3
  5. Oh, and when we actually begin I will probably write a slightly longer world description that while mostly the same will be more in depth.....
    Oh, and heres the Character sheet




    Weapons/other equipment:


  6. I want in. All of this is yes, and that is the phrase I am going to stay by when describing this RP.
  7. Thanks for showing interest!
  8. I got one question though. I already have my character made in my head but I need to know if one weapon exists, so does the m1918 Browning Automatic Rifle or the BAR exist in this world you have crafted?
  9. yes it does, as do a lot of others that may seem a little less conventional.....
  10. Well I already got my character then.
  11. Well, since it seems no one else is biting, tomorrow seems like it would be a good time to start


    Should this be in horror or fantasy? I'm not quite sure which would suit it more.....
  12. I feel that fantasy would be more appropriate, while the world you have crafted seems dark it doesn't sound quite like a horror RP IMO.
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