Alpha/Omega Fandom RP. (MxM. Always Open.)

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  1. Okay so I'm looking for an very quick replies with someone who's nice, and I was hoping we could double. I really want to do an Alpha/Omega RP set in the fandoms listed. Each of us can play both an alpha and omega.

    These are my fandoms.

    Jurrassic World - looking for someone to play an Alpha Owen for my Omega OC and I can play ANYONE for you.
    BBC Sherlock
    RDJ Sherlock
    Harry Potter
    Doctor Who
    Rise of the guardians
    Guardians of the Galaxy
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  2. Anyone? :(
  3. Would you possibly be interested in other fandoms besides what's listed?
  4. Nope sorry
  5. Okay, I don't know any of those well enough to play them. Sorry.
  6. Ok.

    Still looking~
  7. I adore omegaverse and of the fandoms you listed I love avengers and X-men
  8. I'll do something Avengers with you.
  9. Awesome! Could both of you message me?
  10. Awesome! Could both of you message me?
  11. ((Still looking!))
  12. I'm a sucker for Alpha/Omega and I do also love Guardians of The Galaxy, so I'll do one with you. Either that or Avengers. I'm not really picky.
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  13. Message me?
  14. Just did.
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