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  1. So I log on Iwaku on my mobile one day, and in the middle of loading, the wi-fi gives up. The page still loads, but only shows what it has loaded so far. So I think, sure, that looks ok. But the icons in the forum list.



    Admins, what is this. What do they mean? Where do they come from? Where do they go?
  2. 豕 = hog/swine
    米 = meter

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  3. Where do they come from cotton eye joe!

    Anyway, I'm not an administrator (obviously), but I'd imagine that these symbols are placeholders in the event default shit doesn't work properly. It could also be that your phone attempted to pull from a cache and pulled the wrong files.
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  4. Nice one XD

    But yeah, that's true. Whenever things don't load properly for me, I usually get these letters/words/symbols (sorry ^_^ dunno what they are called). Not just on Iwaku, but other sites like Fictionpress.
  5. Alright, thanks. So that's our conclusion as of now.

    I just find it a bit hard to imagine my phone storing japanese symbols as placeholders. But meh.
  6. Client-side placeholder then.
    If your phone can view the symbols in the first place as anything other than random boxes of gibberish, then it has an oriental character pack installed. (Whether that be Japanese, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), or Korean, I don't know.) If your phone is from a Japanese manufacturer or was made in China though, then that probably explains why it has its default go to placeholder pack as oriental characters. If a webpage is making a call to fill in something like a small image, it wouldn't surprise me that rather than allowing the entire page to fail, it will put something in there to serve the function even if it's the wrong file.
  7. Well, my phone is Korean, so that makes sense. Explains the randomness of the icons too.

    What do you not know, Brovo?
  8. Why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
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  9. You even know the perfect moment to insert a meme.

    I have a suggestion. In every thread, before you post in it, you get a salute. Like when medieval royals enter a room.

    *trumpets* Lord Brovo comes!
  10. Naw, man. I've been wrong on things before and have plentiful mysteries I'm still trying to solve. Could be totally wrong about this, even. There's plenty I don't know and it's probably best if people didn't trumpet my entrance into threads. I'm just another guy with an opinion, no shortage of those. :ferret:
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  11. I veto this motion with staff powers. His ego is already large enough, stop inflating it or you'll make him explode. Nobody wants to have to clean bloody ferret chunks out of General Chatting. >:[
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