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You are one of seven freshmen college students (18-30 years of age) at a renowned University, known for it's incredible science and engineering programs. It's the beginning of the year, and at the orientation in the auditorium, all seven of you find yourselves sitting in folding chairs in the front of the auditorium--they've run out of seats in the small theater, and set up these seven chairs on the fly. As the presentation begins, the things you see on the stage are quite... strange.

Of course, this isn't a strange thing for you; ever since you can remember, you've always been able to see things other can't. Sometimes, things will fuzz out in your vision, and will be replaced by something else. A fire hydrant you've always known to be at the corner of Market Street is suddenly a telephone box. A building that has been sitting on the horizon for years in your hometown is now a skyscraper so tall, that no matter how far back you crane your neck, you can't see the top. Sometimes the sky will clear, and stars you've never seen before will appear. You've seen rain outside your window, when it's perfectly dry outside. You've even stood right next to a tornado before, that nobody else could see... or feel... but you.

It's only gotten worse since June, when you began to meet with your future classmates before the first week of college begins. This weird sight has come with headaches--migraines--and lately, weird voices. All around the campus you can hear them, the same couple voices. They encourage you to "look further"--whatever that means. So many different images appear that it's hard sometimes to tell reality from fantasy. But no doctor, if you've been to one, has been able to help. No amount or type of medication makes the blurring of reality and imagination cease.

As you sit during the presentation, you feel another headache coming on. You can tell it's going to be an awful one, one of those day long migraines that keeps you laying in your room in the dark, swallowing more Tylenol than must be healthy. On the stage, you see both the professors and the headmaster that the rest of the crowd sees, but also other things: weird, chrome and shiny machines, straight out of a sci-fi movie; a huge, empty field, dotted with flowers; a movie theater screen; a giant dinosaur, of a species you've never learned about before. In the forefront of it all, stand three men and women, their hands outstretched.

"Look further!"

You've barely even blinked your eyes before the entire world around you has changed. You sit in an auditorium, but unlike the one at your University, it is brightly lit and there are no students. At least, no students you've ever seen before. Instead, everyone is dressed in white or soft grays, with lab coats or formal jackets on. There is shiny, foreign machines lining the stage--which you are sitting on, underneath bright headlights, with six other students. The same six students you were sitting with before. Everyone is applauding, and three figures, the same three from before, approach and offer their hands.

"Congratulations! You did it!"


Basic premise:

For years, these seven people have been able to see weird things--things from other universes. They haven't known it until now, when they find themselves transported into another universe not quite parallel to their own.

There are an infinite number of universes out there; every single decision a person makes creates a new universe, a new tangent on the original timeline. There is a universe where you picked the blue lollipop instead of the red one, and one where you picked neither lollipop. In fact, there are thousands of each of those universes, because every decision leading up to that point--where you had to pick a color lollipop--make another tangent on the timeline.

So, most universes vary only slightly from the one you live in now. But decisions add up and create drastic changes. The universe our seven characters find themselves in is very different from the one they came from, and needs their help.

They will have to use their new found powers to travel across the universes and find a way to "fix" what's wrong with the world. The consequences of failure are great--even if they don't know them, yet.


I'm looking for four people with solid interest in the roleplay before I post an OOC/Sign-ups! Post with any questions/comments below.
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