Already Dead (Mutated Zombie Roleplay)

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    Year of Disease
    Year of Famine
    Year of Death

    It started with disease, it effected the animals first, causing a feeling of absolute hunger and senselessness. They began eating our crops, and the fear of developing the disease left us without animal meat. Soon the disease mutated, and the animals developed an aggressive behavior, and with that a love of human flesh.

    Upon bitten, those would develop stage one of the disease, a permanent hunger. Their skin began to take a sickly gray, green, or white complexion. After the disease mutated once again, the patient would become near death, in a coma like state. Then the disease mutated again, shutting off most of the brain and other vital organs. The only parts left working was the heart and the part of the brain the disease controlled. Released from the coma, the new host of the virus became feral, and began lashing out for flesh, trying to overcome their hunger.
    Once the host bites a new target, the parasite transfers to the target, and acting faster than ever before.

    Year of Retreat
    Year of Fear
    Year of Hope

    As the new rapid spreading virus hit major populated area's, it spreads across the population rapidly, not sparing a single soul. The armies of the world fought these new monsters, and were hardly a problem if kept in a quarantined area. The parasite adapted once again, and soon new strands developed in Type O Blood, and new monsters developed changing the game of the war.

    We retreated from the quarantined areas, guns blazing behind us, as the infected chomped onto our heels. We went the only place that most infected couldn't travel, islands and boats. Most of the surviving animals have become immune to the disease, making the location much safer than the main land.
    We evacuated all sensible humans. By sensible, we mean those that didn't become raiders and savages. Some people were crazy enough to stay on the mainlands and fight the undead- and anyone else they come across.

    The Idea

    My idea was a zombie apocalypse, where a heavily infected coastal town is near a
    military base, which is a heavily fortified by the military. A squad of soldiers are sent in a helicopter to pick up more survivors to be returned to a safe haven, but are shot down by bandits. The survivors of the crash are forced to travel through the city encountering a war between two raider factions, the mutated undead, and more horrors. This opens up many options for characters, such as soldiers, raiders, survivors, etc.
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