Alpha Unwanted: A wolf roleplay about an unwanted alpha

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No one but you knows your story.

The pack knows it history though. There Flare and Dlare. They where twins. Flare the girl and Dlare the boy. They started there some what pack. IT consisted of them, Asar, and Somara. Asar and Somara where lone wolves there found along there journey. One day Flare and Dlare got into a fight. Dlare just being sick lost the fight. Not only did he lose the fight but he lost his life. Flare became the pack leader. The only problem is that no one ever likes Flare. Not at all. There is just something that makes wolves dislike her. It was the exact oppisate with Dlare. Now she is the pack leader and no one dares challenge that. She has nothing to do except for hope one day she will be liked as much as Dlare. Until then she will go at it one day at a time. Hoping they get more members and that she will find a mate to keep the alpha generation going.

Alpha Male:
Alpha Female: Flare
Warrior Male: Malik
Warrior Female:
Beta Male:
Beta Female:
Delta Male: Asar
Delta Female:
Gamma Male:
Gamma Female: Alavara
Omega Male
:Omega Female: Somar
Other:Little wolf

Just jump into the roleplay is fine.

Flare- *She looked around and watched everyone. She knew she would never be accepted but she was hoping that one day she would. That one day she would be loved by the pack.*

Asar- *Looked over at Flar. He angrily walked away huffing as he went. He was not excited to be in this park but he owed it to Dlare to stay.*

Somara- She as well walked not wanting to be in the pack but doing it for Dlare. She layed down and put her head down tired.

Asar and Somara are in back Flare is in front howling.
I'll join...soon. Promise. I have to go shopping soon though.
Malik- A fierce warrior wolf who seems to be the only true loyal one to Flare. He fights to protect the whole pack, and wants to be the Alpha male one day. Malik is simply waiting until he sees that the current alpha male is unfit for the position. He is known mostly for his speed, but his physical strength isn't something you should take lightly.
Yes you can and thanks but you didn't have to do that also there is no other alpha male. Hr twin brother her was alpha died. Now its just her who is alpha male.
Flar- *Left the pack so that she could go for a walk. She started running up a hill. She just kept running. She turned and saw all of there land. She let out a long howl. Hoping the others would join in the howl.*

Asar- "Joined in on the howl."

Somara- *Joined in the howl she was happy to finely here the hunting how she was starving.*
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Alavara heard the howling. First, the new Alpha, then the rest of the pack. Did she want to join in? Finally she gave in and let out a long howl. It felt good to let her voice be heard. After all, she is a bit low on the totem pole and was pretty timid. That's just how things were and probably would stay for awhile.
Malik was out in the woods, hunting for prey. He heard the alpha howl, then some others. He joined in on the howling, not caring that some of his prey was alerted to his presence.
Flar- *Howled for the hunting trip to begin and hoped the two new howls would follow and meet at there spot. Whiel howlign she ran towards Dlare rock. That is where they always met up for hunting.*

Asar- "He looked at Somara noded at her then started running towards Dlare rock."

Somara- "She had heard the other howls but was very timid. When she got to the rock the other two where already there. Flar was still howling. She knew not to howl along this time. this was a howl to let the creatures remember the law. The law wich killed her best friend."
Soon enough, Alavara showed up at the rock. Her head was down as to not seem like she was challenging anyone. She settled down close to Somara and nudged her slightly, her way of saying hello to a friend. It was time for the hunt and she felt excitement build up in her. Her ears pricked up in anticipation waiting for the alpha's signal.
Flare- *Saw the other wolf and thought back to the howls. There where two unrecognized howls she thought. maybe she was hearing things. She stopped howling and looked at the others.* OK We work as a team. In case you have forgotten the law is that we take down the weakest. No more only the weakest and no young. That way in the future we will have others to eat. We will stalk the heard for a while then i will go out. Once we have pinpointed the weakest link then we will go after that one. Follow after the herd has started to run. *I looked at the new wolf.* Do you understand?

Asar- * nodded for he understood. This was his favorite part of the day. He was second in line to eat. So after alpha started he was aloud to dig in the meal. He just hoped the new wolf wouldn't try any funny business because if he didn't get a meal he would attack.* Yes Flare.

Somara- *Looked at the wolf and gave a weak smile. After flare started to talk she diverted her attention to her in hopes of not getting in trouble and getting a good meal. She hopped that they got a fat one since they had another wolf. After alpha was done and regarded the other wolf more then her and Asar she looked at the wolf. she gave a smile so that she knew it would be ok that she would help her out. Then she returned her attention the the alpha again.* At your command alpha. *She refused to use her name. for she did not know this knew alpha like when she was yet a fighter.*
Malik dashed toward Flare's howl, slowing down and sitting at the back of the pack once he arrived. He was just in time to hear Flare speak. He merely nodded at her words.
Flare- * saw all the nods but didn't see the wolf sneak in the back. She nodded at them all then headed off in the direction she smelt the herd. She quickly came up on them. She waited a while till she thought everyone was in there positions. She watched trying to define the right one to go after. she would watched them then quickly glance at the others to make sure they where doing what they where supposed to be doing.*

Asar- *Watched all of the dear. He was so hungry. He hadn't eating for al least a day. He kept resisting the urge to run out there and just snatch up one of the babies. He knew he couldn't break law there were extreme punishment for that.*

Somara- *Lead the wolf along with her watching the wolf carefuller to make sure she didn't slip up. there was reasons why she didn't like the alpha and one was because she was very strict.*
Alavara crouched down, watching a herd of deer. She dare not move because she didn't want to scare away her food, and she didn't know how the alpha would react. When the alpha was speaking earlier, she made sure to pay close attention. Alavare couldn't afford to be chased from the pack, so she waited for the action to start.
Sorry in a hurry making brownies there are mistakes i know sorry.

Flare- *Looked over at the new wolf that she knew was there. She sensed somthing eery about here. She also sensed that one of the females was not in heat she couldnt tell who though. She knew it would be good for the pack to get pups. Before they where to old. She would check the other two females out later to see if they wehre in heat or not. she dre her attention back to the herd. She spotted wich one she wanted. She jumped out and growled. She ran strait for the one she wanted. letting hte others nwo with a short yip that was the one. They all took off running and of course the one she wanted was in the back of ther herd running. Losing speed.*

Asar- *Jumped from the woods at the yip and ran with Lfar. He wasnt about to go in front of her though. He slipped up once never again. He watched as it lost speed adn got closer. His mouth watered more and mroe. he so wanted the signal to be let out to attack. he just need a small taste and he could tak e it donw himslef.*

Somara- *She looked at the other motionless wolf. She heard teh yip and ran out late. She quickly coauhgt up though. She has very good speed. Especially when it comes to hunting. There is no joke when it comes to hunting. She will ruan her life away if she is allowed. She looked back to see where the other wolf was. she wanted to take care of the wolf help it. She was a few years older she could tella nd a mothering instinct just took over.* Stick close to me i will teach you the rules after.
Alavara was off. She loved the feeling of running. The adrenaline ran through her muscles as she rushed into action. The hunt was on and everything in her was excited. She figured that she shouldn't pass the alpha, and she heard another wolf telling her to stay close. That was just what she did. Alavara settled into a nice pace next to the wolf that talked to her.