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Hello Everyone. I am not feeling like explaining a lot of things right now so please direct your attention to the youtube video posted below.

Gaze into the wonder that is taking pride in your work.

The roleplay will be set in the 1964 Japan. There are nuclear weapons but they are not used, Japan is declared a no fly zone so new models of the AFW (Armored Fighting Walker) are being made. And yes, cold war, the Soviets control the north half of the nation while America controls the south. Its just a whole bunch of fun.

Fun fun fun.
You should expand on the idea more. Maybe see if some people in chat that are into mecha would be interested. It's a different concept to be sure.
Looks awesome though trying to avoid to much Mecha.
It won't be too much. It will mostly be about the characters.

For instance, my character's concept is "Insane German Jew who isn't a Jew."

He was in a certain death camp and he saw a whole lot of death, so much that it screwed with his mind and broke it. He sees the Americans (who came in with their mecha) as very good people, to say the least.

You will see him boarding other Mecha a lot with his equaly insane crew, slaughter the crew inside and pilot the mecha in the blood stained cockpit. Yep, he is awesome.

Did I also mention that he is the R&D Chief?
Cool concept, man! I would be down for this.

If you need someone to bounce ideas off feel free to send me a PM, too.
Sounds... interesting, for sure :D
Modern warfare isn't really my thing, but I'll look in, fo' sho' xD

P.S. Danke muchly for ze kidnap xP
Not really modern warfare. More like Mech warfare.

Look up "Lets Play Ring of Red" on youtube for more.