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  1. Last time on Altera novum,
    The Heroes of Earth united the planets of the galaxies, and pushed the remnant of Kordi's Empire into hiding and almost out of existence. The Heroes of Earth then formed the Powers Academy to promote security and safety to it's people. Without a proper government however, the Academy was doomed to fail.

    Several planets banned together and had a one sided cold war with the Academy. This lasted for 42 years until the Academy helped the planets to create the Galactic Federation. The collection of the planet's governments under one banner. The Federation governs the people, and the Academy serves the people.

    In the present day, The Federation and the Academy work together in most efforts, and rarely but heads anymore. Yet there are many sentient beings out there who still fear the Academy's power.

    The Story so far
    Ansel was born a science experiment, a weapon. Created by his unkown father, and left for unkown reasons, Ansel was left without a home, family, or purpose. He destroyed a large population of the planet he was created on. The Powers Academy was sent in to capture him, and they succeeded, but not without their own losses. He would have been marked for death, if not for a mysterious woman named Mistress Blake. She offered him a life, under her command. Ansel will face the fear from others for his power throughout his life, however he is not the only one.

    Aach-Ti was born a Crinis, the same race as the infamous Krodi. For this, the Crinis people where mostly hated by other sentient beings. "One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch." the people seemed to say. Aach-Ti however, wanted to change that. His race was naturally gifted in Psionic abilities, and many feared their bad blood would start another rule under one being. Aach-Ti was given the chance to redeem his people. Having been trained under Mistress Blake, one of the founders of the Powers Academy, the young Crinis began his struggle against diversity. But it seems even his 'allies' wouldn't give him the trust he desires.

    Kallard, a human born and raised as an orphan, spent his life in the military. Across countless battle fields and a harden veteran, Kallard suffers from a case of PTSD and now makes his life as ISP agent. He moves about his system going beyond the law, punishing those who make sinful lives, with freind from beyond the known worlds...

    "Correction. Your ship is free to go about your personal business. Please enjoy your stay. On behalf of Ergo Corporation we apologize for any inconvenience."

    Mr. Star's face gained a puzzled look, "Odd... Ergo is usually more careful..."
    He stops short when the ship's consoles starts blinking, and Sek looks at one of the consoles,
    "The console, it has a encrypted message from a rarely used ISP encryption protocol. Which must have been on purpose, because he knew our PA communicators would be able to decrypt it, since we regularly work with ISP..."

    "ISP? I thought the Powers Academy didn't fly here?"

    "Since an ISP is kinda like a detective, but assigned to a particular planet, I think it stands for Inter-Solar Police, that means we don't necessarily have jurisdiction here, seeing as this is an artificial planet and is consider private property, but we force them to have some of our law enforcement here. Something about how they can skirt the law in many areas such as research and worker rights. or something, I don't know."

    "I So this guy is a friend of ours? Why is he being all secret?"

    "Beats me, but the message has a bunch of pictures. One of which is the Wym guy you guys where fighting before. He's labeled 'Mentat' for some reason. It seems some one worked up a whole file on this guy, personality; self absorbed, arrogant, believes himself to be above other sentient beings in the universes, egotistical... abilities; all of them mental, but he's not known for teleporting, has a keen tactical mind suggesting military training of some sort... known allies, plenty of Ergo Corp employees that suggests he is being harbored by them, a few unknown leaders of some types. several gang leaders... Let's see, another photo seems to be a detailed image of a building with Mentat in room 12. The entrances seem to be in rooms 4, 7 and 3. It also seems to have the best kind of shielding known to sentient life... magic psionic, cosmic, it can protect from just about everything. Also at the end of the message all it says is," "From a friend"
  2. "And what does this mean to us, exactly? Kinda sounds like a direct assault isn't the way to go." Ansel stood at the far end of the room, massive arms folded across an equally massive chest. "Well, for you guys anyway."
  3. It means we meet with the man Ansel, and see what he knows.

    Aach-Ti says, staring at his shadow. It gave him the feeling of wanting to strangle someone, but he was not sure why. Shrugging it off, he asks Sek with his mind,

    I wish you to land this ship so we can have a talk with our new friend.
  4. "OK, bringing us down. So long as we take a Federation owned landing pad, nobody will take a second look at us. More than likely our friend is there. Plus that's where we would most likely find our ISP."

    The ship makes its way to a large building, at first, it only hovers around the building, until finally the ship moves to the back end of building. The rusty old landing pad only had a single Federation troop transport, and no other flight capable vehicles. Obviously, the Saseal Federation influence was negligible.

    "Attention private transport port ship, AA-23-421-B, designation... Metal Bird...Seriously? Make your way to the landing pad, and Sargent Duvall will meet you and your crew for information regarding Academy level clearance of Ergo corp territory, designated Saseal. You are now on Federation property."

    "OK, who wants to do the talking here...? Cause I don't know exactly how we should be dealing in situations like this."
    "Child, relax we will be fine, these are our friends."
    "Friends yeah, but lets be perfectly honest, they wont help much. This looks like it's this is the ass-end of one of Ergo's communication towers. At best our little friend could point us in the right direction I think."
    "Despite how helpful they are, we still should see the
    Sargent-*Beep*-Oh, that must be him down there."

    At the end of the landing pad, was a Teruugan with a badge waiting for the party.
    The Ship lands, and the hatch opens.

    Aach-Ti (open)
    From your knowledge of behavioral sciences, you know the customs of Teruugan state that visitors should introduce themselves before the host speaks. Mostly due to historical reasons, the Teruugan are notoriously unable to trust others as 'easily' as other sentient beings.
  5. Ansel says nothing, taking a short look at his surroundings instead.
  6. Walking down to the landing pad, Aach-Ti speaks into the mind of the others. He switches to normal speech while speaking to the officer

    Please allow me to introduce you. These creatures are specific in their greetings and rituals

    I am Aach-Ti, this is Ansel, Mrs.Blake, Mr.Star, and Sek.
    It is a pleasure to meet you.
  7. "Greetings, and welcome to my home planet, filled with second rate thugs, people who gave up in life, and about 5 employees to spread around the single Federation office on this planet. I was told you guys where coming here by your friends at the Academy, So you're here about this drug war...? I know that there is a Red Kulak out there, but this is kind of an odd thing for several academy types to involved with, over one or two of you, but if it got that bad than we could accommodate your team."

    "Kulak...? What's that...?"
    "He is referring to the 'K System' or how dangerous a meta sentient is. The system works by the color, from most to least harmful; Red, Yellow, Blue. Then it moves by the words that begin with K; Keter, Khaver, Kulak, Koinon. So, all of you, except Ansel, would be in the Kulak range."
    "Oh, so that is how that worked... So what about this business about the drug war, I guess the Wym guy is a meth-head too?"

    "Oh please, meth is so twenty first century. Most druggies use Huusegs now"
    "Well sorry I liked some of the lingo from that time!...and what the Heck's a Huuseg...?"

    Aach-Ti & Ansel's mind (open)
    "Nobody is supposed to know about our mission here, it was strictly off the record... Aach-Ti, you keep your mind open, but focused. There is more at work then we may yet realize. not hesitate to kill on command, not that you needed that instruction.

    "It's basically a plant that people burn, so they can breath in the smoke."
    "That sounds stupid, why would people breath in smoke?"
    "Boys, focus!"
  8. "...So what range am I in?" Ansel asked. He hadn't been made privy to this system until this moment.
  9. We are running a field test of sorts.
    Ansel here is new to the Academy, and we have to be sure we can trust him on mission.
    Think you could help us out?
  10. "Yeah we could, come inside and we can try to find your guy, but we can provide much police support, you'd have to talk to Ergo for that."

    The Truugen takes every one into the station. The station itself was an old rusty building, as apposed to most of the top layer of the city having a shine that could out d the stars. He walks over to a large computer screen and makes a squishy sound from his 'mouth' to technician near the end of the screen. The computer comes to life and a map of the city glows,

    "We believe your woman is somewhere around the Veiera Sector. However, this is at most a guess, but we do see her a lot in this area. It's only a few miles long, but tens of thousands live there, so it'll be hard to search for this woman."

    "Oh, sure. She's been seen in mostly ragged clothing, and usually carries some kinda back pack on her. We don't know her usual armaments, since she relies on mostly attacks with her bare hands. Some times she'll stare at a person, and that will cause what ever result she was working towards. I think it some kind of mind thing..."

    "Is that what tenticals here is for?"

    One of the Cameras played audio from landing port. The commander made the same noise as before to the computer guy, The technician presses a few buttons, and on the large screen the ship was shown sitting there. A woman about in her low twenties was seen hovering above the ship. She had a smirk on her face, and a cockiness to her 'stance'

    Grabbing a rifle, the commander started shouting, "That's her, look for others, she would not have come alone!"
    "Go young ones, I will stay with the commander!"
    The woman looked at the camera, beckoning with her hand as she gets ready to smash the ship, "Come on guys, I'm getting bored!"

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  11. Aach-Ti sighs loudly, then nods to Ansel.

    While the large man attacks the woman physically, Aach-Ti attempts to swap minds with her.
    If he can, he will throw her body off the highest building and switch back.
  12. Ansel immediately takes off, quickly reaching top speed and aiming to tackle the 'target'.
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  13. Ansel Charged full speed at the woman She waited until the last possible moment before she back flipped while hovering in the air to avoid the attack.
    Aach-Ti reached out and attempted to switch minds with the woman, but to no avail. Some how, her mind was barely touched by the crinis. Her mind was well shielded enough to resist being switched out.
    She laughed at the attacks,
    "Really? God you guys suck, why was Wym afraid of you guys?" She delivered a punch to Ansel'sl face. However, the attack stopped instantly upon his brow, "Oh...shit..."
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  14. Ansel smiled toothily. "That's why." He grabbed at the woman with both hands, aiming for her upper arms if possible.
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  15. Ansel grabs both arms of the woman, At first she didn't know how to react, however, her hands started glowing and a orange and purple glowing ball of energy shoots out and hit Ansel in the chest. His chest had burn marks on it, making the man feel slight pain.
    "Dang it, Ansel already got him!"
    "Isn't that guy a girl?"
    "Wait, that was a girl...?"
    "You haven't seen a girl before?"
    "I have!!!" The boy said defensively.
  16. "Good effort. But now you die." Ansel roared as he pulled on both arms, aiming to tear the woman in half.
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  17. Ansel begins pulling both of her arms as if she where a toy.
    The woman starts screaming in pain at first, but she gets a red and pink glow around her. It becomes harder and harder to hold on to her. Eventually, she lets out a shriek and the energy surrounds her. When the energy reaches her arms this throwing
    Ansel'sl hands off of her. After she becomes free, the energy goes away, and she flies a few hundred feet away from the ship. "You are NOT going to get that lucky again!" The woman huffs at the man who almost tore her apart.

    "Don't worry lug-nuts, I got this!"
    Mr. Star pulls out two haves of a turret out of his suit's arms, and attaches them while they are still part of his suit. He fires lead based bullets wildly, hitting both the woman and Ansel. However, none of the shots cause any harm, even if they hit, mostly bouncing off of them.

    Obviously out of breath, and done with this skirmish, the woman flies off into the distance a few hundred meters away.
    "Dude, that's not helping!"
    Sek takes off like a rocket, activating his plasma sword, in pursuit.
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  18. "Unbelievable. She's tough!" Ansel wasted no time attacking again, this time aiming to break her face. "I don't need to be lucky when I'm this good!"
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  19. Sek, Ansel, Mr. Star all charge at the woman in pursuit.
    Ansel reached her first, far exceeding the speeds every one else as moving at.
    He throws a massive punch. He grabs woman with one arm, and lands the punch with the other. She screams out in pain loud enough the for people in the near by sky scrappers to hear her.
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  20. Hmm.. so she knows Wym..
    Roll with me on this one.
    Make her think this one is more powerful than you are..

    Aach-Ti summons up some of his lesser used powers and creates an illusory clone of Ansel, though a different color scheme, he attacks the woman,

    Worry not Ansel, Hansel is here!

    The illusion shouts, bounding into battle,

    You shall not harm my little brother, vile woman!
    I taught him everything he knows!
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