INTEREST CHECK Alpha Z ~Zombie apocalypse RP~ Revival

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  1. I had a lot of interest in this once before and I ended up falling off the face of the planet due to a LOT of personal things, but I would like to revive this once again and get a lot of interest in it too.

    I'd be looking for one or two people to help me run this thing since I do have a job that keeps me busy during the day. Don't let this discourage you please.

    Anyway here is the info for the rp.
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    Type of Roleplay: Zombies, Apocalypse, fantasy, future, drama, violence, romance, gore
    Inspiration: Resident Evil, Zombie Survival Guide, Left for Dead
    Creator/GM -Kuroko-

    Please take care and read ALL info tabs

    • The year is 2059 a dangerous pathogen known as "Vrykolas-Romero Virus" (VRV) Began infecting humans throughout the eastern side of North America approximately six months ago. The VRV is unlike any other virus humankind has ever seen before. The initial strain of the virus was to cure all deadly diseases; it was supposed to be the next big thing! The cure for all cures! It was totally ambitious and dangerous; they knew it had complications, but how bad they did not realize. The VRV mutated in its hosts killing them after two weeks of exposure, sometimes faster depending on the individual person. After death it could take several minutes or even hours for the corpse to reanimate itself, these reanimated corpses have collected quite a few nicknames. "Walkers," "Walking dead," "Z's," and many others. These creatures only know one thing. The need to feed.

      Since the appearance of these "Zombies" worldwide panic was quick to ensue, the larger cities taking the fall first. The Americans were blamed, since they are the ones who engineered the virus, and left to their own devices while the other countries fended for themselves. A group of close knit scientists and some Government officials locked themselves away in their own private bunker to attempt to cure this virus. Whether they are still in activity the rest of the country does not know.

      As for the survivors they have made their own discoveries about the undead that the scientists never predicted.

      Some never stopped mutating.

      The mutations ranged from pack like hunting techniques. Some were so fast, the likelihood of you getting away were so slim it hurt. There were some who retained some of their intelligence, preferring to become an Alpha. Then there were the "Beasts", the animals that contracted the VRV. Depending on the species that contracted it depended on the mutations that it took on. Most of the animals died off in response to the mutations, their bodies unable to handle it even in their undead state. Most animals developed “mole” like senses, losing all ability to see at all. Most of them also do not come out during the day, as the sun severely damages their body beyond what already has been done by the virus. All "Beasts’’ are found under the command of an Alpha. There are those who are known as “False-Carriers” These people are believed to be just like Carriers, but unfortunately their “Immunity” is temporary. False-Carriers are ones who are most likely to turn into Alphas or some other mutated creature.

      There are those who are somehow immune to the VRV and thus become “Carriers.” Because they can still infect other people, only by coming in contact with their blood or saliva, a lot of the other survivors will try to kill them. Some feel they should be able to survive just like everyone else.

      Now here is where the survivor comes into play. Some survivors managed to escape the initial outbreak, whether by sheer luck and determination or because they simply had the skills for it. They could have been a part of an evacuation group or thought that it would be better to escape on their own or with someone else and staying away from large groups. They all have heard of a so called “Safe-haven” for all those that have survived. It was ironic too that it was called “Heaven.” There are other safe places as well, but “Heaven” is the most significant one. Survivors could either be searching for “Heaven”, searching for one of the other safe places, or they want to stay as far away from it as possible.

      Where will you be? Where will you go? What will you do? Who will you be?


      I will adjust this bit of info later.


      I expect you to have a basic understanding of the English language. Please no L33t(leet) speak or Text talk (i.e. lol,ttyl, etc)

        • Everyone is going to probably have a sad backstory. I mean it is the Zombie Apocalypse. Whether it happened because of the apocalypse or before doesn’t matter.​

        • Be creative as you possibly can with your characters.​

        • Anime pictures or Anime/realistic pictures please. No Real face claims.

        • You are only allowed 2 characters at a time. If one of your characters die you may ask to create a new one.

        • Not everyone can be a Carrier, If you wish to be a Carrier you must clear it with me first. I will be limiting Carriers to 3.

        • Immunes will not be allowed unless I and a Co-GM approve. (Which will not be approved until much later in the RP.)

      • We ask that you remain friendly towards your fellows in OOC, anything but will result in being kicked out of the roleplay.

        • Please do join the discord if you can, this will make it easier to keep in quick contact with people. If you experience any issues or personal IRL matters that keep you away for so long, let any of the GMs know.

        • This is a Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay, there will be blood, gore, violence, etc. Please be aware of this.

        • Romances can blossom in an Apocalypse just as well, but please remember don’t let things get too steamy. That is not a focus here.

        • Character Images must not be extremely huge, please.

    • Alpha's are the ones who were once "False-Carriers" They stayed human for a while after being bitten. Until they showed symptoms and turned. As they turn they experience a high level of excruciating pain. They will bleed from their ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Intense vomiting may take place as well.

      After turning they retain intelligence, but with their change they experience a mutation in abilities. For example, enhanced strength, speed, sight, hearing, etc. While one thing is heightened they lose something. Say an Alpha has enhanced strength, lift and throw cars and such, but they may not be able to hear. (If you do not understand what is allowed, please ask or send a WIP Bio for approval.)

      Alpha’s may or may not hide among the survivors, but this is highly unlikely due to the fact that an Alpha keeps a “pack”

      A “pack” can consist of one species of animals that have turned, “beasts”, These are the only things that Alpha’s will prefer to have around them unless they come into contact with another Alpha. Or are under the leadership of the First Alpha.

      Alpha's also experience some sort of mental instability once they become an alpha.

      Alphas will experience one or both things, the need to feed or the immense need to kill anything living. (i.e. survivors.)

      The First Alpha, is literally what it means, the first to turn into an Alpha. All or Most Alphas do not disobey or challenge the First Alpha. Out of respect. (Remember they still have thoughts and emotions, they are just undead.)

      Alphas are not invincible, they can die. They are harder to kill than any normal zombie. Since they can think and strategize.

      All Alphas will either have red, gold, or black eyes. Even if they had blue eyes when they were alive, after they turn the eyes change.

      All Alphas will be extremely sensitive to sunlight, though not as dramatically sensitive as normal zombies.

    • "Beasts" are animals, whether they were housepets, wild animals, zoo animals, etc.

      The "VRV" killed most animals, but some held a strand of DNA that the virus mutated. Turning the animals into "Beasts" They hunger for flesh like zombies.

      most "beasts" will have lost sight and will rely on smell and hearing, this is due to the mutation. Unless, your animal relies on sight, this will most likely pertain to birds.

      Alphas can influence a single pack of these "Beasts". In fact it is encouraged that they do. Whether it is simply a protective measure or an aggressive measure.

      For example: If your Alpha has enhanced sight, they may take advantage of a pack of birds, for their sight.

      Remember if your Alpha is from out of state you may use zoo animals or animals native to that state, but remember your "pack" is not invincible either.

    • “Carriers” are those who simply become Carriers of the VRV. Meaning these people can be bitten, but not turn or show any signs of turning.

      They however will be able to infect others, by the same means. Biting, or others coming into contact with their blood or saliva through a wound or other.

      “Immunes” are more rare than anything. Those with AB negative blood types, 1% of all the population in the US, are completely immune to VRV.

      AB negative types have a higher resistance to the infection.

      After 2 weeks of exposure, the white blood cells in the body treat it just as it is, a virus, causing all traces of the infection to be all but non-existent.

    • Atlanta, GA and its surrounding area
      (I do not expect you to be an expert about the area, but using google and google maps may be a good idea to help you out.)

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  2. It's back!!! I'll be keeping an eye on this one, my dude. I may not have the time to join for sure quite yet, but if this gets started I'll try my best to hop on in.
  3. @neobendium I remember you, I'd be glad to have you along for the ride again. ;w;
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  4. I'm posting to show interest. Depending on when it gets going, hopefully I'll be back to being active by then. Plus, this sounds really awesome.
  5. @Navuso it would be great to have you. :D
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  6. I'd be interested in joining the RP. It looks interesting and it's something new I haven't done before. I'm trying to expand my writing to new types of RPs that I use to stay a bit farther away from.
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  7. I'm posting my interest.

    After reading everything I've got an awesome character idea. A guy who is a carrier but tries to play it off as being someone who is immune or is just plain lucky as he fights the infected with a dane axe with a Valhalla viking mentality.

    Having discord is also a good call.
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  8. it looks like the interest is very high here, which is great! Love the detail of everything and am very interested!
  9. This seems really fun and I always wanted to join an apocalyptic RP. If the posting speed is weekly or bi-weekly than I would surely love to join.
  10. Oh snap this is back once again?
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  11. Yay! I can't wait to get to work on the character and stuff for this =D