Alpha/Omega Universe RP. (MxF. 18+. Romance.)

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  1. A little about me: I'm 19, from the United Kingdom. I currently attend University and I have a lot of time free in-between lecturers, so I'd love to have a fun rp!

    Plot: I don't usually do M/F, but in this roleplay my male character is an omega who needs an alpha (who you will play). I've never seen a female alpha in this universe before, and I'd love to try it out. I've literally never seen anyone play a dom female before and that's sorta crazy :/

    Basically, my character resists at first and perhaps he's even forced into the relationship. Maybe like most alphas, your character is arrogant and such. MC isn't submissive like most omegas (at least at first), and doesn't have a mate when everyone else claims he should. On top of that, he's very rebellious and no one - no one but your character - can actually control him and get him in line (often by force). Maybe it's set in high school? I dunno!

    Length: A small paragraph? Longer if you're inspired

    Pm or thread?: Pm for sure!

    Mature scenes: Probably. So, I only rp with people who are over 18, and I only RP over email or pm. However, it certainly ISN'T a smut or libertine RP.

    Replies: I know this is a tough ask and I know everyone gets busy, but I'm looking for speed-of-light replies right now. Very quick. The quicker, the better. I can usually have a reply out in ten minutes, and obviously when I'm busy it'll take a while longer (But I promise to warn you whenever possible).

    What I'm looking for: Someone nice who isn't afraid to have a chat in-between rp'ing. I promise, I don't bite ^^ Also, somebody who is very familiar in the Alpha/Omega universe (as it's very relevant to plot and such).

    My character:
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  3. I'm interested in this plot :)
  4. Awesome! PM me?
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  6. Still looking!
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