Alpha/Omega Romance RP?

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  1. Basically it's what the title says. It'll be a story where the alpha or a /werewolf pack falls in love with the lowest member, the omega (me). Feel free to PM me if you're interested or just reply here.

    ~Please post a minimum of 1-2 chapters. I'll try and do the same so we both can get the story line going at a good rate.
    ~Please be active and if you get bored or want to leave tell me. Nothing is more infuriating than waiting for a reply that's never going to come....

    Feel free to join ^-^
  2. I'm interested in the idea, but I have a few questions.

    Could you define what chapters are? I assume that they're posts, but I would like to know the length of the posts you're looking for. Correct me if I assumed wrongly.

    The second question is that, will the characters be actual wolves, or will they be sort of human-wolf hybrids? Werewolves perhaps? I'm asking this for clarification's sake ^_^
  3. Sorry, I typed chapters instead of paragraphs XD

    I would prefer to be werewolves for the sake of this RP
  4. I'm free to if you need any.... back-up?
  5. I'm alright with doing two at a time ^-^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.