Alt Marvel Universe + Asgardian RPs (4 Plots always open)

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    So I want to do some Marvel stuffs! Basically an alt-reality/alternative story of the Avengers/Other Marvel characters.

    I have a number of scenarios I'd like to play out and characters I'd prefer to play. (primarily Thor in the Avengers plots and Loki in Asgardian plots)

    1. Honest Asgardians: The only thing this RP takes from the Marvel universe is basically the setting/lore and some characters. OC's are allowed in this rp although there will be some cannon characters too. The story of this rp largely follows the characters involved, I usually play Loki and my OC who is secretly Loki's biological sister and a maid for the royals of Asgard (Loki does not know his lineage at the start of the rp). The RP focuses on the complicated tapestry of characters relationships and the strain of hiding dark secrets. I'm more than willing to do other kinds of plots and characters in an Asgard setting however. This plot focuses more on drama/romance/slice of life rather than action/super hero elements so its more about fighting skeletons in closets than Dr Doom or Thanos (bear that in mind if you are interested).

    2. A new team of Avengers: Basically, we assemble a new team of heroes, I'd love Tony Stark and Nick Fury to be involved in assembling this team, but this is entirely optional, the lineup does not have to match that of the original Avengers line up (you can include any marvel characters). The plot will focus more on action than Honest Asgardians but there is pletny of room for personal character development plots.

    3. What Happened After Ragnarok: I think the title says it all. Some Asgardian's escape/reborn, how do they rebuild their lives? What happens next? (I'd love to RP this with a plot where Loki turns good and MC (Lady Thor) finds him and does not believe he has redeemed himself and is hellbent on killing him (and thus more evil in this instance).

    4. Alternate Avengers Civil War: Deviating from what could happen in the upcoming Marvel movie, this RP will be a war between the Avengers for whatever reasons (Think of that moment in Avengers Age of Ultron when Thor grabs Stark by the throat, except the whole rp is like this.) The Avengers are falling apart and the world is turning to shit around them. After saving the earth from a big-bad-baddie -or numerous big baddies- (doesn't have to be Loki/Cannon), cracks form in the Avenger's team and they are fighting amongst themselves over something (we'll hash out the details at a later stage) and it threatens to undo the entire team. Eventually a big-bad surfaces (or resurfaces) and the team HAVE to work together to defeat it, even if they hate each other. This rp does not have to have the original avengers line up.

    T's & C's (aka Rules and general smallprint stuff regarding these rp plots).

    1. No one liners. Ever. Seriously (unless we're doing a collab/googledoc and its quick dialogue exchanges or something, in forum/pm rps though, no one liners. Ever).

    2. Multiple Chars is essential (or potentially allowing a 3rd -or 4th etc- player to join) for some plots (mostly Avengers related as opposed to Asgardian-based which is roughly 2 chars each). Please be able to play more than one character.

    3. I want to experiment with doing a collab style rp, so this rp might be done through a googledoc type format where we can work together and weave a plot together a little more seamlessly than via pm/forum, although this is not a necessity and I'm happy to do PM/forum.

    4. Please be active, especially if we go down the googledoc route it would be cool if we are online at roughly the same time every now and then, this is non-essential of course, I just ask that you reply as regularly as you can. SOmetimes I have busy days too so its not compulsory to reach a minimum daily posting quota or anything insane like that. More active players are preferred, but if you have a lucrative writing style, I can bide my time and wait for epic responses.

    5. Regarding characters: RP's that allow entirely OC's are Honest Asgardians, the others are cannon HOWEVER you can make OC npc's/side characters (e.g. in Avengers Civil War, Captain America has a girlfriend called Joan Jameson or whatever). In Honest Asgardians, OC's must be realistic, humans cannot travel the 9 realms, so don't play a human, do something like a Jotun, Vanir or Asgardian, and within logical parameters, it doesn't make sense for a Jotun to suddenly posses incredible fire magic or be half-fire demon.

    Main characters must be relatively cannon, you can however do your own take on the character, such as a gender swap, twisting their motivations a little however the majority of their backstory, their powers and defining portions of their persona should stay intact. E.g. I usually play Lady Thor, she is much like Thor Odinson but has a different origin story (based on Lady Thor in the comics though, not my own made up backstory), her personality is made up though, however it reflects the type of character Thor is. It would be unacceptable to make Lady Thor an expert hacker, she is from Asgard and can't even work a toaster. You catch my drift, if you decide to play Iron Man, don't make him a shy, softspoken character, he's a leader type, however feel free to make him a little less suave or more openly empathetic (instead of sarcastic), if you'd like to try that.

    Comment or PM interest and we'll discuss more!!! Also, let me know if the T+C's and plots make sense, I may have poorly phrased something or left stuff out!
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  2. I love the New Avengers idea! =D

    I'd be very interested in roleplaying any of these, though. They all sound very interesting, and I've always loved the alt reality type of RPs. Not to mention Marvel ones. =D I'm online fairly regularly, but I'm not always able to post daily. However, I try to keep partners informed on my schedules. ^^
  3. Awesomesauce, we'll sort something out in pm!! I'm much the same -infact I probably won't post much tomorrow because I'm going out to get drunk be a responsible person!!!- I just like dedicated players ^__^b I suppose we'll go with the New Avengers lineup idea and perhaps the other avengers (civil war) plot might come in later (2 plots for the price of 1 but bother are free what?!)
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  4. Wow! I am certainly keen for this! I love Marvel and would love to RP with you. If your still looking that is XP