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For those of you that have seen me around or know me, HI.
For the rest of you, heyo--I am the bluest jackalope this side of the Mississippi, (unless I move to the other which case I'm the bluest on that side of the Mississippi.), and I am looking for an amigo/ga (or two) to party harty with.

Now. Let's get this business goin'. I'll do my darndest to keep it short and sweet, but I'm infamous for my rambling so we'll see which side wins out in the end.

Well, I'm Jack. Jacky. Jacka. Jackolanturn. Blue. Bloo. Johnny Jackleseed. The Great Jackattack.

I'm 24 years old, an animation/scientific illustration/storyboarding student with a love of great, toothy beasties and character building, and an avid gamer with a taste for dinosaurs, flying chocobo, and squids with guns.

I've been at this game since before I was ten, been writing since I could hold a pencil, and have been telling stories since birth. I've had no imaginary friends that I can remember, but I've created hundreds of characters and creatures over my lifespan, and I can remember the spark that lit each and every one and do so with fondness.

The only thing that scares me more than open, murky water, heights, and arachnids is my own imagination and the nightmare fuel that grafted my love of beasties and characters that are dark, twisted, malevolent, and beautiful in their horror. I'm told I can write horror pretty damn well, but while I can carve out a tale or character or scene that can turn a stomach, I'm just as capable of writing things that are cute, bubbly, and sweet enough to rot your teeth.

I admit to being a contradiction at times, and am at constant risk of being a hypocrite as well. I am always open to being called on my stupid, however.

I'm a happy person! According to my dude of dudes, my first emotion was Joy (followed shortly by Anger) and while I can rage in a tempest, I'm just as content to appreciate the calm, the still, and the bouncy. I like cute things. Bubbles. Pink bunnies with red eyes. Polka dots on a horse's butt. Electric Squirrel Pokemon. I can write psychopaths and sociopaths, split personalities and general assholes, but I am also exceptionally good at accidental charmers; sweet boys with lopsided smiles; snarky girls with giant pigtails who just want to be protected; big burly men with calm, loving dispositions who could be lead around by a toddler (but look like they'd eat one). I'm flexible...when I wanna be.

I'm also a busy person. I have close friends who run a gamers guild and I have responsibilities to support and encourage them. I'm a full time student throughout the seasons, and a would-be convention artist when I'm not in school. I have several time-consuming games that I love to play, and I want to play them. I have super close friends that I love dearly and they will take priority. Family will take priority. I have pet rats that require attention and love. All of that takes time and stacks up.
I may ditch to go on a spontaneous date with my boy. We may decide to marathon Harry Potter. Or Lord of the Rings. Or every Marvel movies ever. Or all of Hogan's Heroes. Or an anime. At any moment. I could be gone for a while.
I will tell you. I will come back. I don't mind being pestered--it tells me you're still interested. I love innovation. If you're worried I'm bored and you come up with something to do--something exciting and fun, I will love you for it and I will remember that.

I want a partner in crime...or maybe two. I want someone to plot with, to scheme with, but more play with. I want someone who plots with me and gets so damned excited that neither of us can stand it. I want someone to cplay with me, and to love my characters as much as I do. I want someone whose characters draw me to them and who I love too.

I'm looking for someone who knows what an instant connection between partners is, but also who knows how relationships build and that loyalty isn't instant and isn't always fun. But...that's long term, I suppose. For now, I'm wanting to test the waters, relearn how to write the way I used to, and start digging around for the missing pieces to my puzzle, if that makes sense.

Oh, you mean genres? Plots? Pairings and schemes?

My b. Let me fix that...


I like lots of genres, to be honest. These are some of my preferred, with a list of nevers as well.

• Slave/Master, Abuse, Kidnap. etc.
o This, more or less, has become its own genre. I'm not interested or fond of it, and I don't want anything to do with it. I find it very different when this is used in a roleplay, but not the star of it, but while I will open up kidnapping, torture, and the like as a scene or a chapter, never as the plot.

• Highschool
o Nope. I'm out of that part of my life, and to be frank, I don't want to go back. If you're really really awesome, you might can convince me, but it will require an awesome plot, and awesome reason, and a draw. Like monster schools. I like beasties. (But why not college meh)

• Medieval/Fantasy for Medieval/Fantasy sake.
o Another one that is...a setting...not a genre. I don't want to be asked for a "med fant" rp. Ask me for an adventure with fantasy elements set in a medieval time...and I might go for it...but probably not. I want something more original than this very generic option.

• Generic in General
o Ya know, let's just mark this out entirely. If it is crazy generic, I don't wanna hear about it. I want new takes on old favorites, so please don't just be like "hey wanna do some modern/fantasy?" I'll say yeh sure, but I won't be excited. Approach me with your take on modern/fant. Tell me, "hey, I have this really cool idea about a man with the ability to fly running into a society of 'purists' that want to kill him 'cause he's just a human with powers and not a 'pure creature', and I'd like to get it going with you!" and chances are I'll jump all over that.

• Non-Canon Fandom
o I like fandoms. I like fandoms a lot. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who does not like to play canon characters. I can, if the will takes me, but I don't particularly like to and I'm not a fan of making other people play canon either. I like to make new stories out of fandom settings--new generations, alternate gens, what' going on elsewhere, etc.
Pacific Rim -- fan-favorite with me, I love this show. Such much. I'd love a rp with some jaeger pilots...maybe two sets...maybe there's kaiju...maybe there's love and heartbreak. I'd be happily up for new gens, alt gens, or a "fudge it no body dies but it doesn't work" kinda future.
Harry Potter -- PRE WARNING. I haven't actually finished this series. xD I know a crap ton about it because...Tumblr...but while my dude is trying to get me to finish our marathon...I haven't. For this, I'd really love to do something a bit unorthodox. I'd like to explore the "outside of Europe" option for the magic worlds. I have some kind of an idea of what I'd like to see with this...ask if you're interested but come into it knowing that I probably won't know the subtleties and...I definitely won't know the spells. This is 100% for fun, adding some new rules into a familiar world…playing around with cultures and the way magic might develop in different ones.
Doctor Who – Ducking around with TimeLords…nuff said.
Madmax – Oh man do I have a softspot for this verse. I’ve already got one roleplay in this setting going, but it’s never enough ‘cause this is just a cool place with some really amazing rules…as in none. If you’re interested, I wouldn’t mind throwing in a magical twist to make it even more absurd.
Transformers – I haven’t touched into this fandom before, but it’s one of my absolute favorites (I have many much hearts for Soundwave, Sideswipe & Sunstreaker, Knockout, Breakdown, and TP’s Ratchet), and I’m particularly fond of Transformers Prime’s designs. I would love to break into this playroom, but I’d prefer to play with someone who is well-versed in the “canon” (and fandom canon)...bonus points if you know more than I do and place nice with my an my derps. (Also, don’t freak out at me but I’m oddly tolerant of the Bay’s version. I get mad about it, I don’t like what he does sometimes, but I still enjoy the films. I still love the designs. I like watching Optimus throw tiny people back and forth with his buddies like he’s a juggler in a circus. It amuses me.)

• Airship-Pirates
o I love airships. I love pirates. This is definitely one of those steam-punk ahoy! moments, but to be completely frank, this could easily be a timeship, a spaceship, a starship, or any other sort of ship-like ship because I just love the idea of bandicoots with powerful machinery flying about causing all sorts of problems and troubles because they’re assholes but loveable. One of my favorite roleplays of all time was a completely cracked game of a fallen angel and a man who made a deal with the devil flailing around through space and time, stealing famous things throughout the ages in their equally stolen TARDIS…or TARDIship, if our demonic amigo was to tell.

• Crack in General
o If it isn’t clear from that, I really love funny, absolutely illogical, off the wall “why?” rps. I like it when it’s crazy and a bit weird, so if you have some kinda idea that is really random and cuckoo and a bit inane, I probably will be interested. Spin it in a fun way and let’s talk shop, my ladies and gentlemen.

• New Settings/Times/Worlds where Magic is Normal
o I have a really odd addiction to “magics the norm” situations. I love Terry Pratchett’s insane pieces. I love Xanth. I like the world of Harry Potter, although I’m not particularly attached to the writer’s style. I really enjoy stories where magic is as mundane as school--the most boring of drivel until you learn how to set things on fire. I’d love a college setting for this.

Catch? No catch at all!

Okay I lie. There’s kinda a catch.
My “Laws of the Trade” section, my dears.

• I’m 24. Twenty-Four. Two decades, four years. Many of the moonings. Horrible as it may sound…I’m not….super into rping with peeps too far out of my age group. If you’re like me, if we fit each other’s sensibilities and maturity level (‘cause let’s face it, maturity isn’t an age. It’s a state of mind, and I’m 100% more immature than lots of people my age, and 100% more mature than other people my age.) then age isn’t too big of a deal. HOWEVER….that’s not a set rule.
o I will not rp with you if you are under the age of 17. I’m an R-rated person. I cuss a lot. I make references to bad things. I’ve been to the depths of the internet and all I got was a really crappy t-shirt. Its bubblegum pink and I have such little sense of fashion that I wear it with green pants and yellow boots. I don’t care what you’ve seen, what you’ve been through, whether or not you’ve “done the deed and seen it all”…if you’re below 17…you need to look elsewhere.
o I will not rp anything gorey, violent, or malicious with you if you’re under 19. By 15 I was writing some really twisted stuff. If you’re interested in rping with me, you’ve probably done the same. I don’t care. :D My sensibilities say “no” so “no” it shall be.
o I will not rp any ROMANCE of any kind with anyone under 19. I know, 18 is the year the law let’s up, but this is more of a…I wouldn’t date anyone younger than 22…so I’m already stretching to do light romance lower. Its just a personal thing.
o And low and behold….if you aren’t 20-22 (I get to change my mind, bwahahaha) there’s no chance of X-Ratings. If that ruffles your feathers, I’m sorry, but that’s my ruling.
o There might be exceptions! That’s my disclaimer. I have the right to do what I want when it comes to this sorta thing, so if I meet you and hang with you and I’m like “yeh sure you’re awesome I don’t mind”, we can go there. At the same time, you can be 36 and I might put my foot down and say “nope nope nope, backpedal and backpedal fast my man”, and that will be the end of it.

• I pretty much never do any lovey-dovey fun-stuff in graphic detail. I’m just not…particularly fond of it in writing. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good pronz scene, but with written work I find that the “get to the fun part and fade out to later” setting works better. It gets a bit…dull after too many “and he does” and “she does” and “they do” posts when, let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do at once for a good lay.

• I love writing gore. I love writing gore. You need to tell me where your limits are. If you say “yeh gore’s good, but here’s my limit” I will respect that. If you tell me “I’d rather hold off the gore”, I will respect that. I like to disgust and horrify. I have characters who are designed for that. If you aren’t up for it, you need to tell me. In the same line, if I go too far, tell me immediately. It doesn’t matter if you gave me permission. We don’t always know where our limits are until we hit them, and if that happens, you need to tell me. It isn’t about being braver or more stoic or less effected by shit. It’s about honesty and whether or not you enjoy the game.

• I prefer mxm and mxf. I’m personally somewhere between straight and bisexual. I like my boys the most, but I’m not against a nice lady. Pre-warning, I’m not as familiar with fxf…so you’d have to convince me. I also state this because I am not particularly good at writing girls. If given the option, I’ll always go dude ‘cause I think more like a dude and I simply enjoy playing them.
o ( I am, btw, particularly in the mood for mxm. I’m a bit starved for a really really good intense mxm rp. Gimme that tension.)

• My schedule is cray-cray. I am a full-time student, a part-time convention-artist, a gamer, and a knitter. Just reiterating what I have said above…I may not always be around. Bear with me and I’ll do my best.

o I really really do. Be a skype-r and cplay with me and I’ll love you forever.

So there you have it—a Jackalope in a nutshell. You’ll notice there are no plots in that list, and that’s cause I don’t currently have any that I want to share. No offense, but the plots that I have are very detailed and very private; most of them are plots for stories or comics I would eventually like to make, and I just don’t want to share those and let them loose. It’s not so much that I don’t trust…except it’s just that. :D I’m not trusting. If and when I have some rp-specific plots, however, I’ll post them in this topic and put it in my title. ;)
Thanks for the read, my lovies, and I hope to hear from some of ya soon!
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I would love to rp with you and I am sure I fulfill your requirements <3


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Sorry for the delay! This weekend's been a bit on the hectic (and lazy, as some of that hectic was admittedly sunk into building a bridge in ARK...) side.
Anyways, I would be happy to pry a bit more into this. ;] If you're still interested and don't mind poppin' a pm my way I'd love to hear what kinda thing you're particularly interested in. ;)

On a side note, I'm still on the hunt so if anyone's intersted either poke me here (because yay bumps!) or send me a message and I'll get back to ya quick as a lick.
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